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Woodworking: 20 Amazing Woodworking Projects For Making Your Own Wood Furniture: (Household Hacks, DIY Projects, DIY Crafts,Wood Pallet Projects, Woodworking, … recycled crafts, recycle reuse renew)

by Micheal Ellis

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20 Amazing Woodworking Projects For Making Your Own Wood Furniture

This book “Woodworking” is designed to enable you to make your own wood furniture. In this book twenty different woodworking projects are discussed that will guide you to make beautiful wooden furniture. Unlike other books this book has something extra to tell you as well. Woodworking also comprises of some wooden tips and techniques that are very crucial to learn not only for beginners but also for those who are already in this field. By learning ways of making DIY wood furniture you can make every corner of your home beautiful. In this book all those wooden furniture are discussed that can add an exciting experience to your work. Whether you want to make wooden furniture for garden area or make patterns for garden walls or decorative items for your home or cozy beds for your bedrooms or delightful tables for your kitchen or much more like that, you will find everything right here in this book. This book is for sure going to help you to make all such amazing wooden things with less effort and time. The main topics that Woodworking covers are:

  • A brief introduction of Woodworking
  • Some exciting woodworking skills
  • 8 Woodworking projects to make tables, beds, sofas and benches
  • 12 Woodworking projects that you will love to try
  • Woodworking tips that will make your work easier
  • Conclusion

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RS Photo Amateur Models Sampler: December 2015

A sampler of available and upcoming nude/erotic photography e-books by RS Photo. Introducing brand new Amateur Models: Chelsea and Lia.


by Lolita


She should have kept her damned legs shut. She *could* have. She didn’t.

So he had to punish her. This wasn’t her first time breaking his rules about whom she slept with. So he had to make her punishment resonate. He decided to do it publicly, at the BDSM convention.

She he tied her up naked. Dangled her from her wrists. Locked her in a spreader bar. And as the crowd formed, he prepared to start her spanking.

Belt in hand, he circled the girl.



His hot breath hit her ear. A soft bite formed the only physical connection between them. Then he let go and whispered in her ear so only she could hear.

“This is one, love,” he said.

The strap snapped unforgivingly against her ass. She reverberated with the shock. His whole power transferred from him to her. He watched her feet detach from the floor as she swinged.

“Control,” he said harshly. The crowd took a breath.



Hi, I’m Lolita! I am an award-winning journalist by day. So yes, I know one exclamation point would have sufficed. But I don’t care!!! BDSM is what I come to when my days are over, and I think it should be damned exciting.

I write spanking stories — the ones I wish someone would write. They are inspired by the real people I meet in my social and professional circles.

All of my Doms are Hes. All of my subs are shes. For now at least. ­čśë

I want to get to know you. Friend me, message me, or write on my wall. Link me to the best story or video you just saw. Link me to the worst. Tell me the story you had in your head you wished someone would write. I’m here to build the best stories we all want to read.

My stories are free. The last five days of each month, I promote my books on Kindle free of charge. I’ll update my status so you see when it’s free, and then you can download then.

I’ll add more to this profile later. Now I’m on to write!!!!*


Lolita ­čśë

*My editor is spanking me later for adding extra exclamation points. <:O

The Lunatic: Ascension From Madness

by Thomas Wagner

As human beings, what is it that matters most to us? Is it love? Friendship? Or maybe acceptance through all of life’s little trials?

And what happens when someone else tries to take our humanity away from us? Do we fight and scream to reclaim it? Or do we instead lose sight of those things that mattered in the first place? Do we maybe descend down into a road of madness?

For one woman, this choice was clear. She traded away her humanity and she’s never even cared since. For now she’s something more, a monster without a conscience. A killer who takes back what the world rightfully owes her.

“The only thing that even makes me feel alive anymore is killing them.”

The Photographer’s Eye: Capture Unique Photos (photography, photography lighting, photography tips)

by Simon Rivera

Are you interested in photography? If you’re just starting out or if you are looking to develop your skills as a photographer, this ebook is for you. It is aimed to teach the novice photographer about how to develop their own photographer’s eye. This is a view that is unique to each individual.

You will learn what you should know about your camera, lighting, equipment, angles, and more just by reading this short ebook. You will learn about different lenses and the ways. Extra tricks are included as well for you to learn to develop your photographic style.

This is a great refresher even if you are a more experienced photographer. This ebook is simple enough for the self-taught beginner, too. Get ready to take your photography to a new personal best.

You’ll even find hints for making your photos stand out from other similar photos. You’ll also read tips about working with people as your subject. Don’t wait. Make sure that you read this ebook.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to develop own photographer’s eye?
  • How to develop photographic style?
  • What you should know about your camera, lighting, equipment, angles?

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Bible For Kids: Great Bible Stories For Kids

by Speedy Publishing

Bible stories are exciting. Many kids don’t understand the big words written in the Bible. Having a book that is Bible based but puts words on their levels would be great. Children can watch the pages of the Bible come to life through illustrations and words they can understand. There’s no reason why ever child wouldn’t want a book about a man being eaten by a fish or a little boy killing a giant.

Trio Nr. 1 Opus 2 No. 1 / String – Trio No. 1: Score for 2 Violins and Cello (Bisel Classics Book 229)

by Louis Massonneau

In his three-part string trio series, dedicated to the governing Count of Sayn und Wittgenstein, Massonneau gave us a charming portrait of the customs and morals at court in those days. Written as Oevre II, these chamber music pieces were written in the composer’s G├â┬Âttingen years, when he could already look back at a respectable career as an orchestra member and conductor. Pleasant positioning, clear and transparent phrasing as well as an abundance of charming melodies are what these Trios have in store for chamber music aficionados. Despite their high degree of playability, they offer remarkable content quality.


Mit seiner dreiteiligen Streichtrio Serie, die er dem regierenden F├â┬╝rsten zu Sayn und Wittgenstein widmete, malte Massonneau ein liebensw├â┬╝rdiges Sittenbild des h├â┬Âfischen Lebens. Die Werke stammen als Oevre II aus den G├â┬Âttinger Jahren des Komponisten, der in jener fr├â┬╝hen Schaffensphase allerdings schon auf eine umfangreiche Karriere als Orchestermusiker und Dirigent zur├â┬╝ckblicken konnte. Angenehme Lagen, klare, transparente Phrasengestaltung und eine F├â┬╝lle an zauberhaften Melodien erwarten Kammermusikbegeisterte bei diesen Trios, die trotz ihrer guten Spielbarkeit ├â┬╝ber bemerkenswerte inhaltliche Qualit├â┬Ąt verf├â┬╝gen.


* Allegro

* Largo con espressione

* Rondo: Allegretto

Childhood Pichtyrs

A collection of childhood drawings, paintings and other artworks.

Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting (Photography Lighting, Photography Lighting books, Photography)

by Orlando Daniels

Photography light is an important factor of this profession because without appropriate lighting, you can’t get crispy and brighter images. The Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting is designed to serve as an ultimate guide to learn the fundamentals of light. The book explains all fundamentals of light, important elements, tools, techniques and setup required for the photography lighting. The sun is the biggest source of the natural light, but it is important to learn how to control this source.

You can learn to make the light soft and hard according to the situation. After reading Photography Lighting: Amazing Guide on How to Understand the Fundamentals of Lighting, you will be able to polish your skills to become a professional photographer. The basic purpose of the book is to enable you to learn the importance of lights and you will be able to arrange all important tools. The book explains all important techniques of lighting to enhance your photographs.

Learn the basics of the lighting and implement them in the practical field. You will also get an opportunity to read about the different styles of photography and the use of light in each style to bring perfection in your work.

Contents of the Book:

  • Chapter 01: Photography and Photography Lighting
  • Chapter 02: Different Types of Lighting Setups, and How to Choose the Best One for Photos?
  • Chapter 03: Photographic Lighting Tools and Techniques for Studio
  • Chapter 04: Various Style of Photography
  • Chapter 05: Top Photography Lighting Facts you should know

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SAMMY FINDS A WAY: a short play

by Ernest Kinnie

short play.

Susan and Sammy fall in love at the New Horizon Home for the Elderly. The puritanical director won’t let them be together except in the day room. Susan has severe asthma, serious brain damage, and frequently flips into a sad, little girl who wants to go home. Sammy finds a way.

A park bench center stage. An old woman enters upstage right hurrying and carrying a handbag. She is having trouble breathing, and is coughing into a Kleenex. She glances back a few times as she shuffles over to the bench. Sits down, gets more Kleenex out of her handbag and coughs few more times. After a short while the coughing slows down and her breathing returns to normal. Moans a couple of times and spaces out—head tilts up a little, body goes rigid, eyes close, mouth drops half open.

(A few seconds later an old man enters upstage right, also hurrying. Sees the old woman and stops. Watches her for a few moments and then walks over.)


Hey, old woman. Hey! Wake up. Wake up!

(No reaction. Gets close to her ear.)


(He moves away as she jerks back to reality.)


(She sees the guy, grabs her handbag and holds it in front of her for protection.)

What are you staring at, old man?


I’m staring at your sweet body, sweetie pie.


(He moves toward her.)

Get away you pervert. Get away.

(He moves closer and she swings her bag and barely hits him. He falls backward and lies there, moaning a little. She watches him for a few seconds and then leaves her handbag on the bench, goes and bends over him.)

Are you ok?


(Quickly flips his eyes open and raises his head.)



(She jerks back and almost falls.)

You bastard!


(He sits up and watches as she goes back to the bench, grabs the handbag, and returns with fire in her eyes.)

By God, woman, you still got a little vinegar left.

(He easily counters her feeble hits, and she starts coughing and having trouble breathing again.)

Ok. Ok. Stop that. You’re kicking off your asthma.

(Gets Kleenex from her purse and covers her mouth. He gets up and grabs her arm. She tries to resist.)

Come on now.

(She lets him guide her back to the bench. Even grabs his arm to steady herself. He sits down next to her. Coughing stops and breathing returns to normal. She begins to twitch and then tilts her head back and begins to space out again. He gets close to her ear.)


(She comes back confused, sees him, and grabs her handbag. He pretends he’s frightened and moves away.)

Don’t whack me again, sweetie pie.

(Puts up his hands to protect himself.)

Oh, please. Please don’t whack me again.


(She looks at him for a few moments, handbag at the ready, laughs and lowers the bag.)

No, I’m not going to whack you again. An ugly, old man like you isn’t worth the trouble. And stop calling me sweetie pie.


Why are you spacing out like that?


I don’t know. Just happens, especially when I’m scared.


You’re scared?


Of course I’m scared. A woman gets very nervous when she’s all alone with a strange man who keeps staring at her and calling her sweetie pie. But you can’t understand. You’re not a woman.


Don’t play the sex card with me, sweetie pie. I’ll bet you’re a man-eating crocodile-lizzy.

Bats Going Batty: Childrens Book On Bats Fun Facts & Pictures

by Speedy Publishing

A young child learns a lot about nature when reading up on bats because the book opens many doors to the natural world. Bats are interesting creatures with many evolutionary traits not found in other animals. Also, many kids are familiar with bats through horror films and Halloween decorations. They have little insight into the true wonder of the flying mammal. Upon reading a book about bats, a child might be more inclined to separate pop culture from science when learning.

Morning Town

by Gwen Lariviere

Because of a precedent setting trial, euthanasia of terminally ill patients becomes a controversial law. Maureen McCullough, a registered nurse, finds herself in the middle of the ensuing maelstrom as she was directly involved in the final passing of her beloved sister. Her friends, colleagues and the public – pro-life and pro-choice groups – all want to influence her actions. She even finds herself fighting for her own life. She is forced to take a hard look at herself and set her moral compass in the direction she believes is best for the patients who ask for her help, all while being betrayed by her closest colleague. Maureen goes on the most personal of all journeys with her patients – listening, noticing, and doing her best to respect their choices.

Marriage Deserves Love: Love is life

by Syeda Sumera Shah

In this book Syeda Sumera Shah takes you to the imaginary world of love and life… but she gives you very brief sense of being loved and getting married to a person who loves you more than any thing… the life goes on with the circumstances… here it is the life of Nirma loved and then blamed for something that she did not done… hope you will enjoy the story

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