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Family Life in the Wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory: From the Cradle (Wilderness Life in Canada’s Yukon Territory Book 2)

by Manuela Zeitlhofer

We live in the Yukon Territory in Canada, 120 kilometers from Dawson City, with no road access. Our family consists of three people and one dog. Our closest human neighbors reside about 30 kilometers away.

We love and respect the unspoiled wilderness around us. It is possible for humans to live in nature with little interference, yet respect its dominance and be safe and happy nonetheless.

I portray our life in the wilderness of Canada’s North during our daughter’s first three years of life through essays and photos.

Lincoln Town Kids ( Vol:3 ) (Josh Believes)

by John Michael Marroquin

Josh believes he has what it takes to be scouted as an all star player. He is determined to show how good of a player he is when his team the Knights go up against the number one team and the biggest player on the field.

Let’s Learn Karate! vol.2-Trial-: Black Belt – The Manga (Let’s Learn Karate!-trial-)

by Genshi Kamobayashi

Black Belt -The Manga(Comics)

Let’s Learn Karate!

Vol.2 Goju-ryu & Tae kwon do

You read the comic , let’s aim to black belt!

Aim the Olympic athletes !

Table of Contents

129ã??Episode17/Hard and Soft Breathing and a Symphony of Kicks.

130 Goju-ryu/ 135 Tae kwon do

141ã??Episode18/Hard and Soft Blocks, Tae Kwon Do Stretching.

142 Goju-ryu/ 147 Tae kwon do

Laver & Wood’s Cricket Bat Lore: VOLUME I

by James Laver

Laver & Wood hand makes custom cricket bats in Waipawa, New Zealand. Over the years we have accumulated a huge number of anecdotes and stories about cricket bats, and met thousands of cricketers who have questions about bats and bat making.

This is the first in a series of books on Cricket Bat Lore. In this volume we cover Salix alba Caerulea or Cricket Bat Willow, Handles, Bat Making and Bat Maintenance. We tell the story of the materials used to make cricket bats, the process of hand making them and make suggestions for maintaining and protecting bats.

Readers with questions about Cricket Bats, their manufacture and maintenance that they would like to appear in future volumes should email [email protected]

About the Authors

James Laver has been making Cricket Bats by hand for over 25 years. He started at Millichamp & Hall in Somerset, England, and learned his craft there. For the past fifteen years he has been based in New Zealand as the owner and chief bat maker of Laver & Wood.

Simon Lusk has worked with James at Laver & Wood since 2000. He works part time at Laver & Wood overseeing Sales & Marketing.

The Lord Of Fantasy: How I Used Data, Statistics, Web Scraping, and Ingenuity to Beat You in One Day Fantasy Sports

by Jeff Kulesza

This book details my foray into One Day Fantasy sports during the 2015 baseball season. I’ll detail how I’ve found an edge to find sucker’s by mining data and how I’ve optimized my lineups using a variety of data sources, technologies, and databases. If you play one day fantasy sports casually this book will open your eyes to what you’re up against.

Army Situps: The Complete Guide to Maxing the Army Physical Fitness Situp Test (Army Fitness)

by Adjust Fire

Discover the secret for developing the strongest core and maxing ANY military sit-up test!

Do you know which group of muscles are the primary work-horse for military sit-up tests? If you answered â??abdominals’â?¦ you are dead wrong. It’s time to stop taking directions from fitness â??experts’. If you need a boost to get through Basic Training or you’re getting ready to enter Special Forces, the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers or another elite military unit, stop wasting your time and learn from the best. The newest release in the Army Fitness series, Army Situps will guide you through nearly decades’ worth of training and experience collected from elite Soldiers from around the United States. Within these pages you will find military health and fitness tips which have never been released for the public.

Cricket: Everything you need to know

by Dale Waller

This book is intended for the novice but does include several advanced topics for the more experienced reader. Even if you only learned one thing from this book, PLEASE help me out and place a positive review!

Marathon Training Box Set: Beginner’s Guides For Running a Half and a 42.195 km Marathon (Marathon Training books, marathon training gear, marathon training)

by Michael Foster

BOOK #1: Marathon Training: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Running a Half Marathon in Only 3 Months

The Marathon is undoubtedly majestic and attar ice. Millions of people all over the globe wish to participate in these splendid races. This book serves as a guide for all those readers who are enthusiastic towards getting the training of running and want to be a prominent participant of Marathons and the half Marathons. We will pay consideration towards the chief informational and suggestive aspect of Marathon race and the significant elements of training which can facilitate your way towards a complete training package.

After reading this book the reader will surely get an outline for his plans of training and the ways he or she can precede the training in the effective direction. all elements are touched, although not in a detail yet in a comprehensive way tom elaborate it to the readers that what is the difference between an effective and an ineffective training of Marathons.

In the book we have not only discussed the major steps involved in the training of this highly attractive event of Marathon, but we have recommended some result oriented exercises, which can strengthen your body postures and muscle and make you ready for your dream races, the Marathons!

Here is on what we will concentrate in this book:

  • The initial information regarding the sunning as a professional activity
  • The background history and emergence of marathon as an event
  • The classification of runners based on their expertise and aims of running
  • The training perquisites for Marathons , as well as the half Marathons
  • Major exercises for marathon runners.

BOOK #2: Marathon Training: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Running a 42.195 km Marathon

For a beginner, the challenge of running over forty kilometers seems overwhelming. If you have never run five or ten kilometers at once, the idea of going more than four or eight times that distance is impossible to fathom. This beginner’s guide to marathon running provides you with a comprehensive program to reduce your anxiety, train yourself physically and mentally and ensure your first marathon is both a success and an introduction to a lifestyle of fitness and well-being.

Running provides an athletic outlet that is affordable and attainable to just about anyone. The cardiovascular benefits of running are second to none. And marathons provide the added bonus of endurance training to an already exceptional exercise.

In this guide you will discover both the essential of training and also the common pitfalls that beset the novice who wants to learn. Specifically, we’ll address:

  • Nutrition and how your diet will impact your athletic performance
  • Pre-training standards to ensure success and enjoyment
  • Physical training schedules and how to know when to ease off and when to push yourself harder
  • The mental aspect of marathon running and how you can overcome your own heartbreak hill
  • The right gear for running distance
  • What not to do leading up to race day and what you absolutely need to do

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