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Lunatic Speaks

by Caroline Hagood

In this slim volume of poems, Caroline Hagood offers a surreal journey through the fever dream of creativity, exploring what it means to grow up as a woman and poet sensitive to the point of being skinless, walking the line between inspiration and madness daily. Starting from early childhood and moving forward, these poems address gender and trauma, sex and bathroom humor, the misbehaving mind, relationships, and more. A poet’s attempt to transcend suffering through writing, Lunatic Speaks is by turns funny, sad, and, joyous.

Speak, Poet!

by Freedom Speaks

Speak, Poet! is a brazen collection of poems by the poet, writer, spoken word artist and literary activist known as Freedom Speaks. Filled with poems charged by love, vulnerability, and triumph, Speaks takes an intimate yet demanding approach to addressing the psychosocial-political-spiritual concerns of a black woman in America approaching age thirty. Uncensored and candid while still maintaining its intellectual patina, this volume, which is Speaks’ second poetry compilation, calls for a much needed healing via self-actualization. Poems like “The Power Button,” “Word Possession,” “Desperation,” and “Where are their mothers?” allow readers a glimpse into the work Speaks writes but does not often perform, while signature pieces like “Divinity,” “Chaos in the Dome,” and “Afrika Be Us,” which have received considerable acclaim are included as well. Speak, Poet! alludes that one must recognize and speak his or her truth even if only to oneself, even if it hurts, and even if that truth periodically changes, in order to experience its therapeutic effects. This collection is recommended for all who are struggling to find their own voice or free themselves from emotional constraints, as well as for all who find comfort in the bittersweet outbursts of poets who speak with their best interest at heart.

Soul Witness: excerpts from a poet’s not so private journal

by Freedom Speaks

Originally published in 2003 as a desktop chapbook, the now 30-piece compilation includes many of Freedom Speaks’ signature pieces, including “Promises,” a motivational poem about accomplishing goals, “Pep Talk,” an inspirational piece for single and stressed out mothers, “Utter Truth,” about teaching the youth their true history, and “We Remember,” a tribute to our beloved Ancestors.

Soul Witness includes a variety of poems that have not been and will not ever be performed or audio recorded, making it a gem, not only for those who are familiar with Speaks’ work, but for those who are experiencing her for the first time. Soul Witness is a must-have for all lovers of truth and poetry.

Fantastic Illusions of Life, Love, the Birds, and the Bees

by Jenna Cornell

Fantastic Illusions of Life, Love, the Birds, and the Bees straddles between the beauty and the darkness in everyday living. Harboring the twisted illusions that both life and love create, the poetry of Jenna Cornell hints at the ironic coin people flip in everyday life: the struggle between romantic delusions and harsh realities.

Contemporary Poetry-an Anthology of Present Day Best Poems (Volume 2)

by Deepak Chaswal (Editor)

Contemporary poetry (Volume 2) presents poems of 60 representative poets around the globe. These poems are the intellectual mirror of our time.


A.J. Huffman I Dream in Silence 1

Adrienne Wolfert Lost Words 2

Allison Grayhurst With the purity of a single intention 3


Andrew Scott Different Embrace 5

Austin Alexis Craving 6

ayo ayoola-amale WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? 7

Bo Lanier Nothing Is Set In Stone 8


Candice James Inversion 10

Carol Smallwood Passage of Corn Fields 11-12

Charles F. Thielman Oven 13

Claire T. Field Fire and Icicles 14

Dan Sklar HOW YOU READ 15

Debra Ayis NO HERO 16

Dianalee Velie BARS, STARS, & CARS 17

Edith Speers Voices in the Air 18-19

FERN G. Z. CARR I Touch a Singing Ghost 20

G David Schwartz The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword 21

Gary Pacernick SAUSALITO HARBOR 22

Gonzalinho da Costa Our lives togetherâ?¦ 23

Hadaa Sendoo In the woods 24

Heather Salter Dromm In Autumn, I Wait 25


Ingrid Gjelsvik between spring and neap tide 27

Iqra Rehman Mirrors and Masks 28

Ivy Lai Chun Chun CITY 29

James Crickard A Glance 30-31


Joan McNerney Winter in New England 33

Katie Johantges Sepia Colors 34

Laura J. Minning i n t r o s p e c t i o n 35

Leslie Marie In the Fast Lane 36

Linda M. Crate misheard and misunderstood 37

Lisa Zaran Gem 38

Madeline Tiger SUN–DAY 39-40

Marianne Lyon Roads 41

Marianne Szlyk Grace Under Pressure 42-43

Mark Hierholzer Trust meâ?¦ 44

Marsha Mathews Turning 35 45

Marya Lenzi Trying Tai Chi 46

Michael Lee Johnson Poem of Sinners and Saints 47

Michelle Villanueva a parable for midday 48

Miriam Sagan all courtyards are sadâ?¦ 49

Hugh Fox Mozart 50

Reid Kincaid Counting 51

Rizvana Parveen Matrimony 52

Sandra Kolankiewicz Obituary Page 53

Sarah Brown Weitzman THE SEA 54

Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi Double Exposure 55

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu Adoration of the Magi 56

Stephen Jones Fall 2014 57


Susan Dale A Love Poem 59

Sylvia Riojas Vaughn My Muse 60


Teresa Podemska-Abt in the care of the night 62-63

Valentina Cano The Crafts 64

Wendy Barker THE SHADOW 65

Yannis A. Phillis SYNONYMS 66

Contributors’ List 67-79

Has She a Name?

by Eleanor Porter

The poems within this collection were initially written with a view to at least one them being used within the text of a couple of novels which are yet to be finished.

They each relate to aspects of a character who from an early age realised that her gender identity was misaligned (transgender) with that of her bodily make up. She had been born in the physical form of a male yet, psychologically, she had more readily identified herself with that of being a female and so has gone through the transition process.

Anthology Of Poems By John Ashley: By John Pettit Book 1 (Book 1 Of 5)

by John Pettit Book 1

Written in or around 1985 these poems open my soul to the world of some of my personal thoughts at that time.

Losing a loved business, wife, and house brought me to my knees. A serious car crash, bailiffs at my door, and having to rely on family and friends to raise my morale was a very difficult period at that time.

In 1982 opening my first business in retail jewellery was an exciting time, however it was short lived. By 1984 the landlords increased their rent, service charge, and the bank were not giving me an umbrella, as by now the showers had turned to a thunderstorm. My marriage was under pressure. As for children it was medically not possible at that time, due to my childhood illnesses,.

A serious car crash saw me in hospital for three months with many broken bones. Finally in 1986 saw the closer of my jewellery business and a decline in my mental health, and a divorce.

Prisoner 25:18 – The 50 Poems I Buried, Which Buried Me

by Freedom Speaks

Prisoner 25:18 – The 50 Poems I Buried, Which Buried Me is a compilation of Freedom Speaks’ poetry that was written between 2005-2013, during a period of isolation, discouragement, and doubt.

Matthew 25:18 speaks of the man who had one talent (gift) and buried it, thereby burying his lord’s money. This is exactly what this poet did, as she hid these poems and stopped performing, which dried up her prosperity and created a prison for her.

This book reveals all that she held back. Making the decision to release this work and share this raw poetry is how she set herself free.

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