Free historical fiction Kindle books for 09 Dec 15

The Coming Dawn (#7): The Calling of the Grull (The Valley of Hope)

by John Kovacich

The Valley of Hope and The Calling of the Grull are a serialized series of novels that are delivered in monthly installments. Prime members with Kindles can borrow the monthly installments free.

Varna and Zho must defend themselves against a two headed demon that followed them from the old village. Mora is unable to help Marl and Joog who fall gravely ill from their wounds. Kendo questions his visions as the tribe encounters one obstacle after another on their journey to the ancient homes of their ancestors.

Renegade: The Legend of Keith Cody: (Prelude) (The Six Samurai of the West Book 2)

by Robert Reade

This is the back story of Keith Cody, one of the most pivotal characters in the three book series, “The Six Samurai of the West.”

On a dangerous mission to confront and kill the leader of a nefarious cartel, Keith Cody, the Texas Ranger prodigy, and feared frontier lawman, is forced to recon with his worst fear. After losing everything, and having no advantageous choices left, the worst option is the only way for him to survive the biggest challenge of his lifetime. Yet will he be able to cope with what he must become?

Love and Other Wicked Games (A Wicked Game Novel Book 3)

by Olivia Fuller

Mary Isabella “Ellie” Angela Wilson Dillard, daughter of an abdicated Earl, lives a remarkably ordinary life as a seamstress in a dress shop. That is until the day a workers’ protest in the streets of Manchester sees her joining forces–and lips!–with a handsome and mysterious stranger she knows only as “Cal.” Ellie is soon drawn into his world and it isn’t long before she finds herself falling for this wicked stranger with a secret.

Cal has three desires: to reform the mills of Manchester after the death of a friend, to keep his efforts secret from his opposing wealthy peers, and to win the heart of the compassionate woman who agrees to help him, no questions asked. But the mills are not the only thing in need of reform. As the stakes grow higher, Cal struggles to overcome his past and the secret that may put Ellie out of his reach forever…

Love and Other Wicked Games can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel or as part of The Wicked Game Series. This love story features personal growth, internal struggle, and contains some adult situations.

The Wicked Game Series suggested reading order:

1: The Wicked Game

2: Something Wicked

3: Love and Other Wicked Games

Historical Erotica: A PRINCESS’ TALE : An Erotic Regency Romance

by Holly Marie

Discover this hot new Historical Regency Romance!! Includes a FREE 20 BOOK Collection as a bonus!

Emerald is travelling across Europe when she meets a handsome Italian artist. Their attraction crosses all boundaries. Emerald loses herself in his arms. When she realizes she is pregnant she fears she will be cast out alone into the cruel world. Will love save her?

Contains mature themes. Adults only!


by Lilian Francis

In 1875, when Josef Kassmann decides to build a luxury hotel in a mountain village fifty miles outside Vienna to give his family a better life, he does not realise what trials and tribulations will ensue.

“Connections” follows the story of a Jewish family from the late 1800’s up until 1975 – through days of good fortune and success, when the music of Johann Strauss and Franz Lehar provide a light-hearted backdrop, to the dark days of both world wars and the threat of Nazi anti-semitism. At times, the family struggle to maintain their loyalty to each other and trust in their closest friends.

In 1975, Max Kassmann, the last family member to have known the hotel in its heyday, feels he is nearing the end of his days. After nearly four decades of exile, he dreams of returning just once more to his beloved Austria. He asks his granddaughter Anna to go on a journey that fills her with both dread and excitement. Can she possibly fulfil the old man’s impossible dreams?

“Connections” was the first novel by author Lilian Francis.

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