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Save Money By Graduating College In 2 Years

by Travis Brandow

Tired of feeling like you’re being screwed over by your university? Wish you could fight back? Well there’s a completely unknown way to save money while in college, and that is to graduate in as little as two years. Not only will you save money while in college, you will also save time. Your very own author is the quintessential example of following the tips in this book to save time and money. He graduated high school when he was 18 and he is now a current senior in college at the ripe old age of 19 who has saved a fortune, and now he is sharing his strategies and experience. From making the most of high school, to taking AP classes, community college classes, CLEP exams, and many other tips, this book is designed to get prospective students out of college as rapidly as possible just like the author. The author also shows completely unknown ways to save money on those dreaded textbooks.

Finding Author Success: Discovering and Uncovering the Marketing Power Within Your Manuscript Second Edition

by Deborah Riley-Magnus

Even the odds with this unique guide to author marketing success!

The news is full of stories about the state of the publishing industry. Change is everywhere. Publishers, large and small, are leaving the tasks of marketing and promotion to the author. If you’re not already a best selling author, what’s a writer to do? They need to do it themselves.

While authors are aware they need to promote and market their book, they have no clue how to go about it. There are hundreds of resources teaching a writer how to create character and develop plot, how to format a book proposal and how to pitch to literary agents and publishers; but very few on how an author implements success AFTER the book is contracted and about to go on the market. The questions can be overwhelming and locating the answers, even trickier.

Welcome to Finding Author Success: Discovering and Uncovering the Marketing Power within your Manuscript. On these well organized and encouraging pages, an author learns how to develop a strong Book Business Plan; the power of creating effective, targeted platforms; the basics of publicity, marketing and promotions; how to use the unique elements within their book to locate and reach new and expanded markets; and how to stand apart from the noisy crowd of other authors.

Finding Author Success removes the mystery about gaining book sales and increasing exposure for your book and you as a professional author.

Travel Trivia for Kids and Parents, The Continent of Europe: Ages 7 to 12 Years (Travel Trivia for Children)

by C. Ingram ECE

Travel Trivia Continent of Europe Geography and Travel for Children

It’s a fact, children who travel do better in school. Virtual travel counts.

Over 20 important questions, pictures and facts surrounding the Continent of Europe Includes largest cities, most visited cities, landmarks, the UK vs. England, the city that is located on two continents and much more. Answers for each question is provided on a separate page to ensure a stress-free learning experience.e. A fun, colorful and adventurous travel game.

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by Danielle Isedle

– 70 Pages!

– ASD Learning Made Fun & Easy Series

– Science and research shows children with Autism Spectrum Disorder benefit greatly from using visual methods to learn number, color, and math concepts. Giving fewer choices helps the child to learn more easily. The more choices given, the more confusion an ASD child can have. The goal of this book is to keep everything simple so their learning can be easier to grasp, and thereby, make learning more enjoyable and fun for them! That is why each book only focuses on two colors, and two shapes, while integrating math.


The focus of this book is:

#1. Colors: Blue & Red

#2. Shapes: Squares & Circles

#3. Math: Addition


For best results, this book is meant to be used for one week. The following week a different book in this series should be used. Do not mix and match books within the week. You can also use this book for two weeks, or as many weeks as needed until the concepts are learned and grasped. There is no need to rush to the next book in the series. Again, the idea of this series is not to overwhelm the child with too much information. Moving to the next book too quickly can confuse the child. Wait until they understand what is in this book.


I was stirred to make this book by all the incredible mothers and fathers of ASD kids who are always in search of fun learning tools for their children at an affordable price! Their love and dedication to their beautiful children inspires me. This book is also dedicated to all the amazing, gifted, and talented ASD kids out there! We believe in you, and love you! Never forget that!


I would like to thank you for downloading this book! I look forward to sharing many new future books with you and your family! Follow me on Twitter @IsedlePub for current updates!

Your Dream, Your Life, Your Terms

by Bogdan Marzewski

Learn how to transform your desires into reality.

Learn how your dominating thoughts determine your results in life.

Find out about three steps formula on how to set and achieve your goals,

create extra income in a very safe and passive way.

Learn how to truly become in charge of your own life regardless

of your circumstances and achieve success on your terms.

Education on Animals: Special Hadith Educational Purpose

by Hakimi Abdul Jabar

Education on various animals according to various Hadiths (Prophetic Teachings/Sayings/Etc.) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Hacking High School: How I Get Straight A’s with Minimal Effort

by Axon Mitchell

Discover the secrets of top students and learn how to replicate their success while doing a lot less than them.

**$10 Off Original Price for a Limited Time**

Tired of wasting more time than straight A students and still getting lower scores than them? Or are you just lazy like me and want to spend less time on homework?

Create a better life for yourself by learning all the secrets that I’ve collected over the years by staying a straight A student while balancing many hobbies, sports, college classes, and a social life.

About Hacking High School

This book will specifically teach you not only all the underlying philosophies I have but also specific techniques I use to crush homework and tests.

Trust me, I’ve been through my rounds in high school, and have taken the hardest classes possible. I don’t have a genius IQ, I’ve just learned a ton of techniques from years of having the right mindset. I will tell you why more effort does not equal better grades, and how you can completely rewire your brain so you’ll be as successful as the top students, while doing less work than them.

This Book Will Help If Youâ?¦

Want more free time

Want to get better grades by working smarter, not harder

Keep getting bad grades no matter what you try

Want to learn how to use procrastination as your secret weapon

Are under pressure from family to better in school

Feel like you are stuck where you are

Want to maintain a social life outside of school.

Have a hunch that school could and should be a lot easier

Have noticed that some people seem to get awesome grades with no effort

Know you have more potential

If you want to have an awesome life outside of school, while still getting impressive grades â?? you should get Hacking High School.

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