Free war Kindle books for 09 Dec 15

Special Forces: Rescue Hostage

by Adam Mason

After a terrorist attack, Gary Channing and his seal team must rescue the survivors, but the mission becomes a race against time when a special someone is taken hostage. When terrorists attack an outlet mall, Gary Channing is called back to his special ops team to rescue the hostages. However, his mother is among the last remaining survivors.


by Malcolm Bruce

set in the seaside town of Scarborough the factual background to Malcolm Bruce’s novel is the bombardment of the town by the German Navy in 1914. The novel contains vivid description of war, greed, murder and sexual awakening. There are also scenes of a graphic sexual nature. Terry Sheader, a Boer War veteran of thirty two is convinced his injured leg from that war would always blight his chance of ever having a relationship with a woman. After the attack on Scarborough by the German Navy he rushes to see if his father, from whom he’s been estranged for some time, has been hurt. His estrangement was partly due to his father’s predilection for women, his current woman being some twenty years younger than him. When Terry finds the worst at his father’s house he ends up forming a steamy relationship with his father’s ex partner whilst attempting to solve the riddle of his father’s new found wealth. The pair of them befriend a young fisher girl after a savage attack on her by a local fisherman. The terrible revenge carried out by the the girl on the man shocks them both. They take in the girl in sympathy but her relationship with the two of them develops into a complicated ‘menage a trois.’ The story takes us up to the start of the Second World War and Terry’s son becomes increasingly disturbed and amazed at the revelation of the relationship between his parents and his erotic ‘Aunty.’

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