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Contemporary Collection – Part One (Contemporary Romance Boxed Sets Book 1)

by Jennifer Blake

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New York Times bestselling and multi-award-winning historical romance author Jennifer Blake brings her sensuous story-telling skills into the present with 5 contemporary romantic suspense novels that the reviewers have called enthralling, sizzling, lush and mesmerizing.

PART ONE includes:

Whispers, lurid gossip, rampant suspicion — Camilla and Reid give their small town neighbors something to talk about….

Camilla Greenly must uncover the long-buried secrets behind an infamous family blood feud — but the one person who can help is the military hero who has been her enemy since childhood.

Joletta Caressa must recover the formula for a legendary perfume or lose the perfume shop handed down through the women of her family. Following clues embedded in the diary of the ancestress who acquired the fabulous scent in Europe, Joletta relives the haunting love affair contained in its pages. But someone once died for the formula, and tragedy could strike again…

With intertwining stories set in the past and present, Wildest Dreams will please fans of both contemporary and historical romance.

Crying Wolf: Black River Pack 1 (Fated Mates)

by Rochelle Paige

Grace Shaw is on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend who refuses to believe their relationship is over. He’s a cop and is willing to use police resources to track her down. So Grace comes up with a plan and tricks his fellow brothers in blue into thinking he is crying wolf a couple of times when he reports her missing. Little does she know she’ll go running into the arms of a real wolf when she finally makes her escape for real.

She just wants to be left alone, but then she meets Hunter Tate – the alpha of the Black River Pack. Grace tries to hold Hunter at arm’s length, but there’s just no reasoning with an alpha male werewolf who insists she’s his mate.

This is book one in the Black River Pack series. Each novella will feature a different couple.

Keeping His Baby: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel

by Raven Ferrari

Grab this BWWM pregnancy novel for only 99 cents! Includes NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. Deal available only until November 15th!

Jessica is an African American up and coming R&B singer. While everyone envies her new celebrity, Jessica feels completely trapped. Her label practically owns her and she sees no chance of escaping…

A plane crash renders her a high profile “missing person” and Jessica is presumed dead…

But she’s never felt more alive. After waking up in the Canadian wilderness, Jessica finds herself rescued by a handsome white Canadian named Brody who is good with his hands…

Brody and Jessica immediately hit it off but when Jessica’s husband somehow finds her, she’s forced to go back to her old life or she’ll lose everything.

Despite all of this, Brody is willing to fight for the woman he’s fallen in love with, especially after finding out she’s pregnant with his child.

Is this a fight Brody will win or will Jessica be trapped in a life she hates forever?

Take a peek inside to get a taste of the action…

This novel contains a bonus preview at the end that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Author’s Warning:

This bwwm pregnancy romance is for mature audiences 18+ only. If the idea of a gorgeous, strong black female celebrity falling for an older white man troubles you then read no further. This story is guaranteed to help you stay warm as the weather cools down… You won’t want to miss it.

Protecting Caroline (SEAL of Protection Book 1)

by Susan Stoker

**Protecting Caroline is a stand-alone love story. It’s Book 1 in the SEAL of Protection Series.**

Matthew “Wolf” Steel hated flying commercial. Luckily his job as a Navy SEAL meant he didn’t have to do it very often. He’d been unlucky enough to be assigned a middle seat on the cramped jet, but fortunately for him, the woman next to him was willing to switch seats with him. Hoping for a relaxing flight, Wolf was pleasantly surprised at the good conversation and sense of humor the woman had as they flew 36,000 feet over the countryside.

When Caroline boarded the plane to Virginia to move across the country for her new job she never expected to be seated next to the hottest guy she’d ever seen. She also never expected he’d be so easy to talk to. She knew he’d never be interested in talking to her if he hadn’t been trapped in the seat next to her, but it was a nice way to spend a long plane ride.

Neither Wolf nor Caroline were prepared for a terrorist hijacking of their plane, but if Caroline thought that would be the last time she’d see, or need, Wolf, she’d be sorely mistaken.

Start the SEAL of Protection Series with Caroline and Wolf’s story

–>> The audio version of this book is being re-recorded because of quality issues and is expected to be back up at Audible most likely in February or March 2016.

Shifter Romance: BEAR IN MY BED: A BBW Paranormal Shifter Werebear Romance

by Heather Lewis


Violet lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

So when a handsome stranger walks into Violet’s life her world capsizes into an ocean of love, lust and longing.

Violet’s attracted to him the very first moment they meet, with his ice-cold blue eyes and perfectly toned physique. But there’s more to the handsome Kellen than meets the eyes.

Violet feels alive when she’s in his company and desires him in a way that’s new to her. He’s filled with passion and his touch is electric- igniting Violet’s curvy body with a deep lust that she can’t ignore.

Who is he? Where did he come from? More importantly, why is he making Violet ache to feel his firm strong body pressed up against hers?

**Warning: This romance contain very mature scenes. Adult readers only.

Curvy When Wet (A Navy SEAL BBW Romance): Heroes out of Uniform

by Christa Wick

Hard, Hot and Sweet â?? Heroes out of Uniform are all that and more!

“Heroes out of Uniform” are standalone shorts, novellas and novels featuring men with military backgrounds. What sets these titles apart from other stories I have with soldiers and sailors is the SWEETNESS factor. These men are protective and fierce, but they aren’t into being an alphahole (but if that’s what you like, I can hook you up there, too!).

About Curvy when Wet

Once upon a time, the ocean fascinated me with its unending beauty and otherworldly creatures. Now, its mere image terrifies me. Maybe that’s not a big deal for most people, but I spent the last four years studying to become a marine biologist.

That’s not the worst of it. Corwin Hale, the big, bad Navy SEAL I’ve known forever, finds out about my sudden phobia and insists on fixing me. That’s not the solution I need. All Corwin can do is lead me into the deepest waters of my life and break my heart.

But I can’t tell him that — he doesn’t know I’m in love with him.

***Also included in the Curves with Benefits collection***

ROMANCE: In Heat (Alpha Male Shifter Werewolf Romance ) (New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Short Stories)

by Ella Hart

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Nadia woke up bound in a dungeon, she had no idea it would change her life forever.

“Where the FU** am I?? They say they want to use me for their mate?!? And then what??

Even worse, something about these animals has my mind in the gutter. How can I be attracted to two of them at the same time? And two brothers, at that! What’s wrong with me?”

Amarog, the almighty conceited Alpha, with his seductive ways, chocolate curls and the body of an Adonis.

Edon, the humane visionary, with his tempting charm an equally well chiseled body, who wants to change the ways of the wolves.

And Nadia, sweet, flesh-bodied, luscious Nadia, who’s caught in the midst of it all. She is the precious prey for both wolf brothers.


ROMANCE: MC ROMANCE: Mountain Lion Biker (BBW Shifter Motorcycle Club Romance) (Paranormal New Adult Romance)

by Sky Winters


Azalea Armstrong, is a college student home for the summer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. After a hellacious spring semester where her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, she has written off men as useless pigs.

That is until the sexy and enigmatic Luke Robertson walks into her bar one night, and stalks her like a lion. Luke is the leader of a biker group from nearby Chico, California, and has a wild secret he keeps well hidden from the rest of the world. He is immediately drawn to Azalea â??and wants to take her for a ride in more ways than one.

Azalea sees Luke as the perfect vehicle to end her vow of celibacy and get back to loving life again. When a man from a rival biker gang interrupts their passion, Luke decides to keep his distance from Azalea in order to keep her safe. What was supposed to be a rebound fling drags Azalea into a world she was never meant to be a part of. Will Luke’s killer instincts guide him to come back and save her when she needs it most?

Get ready for a wild motorcycle ride in the California Mountains! Ohâ?¦ and be forewarned, this book is intended for mature (18+) audiences.

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