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Children’s book: Little Girl in Wild Forest (Bedtime Stories Kids Literature Fiction Dreaming Monster Adventure Fun Short Reads ) (Bedtime Stories Kids … Fiction Dreaming Monster Fun Short Reads)

by Jade Pitcairn

Once upon a time…

in the land of Zamu, there lived seven ladies. These ladies were great friends. They lived in the same village. They used to perform all there chores together. They fetched water together. They gathered firewood together. They even went to the forest to eat fruits together.

 One day they went to the forest to collect wild fruits. Before they began collecting the fruits, they all agreed that they were going to do the picking with their eyes closed. “Fine,” they agreed. They they began picking the fruits. Six of them cheated. They did this by touching each other. They opened their eyes. The seventh girl, whose name was Harriet, was not alerted. She foolishly went on picking the wild fruits with her eyes closed. She didn’t know that she was picking unripe fruits.

Caroline and The Chocolate Mop

by Huck Malone

A father’s love of a story and a daughter’s determination to get what she wants creates one BIG MESS! The fun had in the imagination of a beautiful 2-year old named Caroline and her magical Chocolate Mop will have you wishing you had a Chocolate Mop! Just don’t mind the MESS.

“In a big red house in the middle of town

lived a yellow haired girl in a pink nightgown.

Up in her room she would hide and play

with her brother named Christian she would spend the day” enter…The Chocolate Mop!

Written by Huck Malone, Illustrated by Ashley Stickles, from an idea conceived by Tony Leva, this book blends a true life story into a rhyming, swaying dance that brings to life unique illustrations and ends with one of the BEST feelings ever…you will be wanting more.

So read our story and always remember that you can immortalize your own memories too.

Where dreams come true and time can stop!


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