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DNA of the Gods: Origins of a Genus

by Christopher Bertram

DNA of the Gods is an Anthropologist examination of human intelligence. Archeology indicates a deep antiquity to human intelligence. What are the OoPArts (Out of place artifacts.)? Find the discovery of the speech gene locus, and the deep roots never mixing with the apes in the human genome. There are applications to Psychology from the brain to the Psychoanalysis of Dorothy Gale. Read the implications in speech modeling for computers. What is the science and technology of The Matrix? Where did the human gene for speech come from and could it be extraterrestrial? Do genes come from the stars? Read the first mention of the Gray Alien in literature.

The Logic of Demons and the Ecstasies of Love

by Jim Thompson

Decades ago several books appeared that applied principles drawn from quantum mechanics to the study of oriental religions. These bestsellers stimulated fresh interest in both science and the traditions they examined. In this book Biblical scholar Jim Thompson applies the same scientific theories to the interpretation of the Bible with equally fascinating results. Familiar texts take on unexpected meaning as the Bible emerges as not a book about God but a direct and immediate encounter with the Divine, one in which its words and images birth a new reality by transforming the perceptions of its readers. The study touches on a variety of fascinating topics including the history of Biblical interpretation, the influence of India’s Kali cult on the formation of the Bible’s Song of Songs and on the composition of the Bible as a whole. In the end a simple but long forgotten message woven deeply into Biblical stories, symbols, poetry, and songs emerges from centuries of official repression. This book will disturb some people but for many more it will be the doorway to a fresh appreciation for the Western spiritual tradition and a transformed life.

The Unenviable

by David Mirich

What would you do if you had to leave your country or else be killed? What if you came to America to be with the one you love, only to find out that the person you thought was your significant other turned out to be your worst nightmare? These are, sadly, a few of the many terrible circumstances that immigrants in America deal with every single day. In fact, up until now, most stories about the hardship and difficulties that immigrants face when coming to America in less than ideal situations have never been told.

Until now.

Dr. David G. Mirich, author of “Losing My Mind: Dark Secrets of a Wounded Healer,” returns with his second book, “THE UNENVIABLE: Stories of Psychological Trauma and Hardship among Immigrants and their Families.” Dr. Mirich has been in a unique position of being referred by the government immigrants to hear their stories and determine if they are able to remain in the United States or not. Dr. Mirich has heard everything from tales of severe abuse of mail order brides to political conflicts taking the lives of whole families … and more.

THE UNENVIABLE is divided up into four riveting sections: Political Asylum cases, American Citizen Cruelty Toward Immigrants, Mail Order Brides, and Hardship if Undocumented Family Members are Deported. Each section contains stories from people all over the world, including Russia, Asia, and South America. Each story is intimate, raw, and most of all, paints a picture of the world we live in today. A world that holds many stories about immigrants like the ones Dr. Mirich has interviewed. This is an absolutely important and compelling work of non-fiction that anyone interested in immigration reform and foreign policy should take the time to read. It will change how you see the world and perhaps even help you understand a little more about the people who live in it.

Survival Prepping 4-Box Set: Prepper Food, Prepper Garden, Prepper Pantry, Lifetime Stockpile

by James Bronson



Prepper Food: What To Store, How To Store It, And The Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Feed Your Family When SHTF And The Stores Are Empty


Will you have enough food to feed your family when society collapses and grocery stores are empty?

Will you be begging for food or bugging in comfortably at home with plenty of goodies to last you for a long time?

Read this doomsday prepping food guide and discover…

* The top 5 prepper food mistakes – and how to avoid them.

* Why you might not survive if you only store these common prepper foods.

* The survival goodies that will get you and your family through the tough times.

* Why you may be buying bulk food the wrong way (and why it might lead to suffering when SHTF).

* The simple reason most of your food may go to waste…unless you store it this way.

* When you should start eating your stored food (it may not be when you think).

* How to build your three day food supply in one trip to the grocery store.

* The number one best strategy for a sustainable lifestyle after society collapses.

…and many more survival food strategies to stay alive when society collapses!


Prepper Garden: Grow and Raise Your Own Food And Survive When Society Collapses


Would you like to be totally self sufficient when a disaster hits and society collapses?

Do you know how to start growing and raising your own food right now so you and your family can survive when the store shelves are emptied out by desperate shoppers and looters?

Are you ready to live off the land and enjoy healthy, nutritious food the way it was meant to be?

If you answered NO – or even maybe – then you need to read this short, easy to read book.

It will give you the tools you need to finally start becoming food- independent and self sufficient.


Prepper Pantry: What to Have in Your Prepper Pantry to Save Your Life When SHTF


This short, easy-to-read book reveals…

* The essentials to stockpile.

* The first thing you should get before you do anything else.

* What foods to start buying right now.

* Where in your house is the best place to set up your prepper’s pantry.

* How to save big bucks on survival foods.

* How to make sure you have food even after your prepper pantry runs out.

* Sneaky ways to protect your supplies so looters don’t steal them.

* The long-lasting dairy product that will give you complete protein without extra carbs and fat.

* The super cheeses that can last up to 25 years.

* The perfect food quick-energy food to take in your bug out bag.

* Which super food gives you 90 percents of the sustenance to survive.

…and Much More!


Lifetime Prepping Stockpile: What You’ll Need To Be Self Sufficient And Survive Past The First Year


Maybe you have a 72 hour emergency supply of food, water, and other essentials.

You might even have enough supplies for a week…a month…or mayber longer.

But what if things never get back to normal and your stockpile runs out?

This prepper survival guide shows you what you need to know to become truly self-sustaining so you can survive for years and years after society collapses.


* The first step in becoming self sufficient.

* What kind of animals should you raise?

* The number one food storage supply you should be stocking up right now (not canning jars).

* The inexpensive food flavoring that will be like gold after SHTF.

* Why you should be just like grandma and learn this valuable skill.

* Will your solar powered systems be toast if an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) hits? (Not if you store these items)

* The easy task that only takes 5 minutes a day but will give you rich, plantable soil for years to come.

Situational Awareness 2-Box Set: Situational Awareness,

by Chris Beck



Situational Awareness: How Cops And Special Ops Forces Observe And Detect Danger Before It Happens – And How You Can Too


Cops and military personnel have this skill, and now you can, too.

Situational awareness is an important skill that could save your life in any situation, but especially after a disaster when law and order breaks down.

This survival prepping guide reveals how hone your observation skills, detect danger before it happens, and know what to do when you come across bad guys in any place and at any time.


* What is situational awareness and how can it save your life?

* The 4 things you need to do when you scan your surroundings.

* How to become a better observer and really understand what you are seeing.

* How you must act in public to be aware of things but not draw attention to yourself.

* How to be the first one in a crowded place to spot danger – so you can save your life.

* A fun way to train your kid’s situational awareness everywhere they go.

* How to know what you are looking for and act on it.

* The 3 types of body language that you should keep an eye on to detect bad guys before they act.

* The 2 ways that someone’s hands can reveal when they are up to no good.

* How Marines spot when someone is trying to “act natural” but is actually a threat – and how you can, too.

* How to quickly come up with a plan of action for everywhere you go… so you can anticipate and escape danger when you only have seconds to act.

…and many more survival awareness skill that will save your life!


Prepper OPSEC: How to Keep Your SHTF Preparations Secret So You Won’t Be a Target


Protecting your family before and during SHTF does not just involve firearms or knowing self-defense, although these are certainly useful.

It is also as important to protect the information someone would want to know to take what you have.

This is known as operations security (OPSEC), a U.S. military practice that seeks to protect critical information from enemies.

Another way of calling it is “the art of blending in.”

Most of us make some common mistakes that give information about us away to anyone who may want to target you.

If you learn how to be a little more covert, it may just save your life.

It may help you in a short-term natural disaster, if you are in a country where kidnappings are common, or in the worst-case scenario that society collapses around you.

Situational Survival Guide: Master Situational Awareness, The Most Important Self Defense Skill – So You Can Anticipate Danger Any Time, Any Place And Protect Your Family From Harm

by Brian S. Neumann

Maybe you have a weapon…

Maybe you are trained in self defense…

You might even avoid “dangerous” areas.

However, NONE of this will save you if you don’t possess the most important self defense and survival skill…

Situational Awareness

This survival guide reveals the military and law enforcement secrets of situational awareness and how they can help you anticipate and survive danger wherever you are.


* What is situational awareness and how can it save your life?

* How anyone can master situational awareness, not just highly trained government agents.

* What is the starting point of situational awareness?

* How you can avoid making the one mistake that makes people a crime victim.

* How you can train your brain to pick up danger signals any place, any time – on autopilot.

* The 4 things you need to do every time you step out the door if you want to anticipate threats and protect your family.

* The one thing that will help you win in any head to head combat or violent confrontation (and it has nothing to do with physical strength).

* The science of being relaxed but alert at all times – and how you can master it.

* Special ops secrets to always being in the right place and staying one step ahead of the bad guys.

* Why you cannot pay attention to everything at once – and what you should do instead.

* The 3 types of body language that will give away a potential attacker nearly every time.

…and many more survival situational awareness secrets that will save your life!

10 Weird Ways To Honor The Dead: You’ll Be Glad You’re Not Alive When This Stuff Happens (How Bizarre! With No End In Sight! Book 5)

by Michael Arangua

We may look back at historical ways of honoring the dead, thinking that they’re barbaric and murderous. Even present-day ones seem bizarre or creepy. In the future historians will study our rituals and compare them with their own. What will they think?

The biologist Richard Dawkins once said, “I am going to die, and that makes me one of the lucky ones.” He meant that to die you first have to live, something most potential humans will never do. The average woman is born with around a million oocytes in her ovaries but less than one in 400,000 of them will ever be born as a child. The chance to live, and die, is a rare and precious one. Death is natural and, whatever cryonics enthusiasts believe, unavoidable – even if we discover the secret of human immortality the sun will one day burn this planet into a sterile cinder and the universe itself will run out of available energy and experience heat death. We are all going to die.

Most of us, however, aren’t going to die when the sun becomes a red giant or the universe degenerates into a uniform void of cool, sparse gas. We’re going to leave relatives, friends and other loved ones behind, and they’re going to want to grieve and remember us in whatever way their culture accepts. They’re also going to have to dispose of our bodies, and most funeral rites incorporate that as part of the process. We can’t be perfectly preserved forever. Egyptian mummies, skeletal Buddhist monks and even Gunther von Hagens’s plastinates are deteriorating – infinitesimally slowly, far too slowly to see much change in a single lifetime, but deteriorating nevertheless. Not even plastic is eternal and one day the matter in our bodies will be distributed back into the world of nature. In a Tibetan sky burial that might take three or four hours; for a plastinated corpse it could be 10,000 years or more. But it will happen. Funeral rituals are our way of coming to terms with it and making it manageable, whether that’s by delaying it as long as possible or encouraging nature’s scavengers to get it over with quickly and cleanly.

The rituals described in this book may seem strange, irrational or even revolting, but to the people who carry them out they all seem right and normal. That doesn’t mean they can’t be criticized, of course – they can. Endocannibalism can very easily spread infectious diseases, Hindu cremation has made the Ganges one of the most polluted rivers on Earth and an American burial with all the expensive trimmings is a mind-boggling waste of money and materials. They can adapt and change, though. Endocannibalism is probably best consigned to the history books along with Suttee, but others can be brought up to date without losing their essentials. Some Indian ghats have installed electric cremators that will incinerate a body for a fraction of the cost of a traditional pyre – just $2, compared to $50 or more for the 1,300 pounds of wood needed to reduce a body to ash. In the west an increasingly popular option is natural burial, where the body is buried without embalming in a simple, biodegradable coffin or even just a linen shroud.

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