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Homesteading Self Sufficiency Secrets: What You Should Be Doing Right Now To Be Self Sufficient When SHTF And Society Collapses

by William J. Ledford

What will you do when SHTF and society collapses?

Will you be self sufficient so you can feed and protect your family from the chaos that will take over?

This practical homesteading guide reveals the things you should be doing right now to start on your dream of having a self sufficient homestead, including:

* Homesteading skills you should be teaching your children.

* Homesteading planning tips to get started with your off grid survival retreat.

* What you need to consider when you turn raw land into your home sweet home.

* Why you might think twice about installing a septic tank if you go completely off grid.

* The best way to store the food that you grow in your homestead.

* The first thing you should do when you are starting fresh on a raw piece of land.

* How to start a homesteading business to make income from home and be totally self sufficient.

* Secrets of raising chickens for eggs and meat.

…and many more homesteading secrets to survive when SHTF!

101 Conservative Quotes

by Julia Hutchins

It’s often hard to find great conservative quotes online. So often when you search for conservative quotes, you are flooded with what are actually “anti-conservative”. This is a book that’s filled with one hundred and one conservative quotes. Included are conservative quotes from a variety of people throughout history.

Not every person quoted in this book can be called a conservative, but the quotes that I’ve used are conservative quotes. You may disagree with some of the policies or beliefs of some of the individuals quoted in this book, but I think that you will agree that the quotes included from them are in fact conservative quotes!

The War Against Truth

by Chad Clawitter

A patriotic prompting of the need to restore the principles of genuine scientific investigation and discovery, the need to restore the principles of protection of basic human rights and property rights, and the need to for the United States to return to the core principles that made the nation great found in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

When The Devil Knocks

by Monique Smith

When the Devil Knocks includes five stories that begs the question: Does the Devil walk the earth? Does he whisper in your ear and make you do things that you know are undesirable? Or do we have the ability to make our own choices and still choose erroneously? Interns make a choice to try and help a man, but he dies. A woman tries to help her estranged sister, but one of them has ulterior motives. Young girls find that making money is not always glamorous. A mother wants a better life for her son but finds the way she goes about it doesn’t pay off. Young men demand respect at the cost of others lives. Does the devil walk the earth whispering lies? You decide.

The Hidden Reality Behind The Scenes: Metaphysics And Spirituality

by Yitzhak Segman

It is the first time ever that English speakers are exposed to information and insights as presented hereby.

This knowledge is correct and truthful although it contradicts the current human way of thinking and paradigms.

This novel and revolutionary information deals, among other things, with the following issues:

  • The Enlightened Creation that was taken over and frozen by the Dark Intelligence.
  • The eleven Creations that preceded our current Creation.
  • The study of the Elements that are the main subject of research in our Creation.
  • Who is and what is the function of the intelligent field called JEHOVAH-GOD.
  • The Tree of Life as a kind of energetic matrix containing all the possibilities and challenges one must cope with during his lifetime.
  • Our human energetic DNA and energetic mind.
  • The true essence of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Big Bang and the Strings Theory.
  • Human individual life script, human life cycles, previous and current lives, as a tool for personal and creational evolution and learning process.
  • The illusion of physical death.
  • In addition to the above, the author’s personal insights have been integrated in the book.

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Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide

by Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) was a prolific British writer and journalist.  Bennett is popular for fiction such as The Old Wives’ Tale and also for non-fiction works such as How to Live on 24 Hours a Day and Mental Efficiency.  This edition of Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide includes a table of contents.

Prepper Food Storage Secrets: How To Build Up Your Food Storage For As Little As $10 A Week So You Can Feed Your Family When SHTF

by Jeff B. Carpenter

When SHTF and society collapses, you will want to have an ample food and water supply on hand to feed your family.

But how do you get started? Does it have to be expensive? What do I store and what do I leave out?

This prepper emergency food storage guide answers these questions and many more, including…

* A simple system to prevent your stored food from going bad.

* Which type of food you will want to store for a crisis situation (not MREs!)

* How to build up your food storage for as little as $10 a week.

* Why this ONE thing will be the most important thing after a disaster (not food).

* What to store so your family doesn’t get allergies or appetite fatigue.

* What you should always store if you have children.

* Which foods will keep morale high and give everyone a psychological boost.

* How much water should you store and how can you keep it from getting contaminated?

…and many more critical survival food storage secrets!

How to Rule the World: Answers from Spiritual Writings

by Paul Troutman

A search of spiritual writings reveals the answers to the world’s most perplexing problems. How do we have world peace? How do we end starvation? How do we end poverty? The answers are all there. Spiritual writings also address sex, marriage, and nudism, our relationship with God, science, technology, health, and medicine, politics, law and the penal system, economics, education and raising our children, and environmental problems. Right now, these problems seem overwhelming, but spiritual writings paint a bright future for us and the world.

SHTF Stockpile Secrets

by Alan E. Watson

Are you ready to survive when SHTF and society breaks down to the lowest common denominator?

Will you have the items you need to survive when desperate mobs roam the street?


* The first step you should take in becoming self sufficient.

* What to stock to preserve your food safely.

* The basic items you need to start your solar energy system.

* Which important documents you should keep on hand in case of an emergency.

* What are the best survival foods you should store?

* Which items do you need to stockpile for barter when paper currency and credit cards are worthless?

* The one food your pantry should not be without – it gives us about 90 percent of the sustenance to survive.

* The “paper gold” that will be in high demand after a collapse (it’s sold in every grocery store).

…and many more survival stockpile secrets to survive SHTF!

Situational Awareness Secrets: How To Develop An Everyday Combat Mentality, Avoid An Ambush, And Protect Your Family In Any Situation, At Any Time, And In Any Place

by Craig Roberts

Are you completely in tune with your surroundings – so you can spot and react to danger BEFORE it happens?

Or are you complacent or distracted like most people and think that nothing bad will ever happen to you?

This survival awareness guide will reveal the secrets of training your subcounscious mind to detect danger before it happens – so you can save your family’s life no matter where you are or what the situation is.


* What is situational awareness and how can it keep you out of danger?

* How do you start to practice situational awareness in your everyday life?

* How to let your subconscious pick up danger signals that could save your life.

* How to turbocharge a part of your brain that constantly scans for danger and alerts you when something is wrong.

* How to quickly tell when something is not right – no matter where you are or what kind of people are around you.

* How to start noticing things that most people miss…and that could keep you from being ambushed.

* Mastering the art of relaxed awareness – so you can enjoy life while still being ready for any danger.

* How to avoid being a prey and instead make it clear to the world that you are a predator.

* Simple drills that can hone your situational awareness ability.

…and many more survival situational awarenss secrets that could save your life.

Dating: Dating Advice for Women: Best 16 Dating Tips To Get The Guy, Understanding Men, Keep Him Interested and Avoid the Traps and Pitfalls Most women will never know about (Dating Advice))

by Felicia Vine

The best book on dating advice for women!

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How to Keep a Man Interested Without Playing Games. 16 best tips you should know to attract the Right Man and Avoid the Traps and Pitfalls Most women will never know about

This is a comprehensive guide geared to women who want to find the right person and to stop wasting time on Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right Now. There are self-reflective exercises here to help you be proactive and empowered. This isn’t just another “how to” book. You don’t need to act-out in any way that is not true to you. Here you’ll learn just how to be yourself but be your best self.

We’ll take you into the world of the healthy-male that you may have never been exposed to. This will open new vistas for you both as a woman and as a partner for a strong and healthy partner in the most loving and fulfilling relationship of your existence and in this life. You’ll learn how to stop changing for unhealthy men and become the woman a healthy man always wanted. Not by being someone else but by being the best woman with a whole life.

You’ll learn how to have such a passion for life and yourself that the right man will be automatically attracted to you. Not only will he stay, but he’ll actually bring something to the table. This is the most comprehensive book you’ll read on the subject.

5 reasons to buy this book:

– You will improve your knowlege of men’s psyhology

– You will become much more attractive for healthy men

– You will feel more confident interacting with men

– You will learn how to be a girlfriend any guy dream of

– You will how to keep a man interested without playing games

– Your dating life will become incomparably richer

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you follow the steps in this guide and feel that your dating life doesn’t change significantly, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money.

Grab your copy now and become irresistible woman for any men you want!

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