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Chaos Theory – Inceptus: A Feel Good Story About the End of the World

by Colin Robertson

Fifty-years-ago, the United States created the most powerful weapon of all time, capable of destroying not just the Earth, but the entire Universe – then managed to lose it. Now, it’s been found, by a thirteen-year-old boy, named Alex Graham, who decides to sell it on eBay.

As a result, Alex finds himself the target of US Intelligence, foreign governments, international arms dealers, fundamentalist Christians, an insane United States President and, of course, Islamic terrorists. His only hope is a CIA Agent, named Charlie Draper.

The problem is, Charlie is a broken man. Tormented by the death of his wife and daughter, Charlie has stopped caring much about anything. When Alex is orphaned by German Neo-Nazi soldiers-of-fortune, the two are thrown together on a desperate, dangerous and epic journey to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything and, hopefully, some half decent reason to keep it all going.

Ranging from laugh-out-loud comedy to, at times, heartfelt anguish, Chaos Theory is reminiscent of both the dark satire of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five and the outlandish wit of Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Eden’s Ore – Secrets

by B.V. Bayly

After decades of squandering and abusing the earth’s natural resources the future of mankind was bleak. Humanity searched the earth for any remaining energy, hoping to discover an answer before the lights went out. They resurrected the ancient grounds of Eden, hoping to find its power – an extraordinary ore offering an unlimited source of energy.

Gabriel Roberts, the son of the ore’s discoverer, awakens to a horrific storm that kills his mother and leaves him with a piece of the ore plunged into his chest. He survives and is found by rescue teams the next day; their helpful nature changes as they discover what’s in his chest. Panicked Gabriel unleashes a massive explosion from the ore in his chest. His estranged brother, Adin, arrives after the blast and takes him to hide live with him in the metropolis of Denver. It isn’t long before strangers come looking for Gabriel.

Attacked in the night, Gabriel is saved by a young woman with supernatural abilities. She leaves him promptly with only a warning to stay hidden and not to trust anyone. Gabriel rushes back to reconnect with his brother, but trouble follows and rips the two apart once again. Gabriel makes a daring escape, hoping Adin will be spared as their attackers chase after him.

His world begins to spin out of control as he discovered a hidden war, raging on behind the scenes. As Gabriel learns about the true nature of the ore in his chest, he forced to choose a side. A decision that will shape the course of humanity.

Soul Tracers

by Jennifer Bexley

When a medical school dropout discovers an imaging device that allows him to photograph souls, the world he lives in is forever changed by the people, and the people he loves. As the device leads into corporations and death, they all must make a choice to continue or to let technology go.

The Vitruvian Heir

by L.S. Kilroy

“I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t write, where I’m considered inferior, where I’m at the mercy of men all the time.” First, a series of natural disasters devastated the land. Then came the famine. Soon, fear and panic spread throughout the United States. And out of the rubble of a broken nation, rose an empire. That is how Vitruvia was born.

Vitruvia, established during the regime of a heartless emperor and governed by an arrogant ruling class. Here society has regressed to repressive Victorian standards. Women have slowly lost their rights and those who rebel are severely punished. Bishops and lords impose their will on the segregated regions, but no one pays much heed to the Nits – rundown areas often unofficially policed by bribed criminals and inhabited by the poor, the desperate, and the dregs of society.

Lorelei Fetherston is a daughter of the aristocracy. Inherently rebellious, eighteen-year-old Lore is torn between accepting her impending role as a dutiful wife or escaping to the bordering nation of Hopespoke to seek the truth behind her grandmother’s secret legacy. There everyone is free and, according to legend, an enigmatic woman runs an underground squadron of girls and wields much influence. There Lore could pursue her writing without fear of punishment. But this isn’t her only dilemma. Following graduation, she is to wed to her childhood friend, Gideon, but her heart is with their mutual best friend, Fallon, the current emperor’s ward and heir to the throne.

Then one fateful night everything changes. Her free-spirited friend, Sawyer, is in grave danger and Lore is forced to make a critical decision. From mysterious woodland strangers to underground clubs to spectacular fêtes and a clandestine rebellion, Lore’s life is about to change foreverâ?¦that is, if she can survive.

The Alien Sphere Quadrilogy 2015

by V Bertolaccini

A pioneering SF masterpiece with four high quality action-packed thriller novels of explores encountering deadly objects of alien origins and mind-bending universes, and travel beyond space and time! Scientists and explores discover colossal and mind-blowing artifacts of transcendent origins on islands, the moon, Mars, and in deep space, and enter mind-bending alternative realities!

The Stargate Black Hole

Deep in the depths of the moon scientists research something colossal and mind-blowing! Nobody knows what! Leading scientists are being killed! Something colossal is being created after time warps and new forms of black holes were created in particle accelerators in space, and nobody knows what their deadliest technology will create!

Something has buried itself deep beneath the ice near an Antarctic ice station! Something of inconceivable alien origins emerged out of space and crashed at a tremendous velocity and Russian intelligence agencies uncover it first! They uncover a deadly mind-bending alien voyager and try to make contact with it! How dangerous is it, and could it affect the entire future of the world?

The Alien Sphere

Scientists discover a mysterious metallic sphere with a pulsating vibration on Mars and open it to reveal its forces are suspending a miniature black hole, and while carrying out experiments on it an accident occurs and scientists enter the black hole and travel out beyond space and time into a mind-boggling universe!

Space Odyssey: Beyond the Universe

A newly invented voyager explores the deepest depths of the universe, and leaves space and time when a deadly entity starts killing them all, and on a world in the depths of a new minding-bending universe encounter a deadly alien artifact of supernatural origins, hidden away since the dawn of time!

From Beyond Reality

Scientists, the military, archeologists, hunters, and treasure explorers uncover a fifteen-mile alien artifact, from beyond the universe, after it has been buried away for millions of years on a desolate Pacific island, in a colossal crater, with a monstrous devil-like alien entity, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy!

Cerelia’s Choice

by D.A. Hill

A beautiful princess. A handsome space pirate. It could be a match made in heaven–if they survive…

When the luxury spaceliner carrying Crown Princess Cerelia across the Galactic Empire is attacked by space pirates, she is forced to flee for her life in the company of the ship’s captain, Jefferson Rydel. Having left behind her home and family forever to marry Lord Veraney, the man she has selected to succeed her father as Emperor, her disappearance throws the Imperial succession into question and destabilizes the Empire.

As she struggles to adapt to a harsh and challenging environment completely unlike the refined, sophisticated, and comfortable world she has always known, she discovers again and again that Captain Rydel is not what she thought he was.

Has he really uncovered the secret of Earth, its location lost in the passage of time and regarded by most as a myth? It would be a discovery to rock the very foundations of the Empire, its fourteen worlds each having been selected and terraformed to resemble as closely as possible humanity’s supposed original home. Or is he nothing but an unprincipled charlatan exploiting the hopes of millions?

Whoever he is, she has no choice but to accept his help. As they fight to stay ahead of the forces trying so desperately to kill her, and to stop the plot against the Imperial throne, she begins to wonder if she has found what she always longed for but never believed she would find–a man she can truly love without turning her back on the duty she was born to fulfill…

Crude Kill: Future Kill Chronicles #2

by Mark Adam

It’s a thin line between love and hate.

Bills don’t pay themselves, broken hearts don’t always mend, and body count is the only rule left at the end of the day. Sucked into a high stakes contract, private contractor Kali Muse turns her back on sentimentality and accepts the bounty on an old flame.

As events spiral out of control, the mercenary finds herself rushing headlong back into the badlands, and a brutal duel with her first love. All’s fair in love and war, but things get really dirty when you mix the two.

Love’s a bitch.

Flawed Gods

by Angela B. Mortimer

In a future, planetary world, a former Varan lover who was misjudged and sent away as a criminal abducts the beautiful Doella from the man she agreed to marry. Thus begins the odyssey of two fleeing, passionate lovers who are pursued by her jilted bond-mate and eventually by Varan authorities. No Varan ever changed his or her bond mate. Marriage was for life.

Doella’s hair was like a pale gold waterfall, and her eyes were the color of deep green emeralds. She was powerful, intuitive, and her golden body easily surrendered to her recurring need for passion.

The odyssey to flee Varan pursuit leads to encounters with menacing societies, dangerous dragons, lecherous kings, and cunning wizardsâ?¦ until the Varan authorities and the jilted bond-mate capture Doella and her troupe.

However Doella’s infidelity and lack of honor is now insignificant with the discovery of a threat to annihilate the Varan civilization. The last best Varan hope is to send Doella back into her most horrifying encounter. The clock is ticking â?¦ in a fascinating, suspenseful and sexy read.

I Will Love You Forever: Book I of Protector

by Brian H Groover

Ken and Lu Winston have repurchased the family land and look forward to living happily ever afterâ?¦

â?¦until an alien space probe, struck by an experimental gravity beam, falls on them. The alien probe has only one option to fulfill its primary mission and cause no harm. It must inhabit the dying Lu in order to save her life.

What do you do when the woman you love has become part alien, and the entire US government is after her?

How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Ken and Lu face the ultimate test of their love, and the future of humanity may depend on the outcome of that testâ?¦

A Tectonic Island (Science Fiction)

by John Warren Self

Dr. Buster Holmes, British scientist, described an Atlantic Ocean tidal wave. “The wave will have the power of a thunderbolt for destruction that the world has never seen.” He explained his findings to other experts that did not believe him and then he saw it happening after doing research at that island.

The islanders were swiftly horrified to see the nuclear thunder bolt in the sky on the island. Then the volcanic and seismic eruptions were viewed for only an instant. An instant later, the blast exploded the entire island.

The explosion caused the volcano to erupt with a seismic event. The island mass thus exploded like a pressure vessel breaking up into many chunks that also accelerated the water mass and the island and all of its life forms were gone to the deep of the ocean.

Then that water mass produced a tidal wave. Then moments later more such waves were produced from seismic eruptions. It formed a huge accelerating wall of water beyond all historic estimates of any wave that had ever occurred in the past.

The explosion did not result in the island to split in two at the double seismic fault line as Holmes’ research evaluation predicted. The entire island exploded and split into many large chunks of rock.

Those rocks blew up, crashing through the sea, and into the air at an enormous rate of mass acceleration. The island mass had been blown into millions of projectiles that accelerated the Atlantic Ocean water mass, producing a huge tidal wave with power beyond that of any mega wave known in history.

The Restart: Short Dystopian Science Fiction (Phoenix With Broken Wings Book 1)

by A. K. Tyler

What if one day we discovered the technology that would allow us to live forever? What if in order to use this technology we would have to make a tough sacrifice? In this short fictional tale A.K. Tyler is trying to explore these questions, skilfully linking the future dystopian world with the modern society.

The Restart is a unique science fiction adventure and an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the dystopian or cyberpunk genre.

We are invited to take a peek into the distant future, a dystopian society where people achieved eternal youth and immortality with the help of a high-tech gadget. People no longer age or fall ill. But, there is always a price to pay. The main character – Sophia, an average law enforcing officer, wakes up after a strange dream she was not supposed to see, and remembers things that were not supposed to happen. The only way to get rid of her suspicions is to confront her fears, and risk her job and her status to seek help from the very people she had to be fighting – a dangerous terrorist organisation Santa Muerte. When she finally discovers the truth, there are tough choices to make that will change her life forever…

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Nanogenes: The Clone Soldier Chronicles

by D. J. Takemoto

About The Clone Soldier Chronicles and the Author

The central theme of The Clone Soldier Chronicles isâ?¦will normal humans become extinct? Will scientists be able to extend life, fix genetic defects, and make perfect humans, and, will they still be humans? The answer is mostly yes, but some no’s. We will still be mostly human, but unless we stop the progress of Econo-medicine, there will be levels of humans; there will be those who can and cannot afford the fix. We already see that nowâ?¦individuals in third world countries are blind from cataracts, while we can afford the fix. And in first world countries, some go blind from macular degeneration while others can afford the biologicals. And now scientists can change our genes.

This is the central theme of The Clone Soldier Chroniclesâ?¦will we still be human? It follows the history of a single family in their progression from normal human to a new species.

The first book, Epigenes begins in current times, with a flu pandemic, structuring of economic zones, and rationing of medicines. It is during that time that humans become epigenetically modified. That’s when your DNA becomes modified from your environment, including from what you eat. Those with access to enough medicines and foods become different from the rest of the population. (Available on Kindle)

In book two, a class of super scientists emerges, the Gene Designers, those licensed to modify and clone humans. They want super athletes for The Clone Games. The rulers know they can control the situationâ?¦keep those clones from escaping. That is, until Dina infiltrates their complex and escapes with Dorian, their half-human super computer. (Available on Kindle).

Book three, is entitled Gene Drifters. That is the process of genetic drift; it is the change in DNA which can occur from contact with life, or in the next generation. It is what takes, becomes permanent enough to be part of an altered order. And the planet is vastly changed by global warming by the time we get to book three. (Available on Kindle).

Book four deals with what will happen when all those nanoparticles get out into the environment. In Nanogenes, the bacteria inside some nanoparticles do get out, altering both humans and the planet. (Available on Kindle).

Book five describes a newly emerging human population, those that can bridge the gap between the various mutant species by inserting large gene segments into their DNA; these are the Gene Jumpers.

Book six, Babel Genes, occurs in the distant future. I don’t want to say too much, but when so many different subspecies of humans exist on one planetâ?¦well, we could have a genetic Tower of Babel.

I am a Professor of Biochemistry. My area of research is in the eye, hence the eye on all six of the Clone Soldier Chronicles covers. For over 32 years in the lab, I have watched the change in the human speciesâ?¦some from my own research into the delivery of enzymes into the human eye using nanoparticles (

I attended Ball State University, receiving my BS in 1971 in Biology. I learned skiing, backpacking, Microbiology, and Chemistry, in random order, at Colorado State University, obtaining the MS in Microbiology in 1973. But California called me homeâ?¦we Californians are not unlike salmon. I attended the University of Southern California, receiving a PhD in Molecular Biology in 1979. I accepted an offer as faculty in Biochemistry, back in the Midwest again, and away from my home. But, the salmon instincts took over once more, and in 2011, I retired and returned home to California. I do miss my lab, but find that I can do much more cutting edge research at my computer, in my novels, and in a global warming future. Plus, I’m not constrained by those nasty experimental resultsâ?¦virtual data are so much easier to obtain.

You can find out more about The Clone Soldier Chronicles on Facebook:

Plague Z: Last Hope – Vol. 3

by Luke Shephard

Volume Three of the Plague Z series!

Siblings Alexi and Irina are on the run from the dangers of Plague Z, a horrific new disease that seems to be terrorizing city after city, all around the world. Everywhere they think is safe one minute, becomes an infected disaster zone the next. And the infected are changing, becoming smarter, more dangerous.

Alexi and Irina are lost, scared, and hopeless. Until they meet a mysterious stranger who claims to have some knowledge. He claims to have answers. He certainly has big ideasâ?¦but can they possibly be true?

Should the siblings trust this shady stranger, who seems to know so muchâ?¦or should they try to survive alone?

All they can hope for is that freedom and a cure waits for them…

NOTE: This is the third volume of Plague Z, a serial novel. There will be cliffhangers, and Zombies, from one installment to the next. Read at your own risk…or delight.

Discover more books by Luke Shephard by visiting his Amazon Author’s Page!

Two FREE Sneak Peaks Also Included!


When disaster struck, Slade Thompson chose to stay behind during the evacuations. Being a hobby prepper, he was certain he had enough supplies to last at least a year, besides, everyone would be back in a few weeks, right?

Weeks have turned to months, and Slade is left with no idea why the people (and electricity) have failed to return. Dealing with his lack of supplies is quickly becoming an issue, and Slade is forced to venture out of the safety of his home in search of some.

What happens when he goes beyond the safe borders of his yard? Is he really as safe as he’d thought? How does Slade react when his neighborhood and home are threatened by raiders?


After a disaster that wiped out the East Coast, a vegetarian survivalist fiction writer and his family retire to the shores of a local lake to wait out the anarchy before the relief effort. The fiction he wrote becomes his reality as he relies on his books to give him the knowledge he needs to build, hunt, and survive in this new and foreign world.

Will they survive the oncoming winter?


by Kelly Smyth

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Bailey is at the center of a Nazi secret, a secret hidden for nearly a century.

Until now.

It’s 2029. And as the United States teeters on the brink of disaster, Hannah’s life begins to crumble all around her.

Tragedy strikes unexpectedly.

Someone is trying to kill her.

And suddenly no oneâ??including herselfâ??is quite who they seem.

Unexpected love helps counter the turbulence, but even then, her heart is still torn in two very different directions.

When Hannah finally discovers the truth about her past, nothing has prepared herâ??or the worldâ??for the devastating consequences.

Love, loss, and life take on a whole new meaning as Hannah’s destiny entwines with history to unveil the timeless truth that evil never really dies.



The entire trilogy “The Triangle of life” is set in a post-apocalyptic world and in the literary sense it actually intertwines elements and devices of the genres of science fiction, fantasy literature, and supernatural horror. The sequence of events is envisioned at once both simply and with incredible complexity, and its starting point lay in the pinnacle of human stupidity which we have just reason to fear happening upon us at some point in the future: a nuclear war. This topic was a particular favorite in both literary and cinematic science fiction at the peaks of the cold-war crisis during the fifties and eighties of the previous century. And just then, at the eve of a decade during which numerous notable films on “the day after” (obviously – after a nuclear catastrophe) came to be, the world of the Soviet bloc crumbled and man channeled his paranoia towards other manifest dangers: pollution, climatic changes and global warming, gene manipulation and cloning, terrorism. In step with the expectations of the reading public, science fiction novelists themselves turned to these topics, and the world’s nuclear arsenal remained untouched. Yet the threat of an atomic mushroom still looms over our heads.

The nuclear war in Å ah’s novel, “The Black Wall,” destroyed the world as we know it, leaving behind but rare enclaves of survivors dispersed throughout the earth protecting their right to live with special technology. But mankind gave rise to something far worse than radiation and atomic-dust induced solar eclipses with his warheads. It awakened Primordial Evil. And that Primordial Evil (more easily understood if we more broadly refer to it as Satan) grows and increases its consciousness with far greater ease when found in an environment which is conducive to him. That consciousness gradually subjugates all the material world, steadily gathering the already diminished number of human beings in its clutches. The depredation of Evil reawakened is global and systematic. One by one the human enclaves fall, but the last one left standing, whose inhabitants developed their own consciousness, opposite to that of the omen of their attacker, persevere in desperate attempts to withstand Satan’s assaults.

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