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It’s Not Just Lyme: It’s Your Metabolism: Understanding the Metabolism’s Role in Fighting Chronic Infections (The Remission Series Book 1)

by Yessi Young

Lyme disease is reaching endemic proportions yet remains a mystery. How can we know what to do when even top experts cannot come to a consensus on key questions: Do reoccurring symptoms indicate Chronic Lyme or Post Lyme? Is “Herxing” a good thing? Can the infection be completely eradicated with antibiotics? How about herbs? Diet? The conflicting advice often leaves patients afflicted by multiple symptoms years into treatment.

Want to read something authentic, transparent and different than your ordinary book on Lyme? Metabolism – a hugely underrated aspect of Lyme recovery – is the breakdown and build-up of all sorts of things such as nutrients, drugs, and muscles. It correlates with better digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular communication, endocrine and hormone function, body temperature regulation, drug n’ bug detoxification, immunity and more. This book will explain how a healthy metabolism can strengthen your constitution, helping you get to – and stay in – remission.

Independent medical researcher Yessi Young has an immense understanding of this debilitating illness that stems from a background in research and a personal history of living with Lyme disease. In this no-fluff book, she advocates science-based, practical, affordable, and personalized ways to get into remission and stay there. Young’s crude humor will surely keep you engaged from start to finish.

Sugar Detox: Sugar-Free Diet to Stop Sugar Addiction and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (sugar free diet, paleo recipes, paleo diet cookbook) … detox diet, 10 day detox diet Book 3)

by Jenny Brock

Sugar Detox

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Sugar-Free Diet to Stop Sugar Addiction and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (sugar free diet, paleo recipes, paleo diet cookbook)

Sugar Detox for Beginners

Sugar-Free Diet to Stop Sugar Addiction and Bust Sugar Cravings to Get More Energy and Lose Weigh

Sugar addiction is among the top addictions in North America today and is costing us more than just money for medical bills. It is making us overweight, arthritic, depressed and more. So what can you do about your own addiction to sweets? You can follow the tips in this book.

In Sugar Detox for Beginners, you will find information about how extra sugars came to be in our diets and why a little sugar is necessary, but too much is deadly. I lay out a nutritional plan for you to bust your sugar habit in seven days. As well, I provide you with:

  • tips to make it easier to start the detox diet,
  • support for your energy levels during the week-long detox,
  • how to maintain your healthy eating after the week-long detox.

You can beat your sugar addiction and lead a healthy life for years to come. And lose a little weight while you do it. So go aheadâ??give the Bust Sugar Detox Diet a try. You will feel better, look better and have more energy. And you will reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes and more, all by eliminating the foods suggested and educating yourself about the hidden sugars in our modern diet.

Paleo Diet for Beginners

Lose Weight and Start Living the Paleo Lifestyle. Easy Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

Since the 1970s, the nutrition world has been interested in the Paleo diet. And for the last decade, the Paleo diet has proven it is a practical and effective alternative to other more trendy diets, for weight loss and for improved health.

With this book you will be on the fast track to implementing the Paleo diet and benefitting from the practical and intelligent choices it provides. Don’t suffer any longer with food cravings and out-of-control weight issues. Take control of your health and your diet using the Paleo diet methods. You will not regret it!

In Paleo Diet for Beginners, I have provided an easy-to-read, quick reference on the Paleo diet, including :

  • The history of the diet
  • Why you need to eliminate sugar and grains now
  • Simple tips for buying Paleo
  • Easy Paleo recipe

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Prepper’s Hacks: 15 Outstanding Prepper’s Hacks For Surviving Volcanic Eruptions (Prepper’s Hacks, Preppers Hacks, Preppers Hacks books)

by Felipe Alvarez

Volcanic activity results in an outburst of materials in life threatening proportions. A typical volcano eruption will emit rocks, gas, and ash that plumes into the earths atmosphere. The eruptions and the flow of the lava are capable of destroying lands and major cities to several miles. Even though not all the eruptions are the same, they do tend to terrify and disrupt the habitation in the surrounding regions. If you inhabit in a neighborhood that has the volcanic threat, it is in your best interest to learn about the preparations that you have to carry out to survive an eruption. Taking the time to learn about the preparations will protect you and your family from an unexpected eruption.

The eBook concentrates on the essential factors that play a primary role in preparedness. With the help of the topics covered in the book, you will be able to offer food, water, medical aid, and safety precautions to your family. You no longer have to wait for the governments assistance, which often results in time consumption.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • The way volcanoes work
  • Preparation for an eruption
  • Surviving an eruption
  • Protection and safety implementations during volcanic activity
  • Protection after an eruption

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Mental Trick for Calculating Squares

This book will help your kid to learn squares of numbers from 1 to 100 without the help of pen and Paper. This technique is very useful for

all calculation.Increae your speed with tricky calculations.

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