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Signs of Portland: Awesome,Googie,Weird & Everything Between

by Isaiah Cox

In this book I present photographs of artistically

appealing signage (mostly vintage) from around the City of

Portland. Not all of the signs in the pictures are vintage,

I also photographed modern pieces which I believe

capture the spirit of that earlier time and in so doing

achieve an artisanal quality. What I hope you won’t see

is antiseptic corporate logos printed on opaque plastic

which we’ve come to except as modern storefront advertising.

Remember that for each sign someone had to design

the concept, and interpret that into the hardware and

art that make the final product. In the case of neon,

that means incorporating the science of neon lighting,

with the art of glass bending. Metal workers had to

build the cabinets. With sculptures, someone had to

mold and shape them. Let’s not forget the painters that

had to finish these pieces. And in many cases the use of

lighting was designed in such a way to add significantly

to the overall effect of the signage. These men and

women were artists and our cultural heritage will be

richer if we remember them, their works, and the times

in which they produced them. And in so doing I hope

we retain and protect examples of their work that still


Unfortunately, it’s trendy now to think that suburbs and

commuting merely caused smog, and that the suburbs

are a bastardization of city “community” in which all

walks of life live within walking distance of a healthy

thriving city center filled with artisans. I fear that in

this current climate we’ll continue to lose much of the

architecture and signage that was designed to draw the

suburban commuter in the front door.

Roadside marketing developed by architects, sign-makers,

painters and other artisans, specifically to appeal to

the eye and heart of the passing 20th century motorist,

should be rightfully considered art.

states that art is “the quality, production, expression,

or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is

beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance”,

which easily incorporates sign art. It is unfortunate

that “commercial marketing” is often dismissed

as true art. If we lose these pieces of architecture and

vintage signage to “updating”, we will lose many examples

of artistic expression generated circa 1900-1980.

More than a few of the signs in the photos have been removed in the last year (as of November 2015).

Note: This is a photo book. I labelled a few sections of town

but Amazon’s re-formatting caused issues. I apologize for where

“Downtown Portland” & “East Portland” run together.

Mandala: Stress Relieving Patterns 2016

by Mandala M.

Beautiful mandala designs for inner peace and inspiration! For centuries, mandalas have provided an elevated level of guidance to those seeking peace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the world around them.

The Stations

by RL Lane

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Lonely On a Friday Night

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Imposter & Betrayal: Match and Red Supernatural Series Book 2

by M.R.C.

Match the Head Vampire and Red Vamitch are back. They brought their new world to life. Come meet two handsome Shifter’s Drawk Dragon/Hawk/Human and Grim Snake/Human. One of the most feared Vampire Riders, Blade and the woman who started the whole mess and KP the unknown.

Strong Adult Language

Intended For Mature Audiences

“I wouldn’t have. Just had to make her hate him.” He smiled thinking of the look on her face, thinking he was Match, hurting her, hating her. “I shielded them. She has two. One by him and one by the light.” She turned to him.

“Please. Take me.” She stopped and looked at him. “Leave her, take me. Please.” It was than she heard her coming. She knew she was there. She was, who she was there too see after all. She was running down the hall to him. Red seen the pain in her face.

“WEAK” Again her eyes flashed colors. It was than she move to come at him. He was ready. But instead, She slid under him, taken him out by his legs. He was down and she once again, stood over him. With a boot on his bare chest, holding him in place.

Drawk running after Grim as Grim acting like Match, arms moving in the air being chased by a Dragon.

“Rawr. I eat you.” Drawk put his arms up to make him look bigger.

“Oh, no it’s a Dragon. Help me Red.” Grim putting his hands to his face.

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