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Surviving a Realistic Zombie Apocalypse

by Tadhg O’Flaherty

Are you ready for the coming zombie apocalypse?

When the zombie apocalypse hits your entire life will change, forever, within the first 3 days. Do you know how to protect yourself and your family? These zombies will be nothing like the portrayals in movies or TV shows. They will be smart, resourceful, brutally violent and fast.

Where would you go if your city was overrun? Would you know how to find water and food when you go on the run?

This book is packed with important information about how to thrive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with constant dangers. You will learn how to build defences and booby traps, fight zombies and, most importantly, who to avoid during this time.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Who to avoid
  • What to loot
  • How to trade with others
  • Basic essentials for survival
  • Gathering water and food
  • Myths surrounding zombies
  • Weapons
  • Setting up defences
  • All the dangers you will face
  • Building shelters
  • How to start a fire
  • What to do if wounded
  • How to traverse a post-apocalyptic world
  • Future disasters that you could face
  • How long it will last

The zombie apocalypse is coming. Do you want to learn how to survive? Great â?¦ then what are you waiting for?

ROMANCE: Mated to the Alpha Enemy (Paranormal Vampire Bride Shapeshifter Mated Romance) (Paranormal Fantasy Shifter Short Stories)

by Sicily Duval

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Werewolf + vampire + honeymoon = a surprising sexy romance story!

***Standalone HEA romance book, no cliffhangers!***

Blanche is newly-wed to the vampire of her dreams, and she can’t wait for her wedding night, where she’s

not only allowed to spend the night with her new husband, but she’s finally allowed to take his blood.

But when she does, she realizes something that turns her whole world upside down.

He’s not a vampire at all. He’s a werewolf, her mortal enemy…

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NOTE: This book contains adult themes and is meant for adult eyes only!

Mutilator from the Grave

by P M Thomas

Victor and Indria were blessed with a gift of beauty that was cherished like the precious treasure it was: love.

Life couldn’t have been more perfect for the two lovers. That was until one terrifying night, their world was torn apart by a lovelorn rival who would give everything for the chance to be with the girl he adored with a furious passion.

His dream of being with her himself turned into a horrifying nightmare of mayhem, bloodshed and death.

Death was only the beginning, Victor returned as a vengeful mutilator from the grave, on a personal mission to avenge his girlfriend and murder those responsible for both their deaths.

Keep Your Eyes Open Till Morning Light

by Dan Lopez

Jenny has come to collect the inheritance from her Aunt Linda, a Catholic nun who has died under mysterious circumstances. But there is an odd stipulation in the will of her aunt…in order for Jenny to collect the inheritance she must spend one night in the house…a place where exorcisms were performed and rumors of hauntings persist.


by J.P. Reedman

Mira Kent is an ugly dog…

The cruel words were carved on the bench at school.

Keep smiling, said mean Mama. It’s your fault; you don’t smile enough. You don’t make people like you.

Mira had enough. Of school, of bullies. Of mama with her nicotine stink and bean-stained shirt.

Mira found the magic cure for her ills. The glue. The craft knife. Three red drops.

Then she was on the Bus…the Bus to the City of Endless Sorrow where no one judged, no one harrassed, where she was superior in the knowledge she could always go home.

Then one night she was confronted by the Man in the Floppy Hat…and suddenly she found the Bus home was not running.

Short Horror story in the vein of Twilight Zone. 7400 words

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