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Ties That Bind

by Debbie White

Ties That Bind is one woman’s journey on the path to self-discovery as she puts the pieces of her past together. Pat always knew she was adopted. What she didn’t know was the depth of the cover-up. With her private investigator husband, Charles, the two set out for a road trip that takes them from California to Iowa to uncover the deep, dark secrets that have plagued her for years. Her journey to find out the truth exposes a more meaningful discovery giving Pat the peace she always yearned for.

The Ring: A Chicago Love Story

by Rio

Sincere Jerrell Owens, known to family and friends as Rell, is a 22-year-old ex-con on a road to redemption from his criminal past. He’s done time in the toughest prison in Illinois, and after doing two years on parole and house arrest, he vows to stay on a positive path and to set a good example for Jahlil, his younger brother. With the help of his father, David “Big Man” Owens, a recovered drug addict with a growing list of properties in the Chicago area and a money-hungry wife, Rell manages to keep himself out of trouble…until Jahlil gets drawn into the very same street drama that Rell himself is trying so vehemently to avoid.

Tamera and Tirzah Lyon are sisters who live together in an apartment in one of Big Man’s properties. Pressed for love after experiencing a recent heartbreak, Tamera mutters a prayer to God while spending a lonely Christmas Eve with her sister. She prays for a good man. That’s all she wanted for Christmas. Nothing extra. Not a man with a ton of money, not some kind of business owner â?? just a fine, good, honest, loving man who will love her just as much as she will love him.

Minutes later a man knocks at her door. She opens it and finds Rell, her landlord’s son, and he is everything she had just prayed for…or so it seemed.

At War (The War Trilogy #1)

by Andria Large

The love of my life is dead.

Is there really a reason to live anymore?

I’m a war veteran who has suffered great tragedies overseas. Not only have I lost my right foot, but I have also lost my wife. Both at the hands of terrorists. Recurrent nightmares, a dead end job, and a painful limp are all I have left. Not much of a reason to wake up in the morning if you ask me. I’m struggling to carry on in this very lonely excuse of a life. The only reason I’m still swimming is because I have my best friend, Tucker, and my sister, Lizette, keeping me afloat.

Tucker has been my saving grace. I would not be here if it weren’t for himâ?¦literally. We have become practically inseparable since moving in together. And then, out of nowhere, there are these feelings and emotions. The kind that I haven’t felt in years; not since I lost the love of my life. The kind that I’m not sure I can handle, or even want to. But they have started wrapping around my broken and shattered heart, trying to mend it – whether I’m ready for it or not. Only they are not for a woman as you would expect, but for the man suddenly sharing my bed.

Am I ready to give love another go? I’m not so sure that I have it in me.

But then again, I’m tired of being at war.

*Warning: For mature audiences only. Contains some sensitive situations and graphic m/m sex scenes. Please remember that this is a work of fiction and comes from my own imagination.

***Please note: At War is a spinoff from the Renegade Series. You do not need to read the Renegade Series to know what is going on in At War. It is completely a stand-alone trilogy, although you might recognize some of the characters from the Renegade Series.

The Santa Shift

by JC Winchester

The hospital where Mel works at has determined that Christmas tends to be the most sorrow filled time for it’s patients and has launched a plan to spread a little holiday cheer. In the days leading up to Christmas Eve they have a variety of activities to cheer up the majority of the patients. For a select few though, Christmas Eve is their night to live out a little fantasy, of having their own nurse slip between their sheets and deliver a little Christmas cheer. Mel has finally been selected to the hospital’s Santa Shift and her own opportunity to deliver some Christmas cheer of her own. Along the way she’s joined by her fellow nurse and good friend Lizzie who helps guide her along the night’s antics.

ROMANCE: Stepbrother Biker’s Baby Series (Alpha Billionaire Stepbrother Romance New Adult ) (Contemporary Taboo Forbidden Short Stories)


3 Stepbrother Biker’s Baby Series that will keep you on the edge for hours

This is a THREE STORY STEPBROTHER ROMANCE SERIES that will promise to keep you entertained for hours.

This Series Includes:

1. Stepbrother Biker’s Baby (Book 1)

2. Stepbrother Biker’s Baby (Book 2)

3. Stepbrother Biker’s Baby (Book 3)

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NOTE: These books contains adult themes and are meant for adult eyes only!

Alyssa’s Agreement (Naughty Novellas from A to Z Book 1)

by Erika Aytuzi

What’s wrong with a little competition between husband and wife? My husband Ian is my perfect match. We’re both smart, competitive, and ambitious. Maybe a little too ambitious because despite being newly married, we both work over seventy hours a week. That leaves little time for romance … or sex. Then a wake-up call hits a little too close to home. Determined to reconnect, Ian and I decide to engage in a friendly competition. Whoever comes up with the best plan to spice things up gets the honor of choosing the destination of our long-overdue honeymoon. A sexy contest with my handsome husband? Sounds like a win-win to me. And believe me, I’m in it to win it. But then again, so is he.

Join Alyssa in author Erika Aytuzi’s world where strong women meet hot men who are good guys by day and bad boys by night.  Each standalone romance is approximately 25,000 words long.  They are meant for mature audiences as they contain spanking, BDSM themes, no cheating, HEA endings, and other M/F fun.  Stories can be read in any order. If you like one, you’ll like them all!

GET Down Or Lay Down

by robert johnson

After doing ten years in prison leo has vengeance on his mind. He is released back into the world, with a real chip on his shoulders. His mentality is that of a psychopath, and he will kill to have things his way. The women flock to him, his team obeys his every command. Leo plays a real life game of monopoly, leaving murder and mayhem in his wake. the authorities are puzzled. Can Leo be stopped? or will it become a fatal duty. hold on to your guns Collegetown!! Leo Sanders is coming!!!!

The Ultimate Taste of Candy Mega Bundle: Over 85 Fertile First Time Stories

by Candy Quinn

“I’ve never done this before, not with anyone…”


Everyone wants a taste of Candy, and now you can have her all. With more than eighty stories (and over 600k words) about first time love, innocent steps, misbehaving brats, and more tasty country girls than you can shake a stick at, this mega bundle has everything you need.

This collection contains every last sizzling hot story of Candy’s, from Her Fertile First Time, Taboo Passions, Taken by the Bar, Dirty Country Love, and everything in between. This mega bundle also includes several stories that aren’t available anywhere else!

If you love plenty of steam, lots of unprotected fun, and high levels of heat, this collection is a must have! If you’re bold, share with your friends. After all, this is a limited time bundle. No one can eat Candy forever <3

Home Is Where Your Boots Are

by Kalan Chapman Lloyd

“… begs for a sequel.” – Kirkus Review
“…entertainment reading at its best.” – Midwest Book Reviewâ??
“Old habits never die. They just get harder to justify.”
Heartbreak. Home. Gunshots.
Former small town girl turned big city lawyer Lilly Atkins has tidily checked off her adult to-do list. Prestigious law degree Flourishing career Designer wardrobe Well-bred fiancé In a moment of cliché, her list gets whipped out the window. And run over a few times. So she heads home to Brooks. Where the creek is cool and the gossip is always hot. With nothing better to do, Lilly sets up shop to work off her broken heart. Before the paint can dry, her former flame, Dr. Cash Stetson, shows up requesting representation. For his divorce. Two new clients involve a possible negligent homicide and the desecration of human remains, both cases stemming from the local hospital. Run by Cash. When her not so unrequited love’s wife turns up dead, Lilly begins to wonder if the former bad-boy is up to no good.

Taking the Plunge

by Kishan Paul

Since graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriendâ??all on her own. So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self-reliant woman would doâ??pepper spray him.

Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned for. He’s made his share of mistakes, but he’s worked hard to learn from them. Now that he’s run into Eve, he’s not so sure he isn’t making another one. After all, she did almost blind him.

When logic and emotion don’t agree, which path should they follow?

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