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The Bridge Across The River

by Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen

Beyond forever, and past the ridge
We trekked to find an old stone bridge
Then o’re we went across its beams
To a land of make-believe and dreams

The Bridge Across The River is a wonderful collection of poetry for children and adults. The stories are humorous, endearing, and at times thought provoking. Once across the bridge you will enter a land of dreams and make-believe: Ride along with a lemur and his colourful crew as they circumnavigate the Earth; sail aboard a ship with a famous cartoon captain; dance in the rain while eating a tasty breakfast cereal. Imagine yourself on the back of a purple giraffe as you fly to a land of green monkeys, or the sight of a penguin sailing across the skies on an orange balloon. So If you have read and enjoyed the poems and stories of Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and Ogden Nash then you will love The Bridge Across The River as well.
An incredibly child-friendly book!
ated 5 Stars by MrsK Books on Goodreads!

Table Of Contents:

Wiggles The Wallaby

The Penguin’s Orange Balloon

Wally The Wombat And Larry The Loon

Panda Bears And Pogo Sticks

The Lemur That Flew

The Purple Giraffe

The Zonkey

The Frantic Froggie Race

My Horny Toad Burt

My Elephant Friend

My Puppy Ate My Brand New Shoes

The Spanish Cinnamon Cats

Fruitloops In The Rain

The Sugar Glider

6 Puppies In A Pail

Captain Crunch, Slayer Of Serpents

Palowackett And Philomena

Chili Beans

The Gingalet’s Magical Band

Pink Macaroons

Puppy’s First Flight

Higgledy Piggledy Hie

Swen The Midget Is Making Widgets

Fruit Salad

A Bug In My Hair

Crazy Cartoon Capers

Iridescent Dreams

The Raucous Raccoons

The Dolphin Song

How Doth The Little Hummingbird?

Willoughby Wilkinson

The Little Gorilla

A Butterfly Went Flutter By

Wigglet The Piglet

Dilly Dally

Caterpillar, Caterpillar


William Nathaniel McDaniel Malone

Dancing In The Rain

The Hum Dee Dum

A Sun Shiny, Fun Shiny Day

Wondrous Wishes

A Flea A Fly A Flew

Good Night Little One

The Roads Of Life – A Journey Through Poetry

by Scott Porter

Poetry book of provocative thoughts.
Foreword: I would like to welcome you as you travel down the following paths. The poems in this collection do not follow any particular path, but are meant to invoke the travels other may take. I hope you let the tales wash over you, and make you think of the journeys of your life. The roads ahead may have some hills, but sometimes it is these struggles that make the journey worthwhile. I hope that you enjoy the journey ahead.


by [email protected]


With the touch of morning rays all beings give a smile

With the touch of your loving smile I go an extra mile

With the touch of snow the plant leaves starts to glow

With the touch of your unspoken words love starts to grow

With the touch of breeze the birds move and dance

With the touch of your heartbeats mind feels romance

With the touch of sea waves the beach feels the kiss

With the touch of your look eyes sights without a miss

With the touch of first rain the the earth emanates fragrance

With the touch of your closeness my soul shines with radiance

O God the whole universe thank you for your creation

O God this poem is from every lover to you as dedication


You crossed the first milestone

You will defenitely cross many more milestone

Old adage was to be slow and steady

today we say you have to be always ready

keep up Your self motivation

God will give you right direction

Your duty is to perform all action

do not get carried away by recognition

Children are always gift of god

We thank for blessings of god

Parents give you all time support

be agood human being with good rapport

We will see many more feathers in your cap

We will sing for you a nice song of rap

your performance gives us elation

We pray god for many such occation


Some have love marriage

Some have arranged marriage

Marriage is a joint venture

Pray for your healthy future

We solemnise our pledge on the wedding day

We reassure each other on the anniversery day

Children are given as a boon

Parents feel they have come from moon

Love is most eternal feature in life

between only husband and wife

celeberation of long companionship

hold each other for eternal relationship

let us do our best

God will take care of the rest

Happy New Year

Let us all Celeberate the New year

Let us be healthy and happy year after year

filled with memories on the New Year eve

Stored with Resolutions on the New Year eve

Human being is always with Wants

Let New year fulfil many of our Wants

Let the Mind be free of corruption

Let our heart be full of compassion

We all should be free of Dissolution

Contentment is the only solution

Let there be happiness and prosperity allround

Let all economies have a turnaround

Let us give something back to the society

We are all from the cream of society


Human have choice as privilege

Animals do not have choice as privilege

Human can choose no choice in making choice

and also what,when,how,how much in making choice

In yesteryears there were few events

Today we are bombarded with global events

Human have growing attitude

With knowledge it becomes profound attitude

When new facts are discovered we become enlightened

And our attitude also works as an enlightened

That which cannot be negated is reality

It is only you who is the reality

You are the subject in this universe

All others are object in this universe

you are reality hence you have to respond

There is no proxy for you to respond

Pleasant and unpleasant event you have to respond

If it is neither you are indifferent to respond

Do not feel guilty that your response is without equanimity

With divine knowledge your response will be with equanimity

Having a desire within Dharma is a privilege

Fulfilling this desire is your privilege


by Ryan Dickinson

10 poems inspired by 1 woman.

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