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Good Gut: 28 Best Foods to Eat to Supercharge Gut Bacteria and to Take Control of Your Weight (good gut diet, the good gut diet, clean gut)

by Rachel Larson

The idea of taking responsibility for one’s health is a very important sense of orientation which can be considered a very noble task. Unfortunately, the world is filled with so much misunderstanding and misinformation regarding what is considered as healthy eating and what is not. More unfortunately, we humans have been trained and used to not being able to listen and identify our own body signs. Rather, we tend to look to external sources to inform us about what is considered fit to eat and why it is considered fit for nutritional needs.

If you have the desire to know what healthy eating is all about and what the best methods are to enhance your good health, then this is the book you need. This book has been written to help readers understand how to take control of their weight by supercharging their gut bacteria. It is all about developing and sustaining a good gut. Here you have a very easily comprehensible guide towards all you need to know about developing, healing or enhancing the functionality of a good gut in order to enhance good health and fitness potentials. With the right knowledge of what a good gut entails and why it is very important, the process of maintaining it becomes very easy. The best approach towards developing a good health and proper weight control has been found to exist in the ability to develop and sustain the acquisition of a good gut.

Here in this book you will be able to:

  • Have a good understanding of what having a good gut is all about
  • Have a good understanding of why having a good healthy gut is important
  • Problems associated with having unhealthy gut
  • How to treat leaking gut
  • Foods to take to help treat leaking gut
  • Foods that help in supercharging gut bacteria

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On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena

by Nikola Tesla

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation. 

On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena is a short piece by Tesla on electromagnetic phenomena, including illustrations.

Foraging: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Foraging Wild Edible Plants, Berries And Medicinal Herbs For Optimum Health And Longevity! (Homesteader Book, Foraging, Wildcrafting)

by Christina Hanson


The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Foraging Wild Edible Plants, Berries And Medicinal Herbs For Optimum Health And Longevity!

Huge crowds meander the endless sections of land looking for basic procurements and they frequently thrive. Notwithstanding amid dry years, for example, we are in now, the desert produces sustenance. Sufficient scavenging results in dinners supplied.

There is additionally the expression “produce on” which means developing and forming accomplishment through diligent work and determination. Notwithstanding when the going gets unpleasant and detours show up, commitment to assignment can fabricate achievement. With my eighth grade understudies I want to let them know, “Forage on!”

This figure of speech permits me to see who “got” the joke – cows forage/individuals produce – and who did not comprehend the phrasing. It likewise allows me into the psyches of concrete and unique scholars. To forage on, as in dairy cattle, conveys a photo of cows and bulls meandering the hinterland in light of a healthy supper journey.

To produce on passes on a boat driving through water looking for safe harbor and a craved destination.

Messing around with words makes up a happy piece of my day by day schedule. I want to compose thus words turn into the enchantment existing apart from everything else as they string and stream over the page.

I analyze them for potential and plausibility, different implications and understandings, beat and rhyme, letter examples and sounds. While I could say “rubbernecks” an expression most people know and remember, you would likewise concur that is exhausted through abuse.

We see those know-it-alls who spin in pleasure of communicating feelings and limited perspectives as they take care of issues in any case. We may likewise picture kindergartners concentrating on seventeen articles immediately.

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High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes

by Nikola Tesla

Paphos Publishers offers a wide catalog of rare classic titles, published for a new generation.

High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes is a short work by Tesla.

The Language Of Flowers: Introduction to Flowers and Their Meaning. The Personalities of Different Flowers (Language of flowers, Understanding flowers and flowering, Secret Meanings of Flowers)

by Lana Gilmore

Everybody knows the significance of a red long-stemmed rose as a symbol of love, but what about the hydrangea or the daffodil? Did you know that flowers have their own hidden language, as full of meaning, symbolism, and intrigue as any spoken dialect? The practice of uncovering this secret knowledge is known as floriography, and learning it can make you a more effective communicator! By learning to speak through flowers, you can learn a new skill that applies to almost any occasion, as you uncover the nuances of conveying feelings through the universal gift of beautiful, fresh blooms.

Did you know that each month has its own birth flower? How about the fact that each different color of a specific type of flower has something unique to say?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to select which flowers to give as gifts on a number of specific occasions like weddings, funerals, birthdays, and more!
  • A history of the hidden language of flowers
  • How to create arrangements that communicate how you feel
  • The symbolism and meaning of many types of common flowers
  • The positive and negative meanings of various types of blooms

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On the Acceleration of Bodies at Rest: Geo-Genesis (D.C. Adams Lecture Series Collection Book 20)

by D.C. Adams

The achievements of Maxwell to Einstein spanned 50 years apart, yet their influences on modern day physics, a century later, continues to pervade every aspect of our daily lives. A new generation of physicists armed with a new generation of physics will embark on the quest to expand their revolutionary advancements in understanding nature’s most elusive mystery – Gravity. What are the quantum gravity waves described as ripples in space-time as predicted by Einstein? Why are they hard to observe directly? What can Dimensional Field Theory teach us about Einstein’s theory of General Relativity and Maxwell’s theory of Electromagnetism? Finally we will also consider a modern version of observing Gravity waves and its dedicated role in validating the creation of the universe. Was it a “Big Bang” or something more spectacular?

My Inventions

by Nikola Tesla

Chios Classics brings literature’s greatest works back to life for new generations.  All our books contain a linked table of contents.

My Inventions is a short overview of some of Tesla’s inventions written by the famous scientist himself.

Phenomenon: What if…

by By: Sonya Marshall

After a long and critical surgery, a body becomes missing. With no clues and no leads, a surgical team must find the answers. But what if…

Variable Rush’s 2600 Articles

by Variable Rush

Over the past few years, Variable Rush has written articles for 2600: The Hacker Quarterly on Knoppix, what the government knows about you, and Bitcoin. This is a collection of all three essays.

Surviving College with Bipolar Disorder

by Christina Marie

This book is a must read if you are in college with bipolar disorder or want to learn more about bipolar disorder. Learn first hand from someone who has already gone through it or have your eyes opened to the incredible experience of a manic episode. Christina offers advice, insights and a captivating story. If you want to better understand someone you know with bipolar disorder, this book will leave you knowing just what it’s like. Surviving College with Bipolar Disorder will bring you on the roller coaster ride of a lifetime and leave you knowing exactly how it feels to go through draining depressions and elating manias while offering the best insight into how to conquer a disorder that comes into your life, tears it apart, and demands rigorous effort to help continue living a normal life. Read this book and you will get back up on your feet with ease.

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