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Where there is no tech support: A practical guide for promoting information technology in Africa

by Marc Maxmeister

This book presents a discourse on what to consider when you think about providing computers (or any foreign technology) into an African school, village, business, or government office. There are many obstacles that I wish I hadn’t overlooked in my two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1999. You would think I’d learned it the first time, but I returned to West Africa two years later in 2003 and made a whole new batch of mistakes.

I hope that my stories will help others be more successful. The most important lessons are about sustainability. Technology only works when local people are given the keys (training), the new thing actually makes life better (relevance), and they hold themselves accountable for keeping it running. I spent much of my time trying to identify the needs of the community (not what the school principals or Peace Corps Admin thought) and work with others to meet those needs. In the process I did leave a few successors who were able to solve future problems with success.

How To Add Qualifications To Your CV Using FREE Courses: Time To Spruce Up Your CV With Some New Qualifications To Get The Edge Over The Competition

by Peter LeGrove

MOOCs are what the internet is all about. They epitomize the internet as it is – a library at your fingertips. And they are amazing. They say the half life of information is getting very short. By the time you have finished four years at university, half of what you have learned is already obsolete. Now MOOCs come in to keep you up to date. Since the MOOCs are so new they are very up to date. I was on one MOOC about archaeology and the videos were taken on a archaeological dig nearly in real time. If MOOCs evolve to instant information you’ll be getting live cams in real time. Now that is education.

Anyway what is a MOOC what do you do with them?

MOOCs are the future, but with the internet some fads are just passing phases that don’t last very long, One minute they are all the rage, and the next they have been replaced with the next major fad. I hope MOOCs don’t go the way of the dinosaur, then I’ll have nothing to do in my spare time. I’m really selfish.

Doing a MOOC is about you and your time management skills, your ability to juggle –





and whatever else makes up your life.

And setting short term goals that last about a week, so you do everything you have to complete the MOOC.

It also means reading instructions

and interpreting them correctly,

so you know what you are doing,

and what has to be completed,

and when it has to be handed in,

so as to speak.

Just like being at school except it is all up to you. No one is breathing down your neck.

Just the thought of getting a “Certificate of Accomplishment”

That could be all you do a MOOC for.

And or the satisfaction of learning something new or old.

Or you are into life long learning, and need something to show for it.

Or you are sick of MMOGs and now what to try the next best thing.

Or you need a few extra papers to put on your CV, just to add a bit of color to your CV.

And the “Certificate of Accomplishment” is an impressive looking piece of paper, as long as you have a half way decent color printer. It has the name of the university in big letters, so it looks like you have done some serious study. And to be honest you have.

You have to set aside at least 2 to 4 hours each week just to cover the workload. But if you get trapped in the forums you could spend a lot more time on the paper. Forums are really fun and you meet many new people, but they come under the virtual friend category. Once the class is over that is goodbye to your classmates, same as in real life. Anyway you can have some wonderful discussions when in the class.

New Father: How To Be An Awesome Dad, Raise Happy Children And Get The Most Out Of Parenting (baby care, baby training, father time, first baby)

by Garrett Scott

Welcome to your new journey!

Expecting your first child can be a stressful experience as a new dad. Many expecting fathers don’t have a clue about baby care or how to approach baby discipline. We all want to be a dad hero, but how can we get those baby laughs we want and deserve so much? How can we get some quality father time with our new son? How can we strengthen our father daughter relationship during the baby first year?

Become the new best dad in town

There has been new fathers since the beginning of times. However, many new dads still make very basic mistakes that could be easily avoided, had they been prepared accordingly. This short book is packed with proven, easy to understand, common sense advices to help new fathers sail as smoothly as possible in their adventure, from assisting into labor to the baby’s first few years.

This short book is ideal for new dads that want the complete, practical, to-the-point explanation. It will help you by making sure you get the most, while spending the least. It is perfect as a first guide and can also serves as a reminder during the most challenging days of fatherhood.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book

  • The qualities of awesome dads
  • How to assist your wife into labor
  • Basic baby care
  • Bonding tips
  • What to expect in the upcoming years
  • Don’t make the same mistakes as many did before you. Take action now and be on your way to becoming the greatest dad you can be!

Graduate Jobs: An Emergency Guide

by Sally Burr

This book is for you, especially if you haven’t given your ‘what next’ a second thought. You will find career advice coupled with all the best bits of learning technology so that you can look like the digital kid that everyone wants to have in their office: eportfolios, digital curation, social media, blogs, job feeds – you name it, we’ll cover it.

Let’s Learn about- Power of Activity: a fascinating educational journey to increase our lifetime activity level and access to knowledge for lowering the risk of chronic disease

by Jeremy Hawke

Knowing why activity is so important in your long-term health, gives you the key to sustainable health. Dr Jeremy Hawke (Podiatrist) will take you on an important journey for you and your family, and teach you how to tap into the power of activity, and change the direction of your life. Jeremy has spent his career as a podiatrist researching the latest discoveries and teaching his patients how to gain the benefits of activity and remain healthy. Now he brings these teachings for you to keep on your bookshelf to study time and time again. So your health must come first, and through increased activity your life will change.

Today Is My Birthday: Includes Link To A Downloadable & Printable Coloring Book

by Heather Wilde

An Early Learning Book of Words and Numbers which includes a Downloadable & Printable Coloring Book

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