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Ghosts of Dickens: A Dramatization Of The Incredible True Story That Inspired Charles Dickens To Write A Christmas Carol

by Matt Bishop

Like A Christmas Carol? Then you’ll love Ghosts of Dickens, a book that tells the dramatic true story of how a washed-up, dead-broke, 31-year-old author named Charles Dickens found inspiration to invent Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim and save both his career and his life.

Introduction By The Author

This book originated as a screenplay. Like many people I’ve always loved A Christmas Carol, and after the cinematic success of “how a famous novel came to be” stories like Finding Neverland and Saving Mr. Banks, I decided to write this tale of what inspired Charles Dickens to create Ebenezer Scrooge, hoping it might one day become a movie.

I spent months heavily researching the subject matter, reading gigantic tomes covering every aspect of Dickens’s life and countless Dickens’s website articles. Then I spent more months writing and polishing the script, making it the best version of what actually happened. The people I asked to read it gave me excellent feedback, which I incorporated to improve it even more. Finally, confident in its prospects, I sent it out to several Hollywood literary managers for representation. One manager expressed enthusiastic interest, agreeing to represent me and the screenplay. She then tested the market by sending it out to a few of her industry contacts.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be in Tinselton were hesitant. Would recreating 19th century Victorian London on film be cost-prohibitive? Was there enough global interest in Dickens and A Christmas Carol to justify the financial risk? Ultimately my manager advised that unless we secured a veteran producer or an A-list actor to play Dickens, it would be very difficult to make headway.

I was disheartened, partially because it didn’t look like the script would ever be produced, but also because the story of how A Christmas Carol came about is such an interesting one. I wanted other people to experience this tale and enjoy it as much as I did. Therefore, I decided to convert it into this book.

I truly enjoyed researching and writing on this topic, and I hope that you enjoy this remarkable true story (with only a few dramatic licenses taken) as much as I have.


Matt Bishop

Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny (Book Summary)

by Summary Elite

Down the rabbit hole by Holly Madison

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â?¨If you ever wondered about life inside the legendary Playboy mansion then this book will provide you with everything you wanted to know. Holly Madison, a small town girl formally known as Holly Sue Cullen, tells the truth of a life as a Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend, all the ups and downs, celebrity parties and exposure and all the intrigues amongst her and other bunnies. Finally she drove herself to the point where she was considering taking her own life, but instead of that she decided to take control of it.


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • Memoires of a former Playboy bunny
  • â?¨

  • Everything that happens inside the mansion
  • â?¨

  • Details about Hugh Hefner
  • â?¨

  • One woman’s struggle
  • â?¨

  • Healing and getting your life back

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It’s Okay to Die: Shirley Dando’s Story – Dying Graciously

by The Dando Family

When Shirley and Graeme Dando were both diagnosed with cancer they began a journey which would test their faith and change them forever.

This book tells that story, making use of Shirley’s diaries and writings, along with Graeme’s recollections. To Shirley, healing was never based on an â??all or nothing’ concept but viewed as a catalyst to bring her to a closer relationship with God.

Along the way, there were set-backs and difficulties as well as all kinds of victories and milestones. The road was marked with resilience, hope, the love of their family, the encouragement and doubts of those around them, questions, unexpected twists and turns, unquenchable faith in the face of disappointment and an ever-deepening relationship with God.

When one of them dies and the other is healed, it leaves forever the unanswered question “Why was one saved and the other not?” and fuels the never-ending debate regarding healing in our time. As Shirley put it in her journal: “On the one hand was the belief that if we ask we shall receive and that God would therefore heed our prayers and heal us; and on the other hand was the conflicting perspective that this illness was God’s will and we should submit: Your will Lord, not mine.”

The Real Me

by June Neuhoff

In this thought-provoking, true life story, the author relates her painful journey from sheltered, happy baby years through humiliation, heartache, shattered dreams and social stigmas to become a whole, confident woman who defends the cause of the downtrodden. She describes the long road travelled with many questions asked as to why God would not heal her of her deafness, speech impediment and cerebral palsy. Despite having eventually been diagnosed as having above average intelligence, the label of mental retardation followed her in life with years of ridicule from her peers at school and into early adulthood. Throughout her childhood and early womanhood, June had to face obstacles that would have derailed the average person. This had a profound effect on her, and impacted on her self-esteem for many years as she tried to fit in, be accepted and feel normal.

Again and again she came up against the prejudice of society, and the unthinking cruelty of uninformed persons. She nevertheless fought her way through this prejudice and ridicule, to be accepted by her schoolmates, and eventually society. She learned after suffering through teasing, rejection and being misunderstood that God has a plan for each one of us – and that He heals in His way, not necessarily what you want, but what you need.

A handful of pivotal people taught her to believe in herself, convincing her that she was special and not different, and walked alongside her to a life of victory. The God whom her father denied existed, featured significantly in her life. With His help she grew to become the woman of self-worth that she is today. Her story both challenges and encourages the reader, always guiding them gently to Jesus – Lord, Saviour, Healer, and friend.

“I am at peace now, I have accepted the Real Me and hope that I inspire you through this book – that you too will see that all things are possible through God.”

June Neuhoff

A Week in the Trees: Climbing Redwoods

by John P. Greer

Available in E-Book format only – Save Our Trees!

This high resolution, photo enhanced E-book offers an autobiographical and visual perspective into the Redwood climbing experience. On the outskirts of Kings Canyon National Park, east of Fresno, is an area known as Whitaker Forest. Owned and operated by U.C. Berkeley, on the western facing slopes of the Eastern Sierras, this is home to some of the largest and oldest Sequoia-Redwood trees on earth. An expedition from Cornell University took eight instructors and six students, myself included, to our cabin in Whitaker Forest for the week of May 26, 2015, to June 2, 2015.

For me, this Redwood tree climbing adventure was a culmination of life and spirit. I knew all the preparation and physical training would transform me into a stronger, more vibrant and healthier person. I embarked on a journey that originated in my heart, acting on blind faith, without knowing exactly where, or how, this journey might end. What I soon discovered would forever change my life and my ongoing relationship with nature.

Detective Dragnet October 1980 (true crime magazine Book 52)

An archive of the magazine from 1980 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

Racket Squad in Action May 1952 (Pulp Life Book 26)

An archive of the magazine from 1952 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

A little bit more of the 70s (1970s The Retro Years Book 2)

by Julie Taylor

Yet another trip down that lane that is so full of memories, to a time that Style didn’t care about too much. This book is full of reminiscing and aimed at anyone who lived through the 1970 wonder years whatever age you were.

Master Detective December 1964 (True crime magazine Book 51)

An archive of the magazine from 1964 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

Influence of Gambling: Personal Confession (Casino Book 2)

by Srcky

Personal true short story. This book contains what in fact gambling creates of man and his life.

I have to look back to the previous edition which originally was through humor should show and prove the truth. And it is done. Some buyer there is regretted that gave money for the book “How to win in every casino”. And I’m asking all of you: Do you really think that you can win in every casino? Unless you are the owner.

Influence of gambling is a book that was written in the short version but is what is happening to me personally in my life. The aim should be to save you but also your loved ones from this very dangerous vices.

I highly recommend you to read it.


Racket Squad in Action July 1952 (Pulp Life Book 27)

An archive of the magazine from 1952 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories included This is a graphic port of the magazine suited best for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature.

Dean Arnold Corll

by By:Samantha Shenk

Texas worst serial killer. Corll liked teen boys and he needed help getting him to his apartment so he inlisted in the help of two other teens. Read about what he did to these poor kids. Including putting the up on the torture board and raping them.

Steve Jobs: 66 Best Life Lessons, Quotes And Secrets To Success By Steve Job (Steve Jobs Biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, Entrepreneurship)

by Chris Johnston

Steve Jobs

66 Best Life Lessons, Quotes And Secrets To Success By Steve Job

Steve Jobs is a household name, deeply rooted in the history and culture of Apple. Today products reflecting his influence and creativity are in the hands of millions of consumers.

Get inspired by the work and mindset of Jobs in this volume focused for entrepreneurs:

  • Understand Jobs’ early years and their influence
  • Learn about how he built his products using his creative engineers
  • Learn how you can motivate yourself and staff as Jobs did
  • Explore how he chose to resolve personal past events
  • How Jobs built a brand with his unique vision of the world
  • How Jobs built a brand with his unique vision of the world

No matter who you are or what your business is, all of us can be inspired by Jobs’ attitude of persistence and determination to achieve the desired result. His willingness to both inspire and motivate his staff resulted in some amazing technological shifts.

Download your copy of “Steve Jobs” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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