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Internet Marketing Made Simple: Everything you need for a successful internet marketing adventure

by Stephanie Marsh

In this book I will teach you just what exactly is Internet Marketing (in normal people language) and what you need to do.

With this system, I will teach how just one hour a day devoted to things like your blog, social media, building your list, and more can help boost your page and help potential customers find you!

In this course you will learn:

Introduction to Internet Marketing, Creating your website needs and On Page SEO

Blogging and Newsletter Marketing in Internet Marketing

Social Media and Internet Marketing

SEO, Backlinking, Directories, Forums, and Competitors, Maintenance, Moving Forward

Computer Programming and Online Marketing Box Set: Python and Linux Essentials, Eatsy for Beginners, Website Promotion and Social Media Strategies to Boost … (Computer Programming & Online Marketing)

by Corey Kidd

Computer Programming and Online Marketing Box Set (5 in 1)

Book One: Python Programming for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning the Basics of Computer Programming and Python Computer Language

Inside You Will Learn:

– Where to download Python from and how to install it

– How to create and test programs in Python

– How to store and process data in Python

– How to receive user input

– How to receive input from text files and display it on the screen

– How to control the flow of the programs you create in Python

– How to create functions and modules in Python

– And Much More

Book Two: Linux for Beginners: Introduction to Linux Operating System and Essential Command Lines

You will learn:

– What a command shell is and how to execute it

– What to consider when choosing a Linux distribution

– What is conditional execution and how to achieve it

– What is output redirection and how to achieve it

– What is piping and how to use pipes

– How to queue commands for execution at a specified time

– How to communicate between processes

– How to use the system’s built-in help

– How to run a command in the background

– How you can revisit your command history

Book Three: Simple Website Promotion Truths: How to Market Your Website, Boost Your Online Business & Attract Potential Buyers

Here’s a sneak peek of the truths in the guide:

– Website optimization

– Importance of links on your website

– The power of social bookmarking

– Website promotion instruments

– search engine optimization

– Affiliate marketing

– Viral marketing

– Website tracking tools

– And Much More

Book Four: Etsy for Beginners: Your Guide on How to Get Started and Make Money on Etsy! Jumpstart Your Etsy Business Today!

Only when you understand the secret of website optimization can you be in a position to retain your site’s visitors and convert them into repeat customers.

This book describes the full procedure of making money on Etsy through incomes such as Etsy sales, Amazon Sales, eBay Sales, Shipping income and Miscellaneous income. It also focuses on the expenses of running Etsy business such as Etsy fees, Shipping and packing supplies Postage (paid to the USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS), Bank fees (PayPal fees, checking accounts, and credit card processing), Gas and mileage for your car, Cost of goods (or inventory) as well as other Miscellaneous fees (shelving, storage, etc.).

The instructions and descriptions are elaborated in layman’s language. With this book you will find out it’s really easy to build an reliable passive income source on Etsy. The books gives a big emphasis on financial accounting especially the balance sheet. This is important for you as the reader to understand the fundamentals of business transaction and profit monitoring. The approach taken by this book will allow you better handle your assets and liability by providing a deep insight in asset management and liability reduction techniques. This book is tailored from a startup’s point of you to give you the reader a complete picture of all the details pertaining Etsy business. You will definitely find this book very helpful in starting or advancing your Etsy business.

Book Five: Social Media Marketing: Dominate Social Media with Tested Strategies, Boost Your Business and Build a Reputation

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

– Social media analytics

– How to build a Pinterest tribe

– How to optimize your social media profiles

– How to use Facebook Insights

– What to include on your Facebook page

– Using promoted trends and tweets

– Using promoted Twitter accounts

– Creating a Google+ page

How to Make More Sales for Your Online Business: A Guide for E-Commerce Website Owners

by Max Grimnar

Do you struggle to attract leads to your e-commerce site? Is it hard for you to make lots of sales to blow away your competition? Are you regularly staring at the empty spreadsheet showing losses for your business when you need to be generating serious cash flow?

This book will help you.

I’ll show you how to:

1. Prospect premium leads that buy from you time and time again

2. Build rapport with your audience so they like you and trust you

3. Qualify with your customers so they believe you’re the best site out there

4. Present the best possible site so people can easily buy from you

5. Close the sale in such a way that you generate backend sales and keep your customers forever

6. Follow up with your customers so they never forget you and generate passive income streams guaranteed to rack more $$ for your e-commerce site


So give this book a try. I guarantee you’ll learn a few things that will help your site shoot in the search engine rankings, get your site in front of customers who are HUNGRY to buy from you, and keep them coming back over and over to keep generating passive sales.

Ready to boost your sales?

Let’s Go!


by Red Mikhail

This bundle contains 2 books.



Read the first book first because it’ll transition to the second book where I will discuss how to create an opt in page that converts.

Use INSTAGRAM as a launching pad for your business and then build a buyers list using what you will learn on the second book.


Read on!

Minecraft: The Ultimate Building Ideas Handbook: (Minecraft Essential Guidebooks)

by Kwick Reeds

Discover Amazing Minecraft Building Ideas!

Are you ready to learn how to create ultimate Minecraft buildings and creations? This detailed guide will provide you with powerful tips on how to create the most epic structures and shelters in Minecraft!

You can have an amazing time once you know the secrets that only the true experts know, and this book will share all of this and more. In this book, master Minecraft players will guide you by the hand and teach you everything that you want to know. You will also get step-by-step instructions for unique house ideas and ways to make your buildings the best among all your friends. You’ll be playing like a pro in no time!

Minecraft: Your Ultimate Guide to Help You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

by Red Stone

**Five Free Minecraft Books Included Inside!!!**(lots of pictures too)

Newest and Most Extensive Minecraft Zombie Book Yet!!!

Are you tired of becoming zombie food? Have you just had enough of the zombie attacks and want to become a zombie master? Inside this book you will find the tricks and techniques to harness a crowd of those yucky green guys. Don’t delay, or else you may get eaten.

This Extensive Zombies Book Includes:

  • 100 of the Best Seeds Compiled into one book!
  • Tips and Tricks to defeat a Zombie Apocalypse
  • 100 Trap ideas so you can get maximum use from your seeds
  • 100 of the Most Awesome Minecraft Mods of all time
  • What to do with Seeds and How to get the most use of them
  • How to overcome the zombies and master them before they eat you!!!

This step by step Manual will make it very easy for any player to find the landscape they want to start from while saving Loads of time.

Download this book NOW while it’s on sale
Warning: Pictures of Minecraft Zombies Included

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