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Cleaning and Organizing Box Set: 33 Awesome Tricks on How to Organize Your House in 2 Weeks and Declutter Your Life in One Week plus 55 Simple Methods … organizing diy, clutter free revolution)

by Mary Green

BOOK #1: Cleaning and Organizing: 33 Awesome Tricks on How to Clean and Organize Your Whole House in Less than 2 Weeks

A spring clean is the first step. Maintain it and it will take you only an hour a day to upkeep.

This book will show the key tricks to cleaning your house and maintaining it. See this book as your key to simplicity, a journey or and adventure which is therapeutic and rewarding. You envy those houses that look like a show room, yet your home isn’t a show room it is a home. The simplest things can seem like a daunting task, yet it is the simple little things that will go a long way.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The Kitchen – The hub of your home
  • The Bathroom – A place of Tranquility
  • The living room – Social Room
  • Children’s bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Hallway

BOOK #2: Clutter Free: Declutter Your Life in One Week, Enhance and Arrange Your House and Your Life, and Start Your Hassle-Free Living

It’s clutter, and it’s everywhere, drawers, shelves, coffee tables, and in every room you seem to walk into. You’ve tried to thin it out and make sense of it, but it seems to come back with friends. No matter what you do, you seem to just make more and more if you do manage to thin it

This book can help you get you on your way to a more organized home and life. It can also help you identify if you may have a hoarding problem and resources to help you cope if you find that you do have one. It’s never too late to have a clutter-free home and life. Just keep reading, and you’ll see how you can make a peaceful home by getting organized

Don’t worry, this book will:

  • Show you how to sort through clutter
  • How to organize the clutter in closets
  • How to organize home offices
  • How to organize your bathroom
  • How to tackle you garage and make space for your cars
  • How to organize craft spaces in your home
  • How to organize spaces in your home
  • How to stay organized to prevent the clutter from coming back

BOOK #3: DIY Decorating: 55 Simple and Affordable Methods to Adorn Your Dwelling

Have you ever wanted to redecorate your home, but you were too afraid to get started? Maybe you looked around and thought to yourself, “this place could use something special,” but you never knew where to begin? Or maybe you did have an idea of what it should look like, but you were just afraid of the potential cost? If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, then this is the manual for you.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Fixes around the Home
  • Bathroom Tips
  • Bedroom Tips
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Outdoor Projects

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Crazy Kaleidoscopes – Coloring Books For Grownups (Coloring Books For Adults Book 3)

by Coloring Books Wonderland

Coloring Books For Adults – Book 3

KINDLE USERS – Cannot print from your device? Download printable PDF version from a link located at the end of the book.

This coloring book features 50 beautifully detailed mixed kaleidoscope designs ready to be brought to life with color!

Relax and explore the stress relieving and exquisite world of coloring. Let your daily tensions and worries fade away as you transform these black and white illustrations into your own unique works of art

Bonus – 1

At the end of this book you will find example images from a number of other coloring books. All are ready to be colored in!

Bonus – 2

You also get 2 bumper coloring books at no extra charge!

To make things interesting some images in this book will be easier to color in than others. All images are printed on one side of the page and are suitable for adults and older children coloring with fine tipped markers, colored pencils, brush tipped markers and even paints!


  • This adult and teens coloring book features over 50 images designed to engage your imagination and creativity.
  • Different levels of detailed images range in complexity.
  • Printed on large 8×10 quality paper.
  • Each image has a blank reverse side, so no need to worry about colors seeping through the page.
  • Provides hours and hours of stress relief, mindful calm, and fun, creative expression.

Have fun, go crazy with your colors!

Jeremy Lyle Brown Learns… HOW TO COOK (FREE BONUS – 73 Pages of Healthy cook Tips & 18 Different Info Packed Eating Guides) (DINOSAURS ROCK A Prehistoric Adventure Fun Book Series)

by Neil Brown

Jeremy Lyle Brown Learns HOW TO COOK is the ultimate in fun (togetherness) with parents and kids.

Create, Cook & Eat 10 of Jeremy’s favorite Dinosaur Related Food Dishes like Dinosaur Poop (Coprolite) Brownies, Dinosaur Extinction Pizza, Velociraptor Feast, and lots more.

Easy to make together and each dish tastes great!

Get your copy now by clicking the BUY button above. You also get FREE a 73 Page Downloadable Book packed with great healthy cooking tips and 18 Healthy Eating Guides.

Look for the Complete Set of books in the DINOSAURS ROCK A Prehistoric Adventure Fun Book Series:

1. How To Eat Like A Dinosaur

Free Audio Version Of This Book, Free 10-Page Coloring Book, HUGE Discounts For Our Best Selling Fossil Digs, and Gemstone Mining Kits

2. How To Make Your Own Dinosaur Diorama

Free Audio Version Of This Book & Free Downloadable Pictures You Can Use To Make Your Own Dinosaur Diorama

3. Jeremy’s Cooking Adventure (10 Favorite Dinosaur Recipes You Can Easily Make With Your Child)

Free 73 Page Downloadable Book “Healthy Cooking Tips – Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Cholesterol, Low Sodium, Healthy Cooking Methods & You Also Get Free: 18 Different Downloadable Information Packed Healthy Eating Guides.

4. Jeremy Makes Friends At School (How To Make Friends)

Free Audio Version Of This Book, Free 10-Page Coloring Book

5. Jeremy Goes To The Museum (20 Favorite Dinosaurs – Very Educational & Fun)

Free Audio Version Of This Book, Free 10-Page Coloring Book

unWorking: Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, and Be Happy Now!

by Clark Vandeventer

Wake up. The world has changed. Are you living in the new world, or are you still living in the old one? The old world was about paying your dues and biding your time on the basis of promised golden years. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Don’t complain; just adapt. The old world wasn’t that good anyway. Who wants to give the best years of their life to a job and then wake up at 65 and wonder where all the time went? In the new world you can write your own ticket, be your own boss, and live on a grand scale, now.

This guide to lifestyle design will teach you:

How to summon the courage to pursue your dreams agains the odds

How to figure out what you want your life to look like

How to pursue work that you’re passionate about

How to develop good income while avoiding bad income

How to actually prioritize your family over your career

How to stay in sync with your spouse amidst major life changes

How to get your kids out of the miniaturized, pressurized rat race

How to live on a grand scale now instead of holding out hope for the “golden years.”

unWorking is a guide to lifestyle design in the new world. It’s also a darn good story, one of epic proportions, just like yours can be.

DIY E Juice Recipe Book: 101 Flavors

The DIY E Juice Recipe Book is the perfect guide for any Vaper that wants to create their own flavors. We give a full list of ingredients for over 100 flavors!

This is the most resourceful E Juice Recipe Book on the market. Be sure to get it today!

Lotion Making DIY Guide: How To Create Luxurious, Soothing Lotions That You Can Use Every Day And Even Give Away As Gifts

by Audra B. Cook

This DIY beauty product guide contains simple, easy-to-make lotion recipes using simple ingredients.

Soon you will be creating luxurious, soothing lotions that you can use every day and even give away as gifts.

The recipes are incredibly easy to make and take as few as three basic ingredients and ten minutes to make.

These homemade lotions are non greasy, don’t require any fancy tools to make, and use flexible ingredients.

What you put into your skin will find its way into all your body’s systems.

Natural lotions can actually help heal your body.

Emotional Intelligence: Find Out the Factors that Determine Your Success. Increase Your EQ and Master Your Emotions with This Great Workbook (emotional … skills, interpersonal communication Book 1)

by Mary Jones

The amount of emotional intelligence that you have is based on many different aspects. Empathy, motivation, personal goals and self-mastery are all concepts that are associated with emotional intelligence. Take your own personal assessment and identify different areas of your life that may need improving.

Don’t let your life become stagnant and boring. It’s when we don’t understand our emotions and the emotions of others that we find ourselves in not only stressful situations but complicated situations as well. Once we understand what we’re feeling and why, we’ll then be able to understand why others are feeling what they feel as well. This understanding is not only important for personal growth but it’s important for the growth of your relationships as well. Healthy relationships don’t just rely on the connection that you have with one another, but the way you communicate as well.

Assessments will cover:

  • The amount of empathy you have
  • The goals you have set for yourself
  • How well you’re able to control your own emotions
  • How dedicated you are and much, much more

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Living Off The Grid: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Shelter, Water Harvesting, Water Treatment, and Storage (survivalist, prepper, homesteading)

by Chris Jakes

Living Off The Grid

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Shelter, Water Harvesting, Water Treatment, and Storage (survivalist, prepper, homesteading)

In this modern day and age we are completely dependent on the companies, which we call our water and energy providers. We are forced to pay them tons of money for bills that never stop coming. We are actually wasting more power than we are harvesting and more power than we actually need.

Learning how to live off the grid is the right way to get rid of all of that and the right way to stop wasting money, energy, water and other resources. It is the key to starting a better lifestyle, to becoming a self-efficient human being, and to leading a smarter life. Living off the grid doesn’t mean throwing everything you have worked for away – it simply means changing your lifestyle for better and for good.

“Living off the grid: The ultimate guide to creating a self-reliant supply of energy, shelter, water harvesting, water treatment and storage (survivalist, prepper, homesteading)” is not your average how-to, self-help book. This book is the tool you need in order to stop wasting resources, start living smarter, cheaper and healthier, and start using what nature has to offer. This book will give you everything you need in order to start living off the grid.

Or in other words – to become the person we all need to be in order to live in harmony with nature while meeting every single need we have as an individual human being or as a household.

“Living off the grid: The ultimate guide to creating a self-reliant supply of energy, shelter, water harvesting, water treatment and storage (survivalist, prepper, homesteading)” will teach you:

– What does it mean to live off the grid?

– Why is such a lifestyle of extreme importance to you and your household?

– How can you stop wasting money, energy, water, gas and other resources?

– How can you start harvesting what nature has to offer to you?

– How can you start saving money and start thinking and acting in a smarter, more efficient and practical way?

– How can you change your life staring from today?

Homesteading: 22 Amazing Lessons That Will Teach You How to Become a Homesteader and Why Those Skills are Important (Homesteading, Homesteading books, homesteading skills)

by Roman Reese

Have you always been fascinated by homesteading, but thought of it as something too difficult for you to achieve? Well then, you’re in luck! This homesteading eBook is an all inclusive guide that could lead even a blindfolded moron to homesteading success! This easy to read, highly informative homesteading EBook covers all topics related to homesteading, starting from the more basic simpler tasks, such as how to successfully grow your own garden, to the more complex and intricate ones such as how to build your own root cellar! Even if you’re a well-established homesteader, it is guaranteed that even you will find tips and tricks to help improve your homesteading game!

It covers all the major areas of homesteading one must be well-versed in before rising to the homesteading challenge, including gardening, livestock, preservation of food, cooking techniques, cures for common ailments and even a whole chapter on ways to get your kids involved on the homestead! What more could you ask for?

This is a one stop guide to homesteading success, both for a novice of the trade and even a veteran. You don’t want to miss what this homesteading EBook has to say!

Contents of the Book:

  • Chapter 1: The importance of homesteading in today’s day and age
  • Chapter 2: Amazing lessons you need to know to grow your own garden
  • Chapter 3: Amazing lessons that will teach you how to master the art of food preservation
  • Chapter 4: Amazing lessons to help you learn how to understand the way of the livestock
  • Chapter 5: Amazing lessons on how to run a homestead kitchen
  • Chapter 6: Amazing lessons on how to get your children involved
  • And Much, much more!

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Maro Up: The Secret to Success Begins with Arigato: Wisdom from the Warren Buffet of Japan

by Janet Bray Attwood

This is the story of Japan’s largest private investor, Wahei Takeda: how he made his fortune and how he thinks about moneyâ??making it, investing it and using it for good in the worldâ??based on his profound teaching of maro, the core principle of his way of life and the foundation of his success. By learning about maro through the example of Wahei’s life, you can also become financially successfulâ??and profoundly happy to boot.

Often called “the Warren Buffet of Japan,” Wahei Takeda is the most successful investor in the country, and no doubt he’s the happiest one, too! My success is a direct result of listening and applying Wahei’s philosophy of “Maro Up!” to my own life and business. We know from personal experience, that if you take what you learn in this ebook and apply it to yourself, you too, will see success blossom in your life.

Ketogenic Diet: How to Lose 15 Pounds with the Ketogenic Diet in Two Weeks or Less: 30 Delicious Rapid Weight Loss Dinners (Keto Diet Recipes, Ketogenic Diet Recipes Book 1)

by Maria Hopkins


Eating fat to burn fat may sound crazy, but ketogenic dieting has many researched benefits!

If you are looking for a magical pill that will make you lose all your extra weight overnight with no effort from you at all, then this is not the book for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to successfully lose weight, improve your health in general, and regain levels of energy you thought that you would never experience again, read on.

Today only, get this Amazon Bestseller for only $2.99! Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle

The simple truth is that if you are serious about losing weight, you need to commit to it over a longer period of time. Sure, I could lie to you and say that a ketogenic diet is a painless way to lose weight, but I am not going to do that.

What I will promise you is that, initially at least, this is going to be a serious adjustment to make. There is a very good chance that you will feel as though you are coming down with something in the first couple of days. It is not going to be a walk in the park to start off with.

Download Your Copy Right Now Before It’s Too Late and the price goes up!

However, instead of getting upset about these symptoms, be glad of them – it shows that your body is changing the way it does things, and that fat burning will be starting shortly.

In this book, I will walk you through the basics, step by step, and explain why the key concepts are important.

A ketogenic diet works like no other diet on the planet simply because it has such a major impact on the way the body utilizes its fuel.

You can safely lose as much as 15 pounds in a two week period without ever worrying about it creeping back on.

More than that, the ketogenic diet is a sustainable one. I remember doing the “Cabbage Soup” diet. Hands up, who else did? Don’t be ashamed, we are not alone – after all, it was an easy way to lose weight and you could eat as much cabbage soup as you liked.

I did lose a few pounds on that particular diet, but I got to a stage when I simply could not look at another cabbage again – I hardly even eat it now! To add insult to injury, those few pounds I lost came back bigger and better than ever before.

Ready to make the purchase? Simple Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.

The difference with the ketogenic plan is that you never feel hungry and that there is such a variety of food to eat that you never get bored with it. Granted, the idea of giving up pizza and soda may initially make you feel as though you are missing out, but once the benefits start kicking in, you won’t even bother with the “bad” foods.

From this book, you will learn the basics of the Ketogenic diet, how to tell if you are in ketosis or not, and why you want to be.

You will also learn how to make some really delicious and easy-to-make dinner recipes for you and your whole family.

If you want your future to be a healthier, slimmer, and more active one, this book can help you get there.

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Mini Farming: Create Your Backyard Farming With 45 + Useful Secrets And Tips: (Urban Gardening, Grow Your Own Organic Fruits & Vegetables, Backyard Farming, … farming, How to build a chicken coop))

by Alexandra Davis

Mini Farming

Create Your Backyard Farming With 45 + Useful Secrets And Tips

This book is the ideal guide for those who are planning to turn their backyard space into an amazing organic garden. You can discover the basics of creating such a garden within this book, helping you start this gardening adventure in the right way. As you will start reading the book, you will see that creating your very own backyard garden is not as impossible as you might have thought. Plus, in the end, you will have the opportunity to hand-pick fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, enjoying the healthy produce.

Here is a preview of what you will discover in the book:

  • The advantages of backyard farming – discover why you should consider transforming your backyard into a mini-farm, such as the fact that you can eat healthy produce or reduce the environmental impact
  • How to start your very own backyard garden – steps that you need to take, types of crops, vegetables that you can consider for your garden and a lot more advice
  • 45+ Useful secrets and tips – this chapter will teach you what to do and what not to do, in order to have the most incredible garden in your backyard

Prepare yourself for a guide that actually contains useful information, helping you discover all there is to know about mini-farming and how to start a backyard garden.

Transform your backyard into a beautiful, thriving space today, enjoying the healthy produce you have grown by yourself!

Download your E book “Mini Farming: Create Your Backyard Farming With 45 + Useful Secrets And Tips ” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Moses, A Life Study And Commentary: Outstanding Men Of the Bible

by Joseph Jordan

– A life study of Moses for the Christian layman –

This book concerns itself with the life and times of Moses, with whom God spoke “face to face, as a man speaks to his friend”. (KJV Exo 33:11) Moses was a remarkable man who had a unique relationship with the Lord God. This book takes a close look through the last four books of Moses while the author tells how the four books relate to our Christian lives today. Moses presented himself as a living sacrifice to God and in so doing, offered us a prophetic example of Christ-like living.

Diy Gifts: 20 Amazing DIY Gifts For Your Girlfriend (Diy, Diy gifts, diy gifts books)

by Jesse Crawford

Are you looking to give something unique to your girlfriend, try DIY gifts that can be crafted at home within your limited budget? The book DIY Gifts: 20 Amazing DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend is designed to help you. The book contains the details of 20 unique and interesting gifts to impress your girlfriend.

There is a step by step guide for you to craft your own gifts. The book has everything that a person may need to prepare gifts for their girlfriends on various occasions. Prepare a birthday, valentine, Easter and Christmas gift by selecting an appropriate one.

The purpose of DIY Gifts: 20 Amazing DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend is to guide you through a step by step procedure to let you craft a stylish and unique gift for your girlfriend. After reading this book, you will be able to learn how to make her feel special. You can enhance the specialty of each event by crafting, DIY gifts according to the nature of the event.

This book will give you an idea to strengthen your bond with your girlfriend. Download this book and learn to craft interesting gifts to lift her mood. It will serve as an interesting and useful guide to craft cosmetics, edibles and romantic gifts.

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Granny`s Recipes Healthy Life and Vitality 3: Arrhythmia, Inflamed Tonsils, Feet fungus, Constipation, Neuralgia, Painless Sunburn, Cystitis, Furuncle, Noise in ears, Larynx And More.

by Denis Dralyuk

Tired of going to the drug`s store and buying expensive medical products that are quite suspicious and still do not work either with your pain or with your illness? Became a fan of folk medicine after reading my first two editions of Granny`s Recipes Healthy Life and Vitality? Then, you will definitely be interested to read the Granny`s Recipes Healthy Life and Vitality – part 3.

Turn nature into your personal guide to long-lasting health and vitality! Become a happy person with no physical pains or illnesses on your mind! That is what my book is about! I wish you pleasant reading and hope you will continue with your positive feedback after learning my new granny`s recipes!

amazing appetizers and first course recipes: Dozens of delicious recipes that will bring your kitchen to life with a new menu the whole family will love

by jon carpenter

Now you can cook professional entrees for you, your family or friends with these easy to follow delicious appetizer recipes. Straight from the pros kitchen, you will learn some of the best and fastest recipes for entertaining meals and snacks.

BOOST YOUR KINDLE SALES FOR 2016: 7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Kindle Publishing Sales (That You Can Implement Today!)

by Red Mikhail

Learn 7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Kindle Book Sales … (can be implemented in 10 minutes or less) – NO SPECIAL MARKETING SKILLS REQUIRED


Inside you’ll learn:

– How to create a title that makes the readers buy

– How to create covers that grabs attention

– How to implement the MAGIC 7 keyword formula… so you can target 3x -5x more readers

– What to price your ebooks for maximum sales

– How to rank on Google… fast and easy.

Genius Marketing Brain NOT REQUIRED – Follow my instructions and see your book sales increase in as little as 2 days

Origami: Everything You Need to Know About Origami from Beginner to Expert (Origami Mastery)

by Sandra Gifford

Explore the Ancient and Fascinating Art of Oragami!

Are you intrigues by paper art? Do you wonder how origami artists make such amazing creations? Would you like to know their secrets?

If so, Origami: Everything You Need to Know About Origami from Beginner to Expert is the book for you! It explains the origins of this millennia-old art form, the different types of origami you can try, and how to get started – today!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this book is for you!

Origami: Everything You Need to Know About Origami from Beginner to Expert is available for Download Now.

What can you do to start having fun with origami right away? Do you need special tools and papers? Do you need any special knowledge?

In this book, you’ll discover the tools you need, the types of paper you can use, and the various kinds of folds origami artists employ. It contains multiple designs – perfect for all levels:

  • Oragami Beginners
  • Intermediate Paper-Folders
  • and even Advanced Origami Artists!

Jump in right away and enjoy this fun and exciting hobby!

Download Origami: Everything You Need to Know About Origami from Beginner to Expert NOW for Instant Reading by Scrolling Up and Clicking the “Buy” Button.

Happy Reading and Good Luck!


by Ryan Smith

20+ Bonus Books included

Discover how to control your emotions and improve interpersonal communications

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to improve interpersonal communications. If you are someone that is looking to improve your emotional intelligence then you will find the information within the pages of this book most helpful. In this book you will find proven steps and strategies on how to develop your emotional intelligence.

When you gain emotional intelligence you are going to be able to develop and improve your emotional patterns, this will lead to helping improve your life overall. By reading the information in this book you will learn to take control of your emotions in such a way that you will become more capable of handling various situations, developing better relationships, succeeding in your plans, and just being happier with you life in general.

If you are looking to improve your emotional intelligence and find that peace you are searching for then this book will offer you some great ways on how you can reach your goals and succeed through developing your emotional intelligence!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • What is the history of emotional intelligence
  • What are the methods of emotional intelligence
  • How to sharpen emotional intelligence in 30 days
  • How to maintain emotional intelligence
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only


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Ketogenic Paleo Greens Salads 101. Delicious and Nutritious Paleo Salads Cookbook for Weight Control

by Heviz’s

Table content:

1. Simple Spanish Green Salad

2. Green Bean Salad

3. Fresh Green Bean Salad

4. Simply Green! (Salad)

5. Classic French Green Salad

6. Greens Salad (Shamrock Salad)

7. Sesame Green Salad

8. Spanish Green Bean Salad

9. Good Green Salad

10. Mixed Greens Salad

11. Green Goddess Tuna Salad

12. Marinated Potato and Green Bean Salad

13. Green Salad With Pomegranate and Mandarin

14. Green Goddess Taco Salad

15. Macaroni Salad

16. Green Salad With Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

17. Low Carb Best-Ever Green Salad

18. Green Apple Spinach Salad

19. Best Grape Salad

20. Dandelion Green Salad

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