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The Red Badge of Courage

by Stephen Crane

Stephen Crane was an American novelist, short story writer, poet and journalist who wrote prolifically in his short life, becoming one of the best writers in the genres of Realism and Naturalism. Like Ambrose Bierce, Crane wrote often about war, inspired in part by his time spent as a war correspondent. One of his admirers was none other than Ernest Hemingway, who was influenced heavily by Crane’s style.

Although he was never a soldier, and he was born after the Civil War, his most famous novel was The Red Badge of Courage, making him a known name across the world during the 1890s. One of the most popular novels written about the Civil War, The Red Badge of Courage is about a young private in the Union Army, Henry Fleming, who flees from the field of battle. Overcome with shame, he acts as a color bearer carrying the regiment’s flag, the most dangerous position in battle. The masterful work has realistic battle sequences, vivid imagery, psychology, and a tone of irony.


by R.G. Gallardo

Between trying to survive two years of the Mexican Flu Pandemic, Great Starvation and Latino Rebellion one would think that a teenage girl won’t have any room left in her head to worry about boys; but it is exactly the dilemma where Crisa found herself in, torn between Christopher, the ruggedly handsome childhood friend, and Nathaniel, the sweet and dashing US Army Lieutenant posted in town. Fighting off Raiders is easy. Figuring out love is hard.

Survivors Part I

It is about Crisa McMiller, a strong-willed seventh grader, who together with her family: mom, Joan McMiller-Agridor, wealthy Filipino stepfather, Daniel Agridor and sister, two year old, Dani Agridor, escapes the deathtrap which is Los Angeles California. The Mexican Flu, a highly infectious strain of H1N1 Virus that first appeared a month earlier in Mexico City, Mexico in September of 2012 is ravaging the United States and the rest of the world.

The family escapes race riots, genocide, militia and military roadblocks and biker gang attacks, to Southwest Iowa to join the rest of the tough and colorful McMiller clan in a small town in Roughton Iowa.

Join Crisa and her family as they travel from Los Angeles, California to Roughton, Iowa, an odyssey that will test the family’s courage, intellect and values. See a normal girl tossed into the chaos of human drama that was brought about by a devastating virus and some people’s evil deeds.

Step into Crisa’s world and ask yourself: What am I willing to do to survive?

The Guns of Bull Run: A Story of Civil War’s Eve

by Joseph A. Altsheler

Joseph A. Altsheler wrote several volumes of fiction that cover the service of Confederate soldier Harry Kenton and his friends as they take part in various battles of the Civil War. Altsheler’s books have been historically popular among young readers and adults alike. 

This volume covers the runup to the first major battle of the war, First Bull Run, a Confederate victory that signaled the war would be long and deadly.

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