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Antero Rising

by John Anderson

Antero Rising is the first in a trilogy of books involving interdimensional realities that intersect within the realm of our visible and tangible physical space and time. The storyline follows Nat and a few select members from these external realities who have ended up in this universe, on Earth, who are directed to Nat in a seemingly unending war against AnteroĆ¢??with only vague notions as to why and what they will find at the end of their chase. They are cryptically guided by the directions of a very old member of their group who enigmatically exists somewhere between space and time.

The Universe that we know is labelled by these unwitting travelers as the Crossroads as it is a place of intersection and subsequent confusion.

These travelers, who mysteriously don’t age or die, have spent thousands of years trying to find Antero, a long lost group member who has inexplicably turned evil, with the hope that the dense and impermeable confusion of the Crossroads will lift if they can find him. The threads of all of their lives intersect at Nat who finds himself convicted of a murder he does not remember committing.

The journey of these travelers raises the questions of what time is and how solid the seemingly immovable concepts of space, location, and physical substance really are. Ultimately it is about the journey in which we all find ourselves through the course of the life we are living and over the course of many lifetimes we have lived. It is about our common struggle to embrace that which we are and relinquish that which we think we are.

The Driftwood Giraffe

by Peter Kettle

M. J. Hyland, author and chief judge for the Lightship Prize, wrote: ‘The Driftwood Giraffe is an excellent novel. Your language is smart and original; your sense of humour is playful and surprisingly wicked. Your intelligence is obvious and present on every page. You’re a very talented writer, playfully visceral, cerebral and impressively sharp. You have a stunning novel on your hands.’

A contemporary novel set in England and America.

Jack, turning forty, is an artist in crisis. His art is blocked. His American lover, Hannah, has left him. His house has to be sold. Jack meets Mannie, a crippled black man, who begs money and threatens his life. Mannie and Jack are unaware their fates are closely linked. The house gets sold but the buyer sends threatening letters.

Jack suspects his brother Alistair, and Ray Squally, a tough motor bike dealer, are conspiring against him.

Dinah, Jack’s former lover, reenters his life. A large amount of wood is washed ashore after a summer storm. Jack and Di gather it and take it back home.

In America, Hannah is killed in an accident . Jack goes to her home and uncovers her secret life.

A novel of love, death, chaos, creativity, humour, and an unforgettable dog, it incorporates fantasy and is amusingly quirky. In a redemptive last scene Jack creates the driftwood giraffe.

About the Author

Peter Kettle has been published in an anthology of prizewinning stories, magazines, and art publications. He has worked for the BBC and various Ad Agencies. The Driftwood Giraffe was shortlisted for The Lightship Fiction Prize. In 2014 he was shortlisted for the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism.

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