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Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker Recipes Box Set: Healthy and Easy Low Carb Recipes for Atkins Diet (Pressure Cooker & Slow Cooker Recipes)

by Julie Reck

Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker Recipes Box Set (2 in 1)

Book one: Pressure Cooker for Beginners: Cookbook for Busy People with Quick, Simple & Delicious Recipes

Do you often wonder what it would be like to have a home-cooked, nutritious meal that didn’t take you hours to cook?

If you’re the average working person, you most likely come home every night either dreading cooking dinner or you pop something from the freezer into the microwave and call it nutritious. You’ve had a long day at work, forgot to put something in the slow cooker that morning, or you thought you’d have time and there was an emergency you had to attend to. So how do you get a nutritious meal that’s homemade in under an hour, and has very little cleanup time?

Buy a pressure cooker!

Pressure cookers are not only for chefs on television or your average restaurant. They’re now made smaller for home cooks who are just trying to make a meal that’s going to hold its nutrition, color, flavor, and be made in seventy percent less time than a traditionally cooked meal.

In this book, you’ll find information on:

– How to find the right pressure cooker.

– Tips and tricks for maintaining your pressure cooker.

– Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

– And some troubleshooting tips at the end as a bonus.

If you’re always struggling to make dinner in the evening, pick up this book to find out more about how you can make healthier meals quicker with minimal cleanup by purchasing a pressure cooker!

Book two: The Atkins Slow Cooker Cookbook: 36 Atkins Diet-Approved Recipes to Try in Your Slow Cooker

The Atkins Diet has been around us for almost half a century now and, surprisingly or not, it is still one of the most common choices when it comes to adopting a healthier eating plan. At the same time, multiple controversial attitudes concerning the real safety degree of this diet have appeared, making Atkins’s idea even more intriguing.

However, if there is one thing that we can all agree upon, that is the fact that there are thousands and thousands of persons who have numerous reasons to be grateful to Dr. Atkins.

But the Atkins Diet is not the easiest one to integrate in your lifestyle. With entire food categories almost completely excluded from your menu, it can be a problem to find the right recipes to keep you full and to satisfy or make you forget about your annoying food cravings.

And this is exactly what this book is going to help you with: it will introduce you to 36 healthy, delicious Atkins-friendly recipes for all the four phases of this diet. You will also find multiple recipes for your vegan or vegetarian menu. And that is not all: the book will present you a new way to see and taste your diet – through the incredible power that your slow cooker (or crock pot) brings to you.

Already curious?

Let’s see what other interesting aspects this book will help you with:

– The origins of this diet

– How to accept this diet easier

– Useful information about your own slow cooker

– Which foods are recommended and which ones must be avoided

– How to prepare simple Atkins-friendly recipes with the help of your slow cooker

– Essential tips and tricks for an easier diet

These and many other useful pieces of information are presented in the inside chapters.

The Complete Cooking for Family Cookbook: 435 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today

by Valeriu Cotet

It is always nice to go out to eat but many families have turned to cooking at home in favor of eating out because of the economic environment in the world around us. In doing so, they are saving money but many families have begun to realize that cooking at home has a number of different advantages as well. It allows the family to grow closer together because they can eat together in a more comfortable environment and it also is quite tasty, if things are prepared properly. If you are interested in cooking more at home and enjoying it, here are some cooking tips which you will find beneficial.

One of the most important things for you to consider when cooking is the preparation of all of the ingredients. It doesn’t matter if you are cooking Indian food and need some Mardras curry or if you are going to be making Japanese yakitori, you want to have everything on hand that is necessary for those recipes. There is nothing quite as disappointing as getting close to being completed on preparing some food and realizing that you are one ingredient short. When you prepare in advance, it is going to make the process more streamlined and will allow you to enjoy cooking the meal.

If you’re a man or woman who usually runs out of ideas and not knowing what else to cook, you always cook the same dishes and it is so difficult for you to add variety in your menus then…

Ignoring this problem only makes it worse and puts you in such a bad position: you will never truly enjoy homemade food, will always have no idea what to cook and you won’t be creative in kitchen.

I know exactly how you feel, but let me tell you something: I was like you. I was having “creative blocks” when attempting to cook something, but not anymore. Just think how great it would be for you to cook unlimited recipes and never run out of ideas? Just think about it for a moment.

Here is what you will get if you purchase this book:

50 vegetarian recipes, 21 healthy and dieting recipes, 30 quick recipes,50 chicken recipes, 130 cake recipes, 84 cupcake recipes, 50 pie recipes, 25 cookie recipes.

So, don’t waste any more time, click the button “Buy with 1 Click”, and you will be having a copy of this cookbook in less than 1 minute.

Electric Pressure Cooker And Slow Cooker Recipes: Delicious Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker Soup Recipes (Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes)

by Terry Smith

Try These Delicious And Easy To Make Pressure Cooker And Slow Cooker Recipes! Includes FREE Bonus Recipes! (Over 150 Recipes In Total)

Pressure Cooker And Slowcooker Recipes For Every Occasion!

Get This Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook For A Limited Time Discount!

The Top 100 Low Carb Recipes: 100 Delicious Low Carb Recipes

by Jamie Smith

This Great Collection Of Delicious And Healthy Low Carb Recipes Now Contains FREE Bonus Recipes (Over 150 Recipes In Total)

This low carb cookbook contains plenty of great tasting recipes for all occasions. You can now make great tasting low carb dessert recipes and still lose weight!

Get This Low Carb Cookbook For A Limited Time Discount!

Mason Jar Recipes: Mason Jar Meals: The Top 25 Healthy & Delicious Meals in Jars for Busy People on the Go (Quick & Easy Meals) (Nutritious Quick & Easy Meals and Healthy Eating Made Simple)

by Danyale Lebon

*** MASON JAR MEALS – Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes***


MASON JAR RECIPES FAST!!! They’ve held everything from spices to cookies and now they’re the PERFECT solution to packing healthy meals for busy people just like you. If you’re looking for the perfect way to save money on meals while enabling yourself and your family to eat healthy quick and delicious meals, then look no further!

Inside You’ll Discover:

  • What are the benefits of using Mason Jars for meals?
  • What types of foods should I use for meals in jars?
  • How do I prepare the jars?
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Mason Jar Meal Recipes
  • Snacks and Desserts in Jars

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy of “Mason Jar Meals: The Top 25 Healthy & Delicious Meals in Jars for Busy People on the Go (Quick & Easy Meals)” today!

Take action today and download this mason jar cookbook for the most delicious mason jar meal recipes everyone will love!

Scroll Up and Click the orange buy button to start reading for just $2.99!

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Easy Holiday Recipes: Basics for Beginners (Holiday Entertaining Book 42)

by Mara Michaels

If you are looking for quick and easy recipes the whole family will love at the holidays, this book offers you 30+ recipes with variations so you can create a complete menu of soups, appetizers, side dishes and desserts.

You will also get complete instructions on how to cook a range of dishes such as tender turkey that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy. Discover recipes for vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, and low carb options to suit any eating lifestyle.

This guide is design with beginner cooks in mind, with clear, easy to follow recipes written by real cooks. Even if you’ve never hosted a holiday gathering at your home and barely know one end of a spoon from another, download this guide now to start creating an impressive holiday meal for any occasion.

Audience: Beginner cooks who need easy recipes

Beginner cooks who need easy recipes for a range of different eating lifestyles, such as vegetarian, low carb and gluten-free


Word Count=8,704
















Mara Michaels and Carolyn Stone are the authors of more than 40 holiday entertaining guides. Carolyn has been working in health and nutrition publishing for more than 20 years. Carolyn has been cooking for her whole family since she was 8.

Cupcake Recipes Book – The Best Cupcake Recipes for a Cupcake Beginner: Your New Cupcake Diaries

by Martha Stephenson

Nothing is more satisfying than biting into a soft, sweet cupcake. If you are a fan of dessert, then you have probably tried your fair share of cupcakes but the recipes in this cupcake beginner book are like none you have ever tried before. This cookbook will act as your cupcake diaries, guiding you through some of the tastiest cupcake recipes you have ever seen.

In this book you will receive the following:

  • An introduction to cupcake recipes for the cupcake beginner
  • A collection of delicious cupcake recipes including classics and new recipes

By the time you finish this book you will be an expert at cupcake recipes – you will no longer be a cupcake beginner! So, if you are ready to taste some of the most delicious cupcakes you’ve ever had, pick a recipe from this book and start baking!

Let’s Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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Then, you can immediately begin reading Cupcake Recipes Book – The Best Cupcake Recipes for a Cupcake Beginner on your Kindle Device, Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

100 Days of Green Smoothies: Simple Recipes for Weight Loss, Detox, & Better Health!

by Kristen Bonkoski

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you tried all kinds of gimmicky diets and still can’t seem to shed the pounds for good? Do you know you need to eat healthier, but don’t know where to start?

100 Days of Green Smoothies provides recipes, shopping lists, and tips and tricks to improve your health for good. Whether you are looking to lose 50 pounds, boost your immune system, or prevent cancer and heart disease, this book can help.

Most of us eat diets loaded with refined carbs, added sugar, and processed foods. It’s just the norm in our society! Unfortunately, these food choices lead to all kinds of problems including:

– Obesity

– Low energy levels

– Depression and anxiety

– Cancer

– Heart disease

– Chronic illnesses

Even if you are suffering from any of these health issues today, a poor diet can quite literally kill you down the road!

Fortunately, a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and other super-foods can reverse and prevent many diseases. If you increase you intake of these foods you will lose weight, cleanse your body of toxins, and feel better overall. I know firsthand! After suffering from several life-threatening health conditions, I turned my life around by changing my diet.

100 Days of Green Smoothies challenges you to drink one green smoothie a day for 100 days. Our green smoothie recipes pack multiple serving of fruits, vegetables, and other super-foods into one quick and easy drink. We make the transition to a healthier life super easy by providing 100 green smoothie recipes, weekly shopping lists, and lots of tips and tricks.

Inside this book you’ll find:

– 100 Green Smoothie Recipes

– Weekly Shopping Lists

– Health benefits of Green Smoothies

– Nutritional Benefits of Key Ingredients

– The “Green Smoothie Formula”

– The Best Blenders and Tools

– Super-Food Add-Ins

– Protein Add-Ins

– Much more


Jamaican curry recipes: 1st Edition

by By Margaret brody

This a little book on authentic Jamaican curry recipes.

Clean Food Diet: Avoid Processed Foods and Eat Clean with Simple Life Style Change. Vegetarian Recipes. Vegetarian Cookbooks (One Book 33 Recipes 4)

by Valeriu Cotet

If you’re a man who struggles with his vegetarian diet and you often run out of ideas when it comes down to cooking and you are almost ready to give up to this lifestyle…

Ignoring this problem only makes it worse and puts you at risk: your mood will change into a bad one, you will feel less confident, you will feel weak(like giving up) and you will prove to all the people that you can not finish something you started ( the vegetarian lifestyle you have chose).

While many people lament the nutritional disadvantages of a poorly planned vegetarian diet, few stress the health advantages of adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. In this article, I will cover the major three nutritional advantages of becoming a vegetarian. The first major advantage of a vegetarian diet is increased heart health. Vegetarians, on average, consume more nuts (often as a supplemental form of protein).

Nuts contain “good” fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6. This promotes good heart health by reducing “bad” cholesterol and unclogging arteries. In addition to nuts, vegetarians also consume more soy milk (often to replace milk), which reduces “bad” cholesterol and has been linked to good heart health.The second major advantage vegetarians enjoy is increased skin health. In addition to consuming larger quantities of nuts (which contain healthful oils), vegetarians tend to consume more fruit and vegetables, which are rich in essential vitamins, including A and E, which are linked to good skin health.

Fruits and vegetables also contain high amounts of fiber, which helps flush toxins out of the body, further contributing to better skin health.

The last health advantage vegetarians enjoy is an increased natural consumption of antioxidants.Antioxidants are foods that help prevent cancer by destroying free radicals. Vitamin C and Vitamin E, two strong antioxidants, are commonly found in vegetarian meals.

I know how you feel, but I found a way out and I can show you how I have been able to maintain a vegetarian diet for over 3 years with no cheating. At first it was hard for me, but I nailed it. You know why? Because I did self-development and I encourage you to do the same.

A vegetarian can be fit, can build muscle, can have energy, can life like a normal man. Actually I am wrong. I vegetarian usually has more energy and a better mood because of the foods he eat. A normal man or woman often eats wheat-based products which leads to a laziness mood (high carbs, especially breads, will turn your body in an anabolic state – the sleep state- and it will make you feel heavy, bored, find it out to focus etc).

Imagine what it will feel like to be fit, healthy and trim + an amazing chef 🙂

Here’s what you will get with the kit:

Salad recipes, Burgers recipes ( vegetarian of course), tempeh, peanut stew, butternut squash and much more. [ For all the recipes access the book preview’]

Click the orange button, fill in your credit card information and you will be having a copy of this book in less than one minute.

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Low Carb: 28 Delightful and Tasty Dessert Recipes for Overcoming Belly Fat, Lose Pounds, and Live Healthy (Low Carb Diet, Low Carb diet cookbook, Low Carb diet recipes)

by Donna Lee

Why is it that Low Carb diet finds me conjuring up mental images of people dodging bullets as they run around the park to get fit! The Low Carb diet is a new lifestyle that has been created to make your body resilient to anything. It is easy to follow plan that thousands are already taking advantage of and it is one of the first diets that will provide benefits even if you are not sticking strictly to every point for whatever reason. In this book I intend to provide an understanding into the mechanics behind this diet and the health benefits that can be attained from giving it a go.

I hope that you find the information contained herein easy to understand and that it encourages you to take that final start to a fabulous new you!

The topics covered will be as follows:

  • Understanding the Low Carb diet
  • Eating a Low Carb food
  • Following the Low Carb Diet yet not getting the results you desire?
  • Low Carb Coffee
  • Low Carb Tasty Dessert Recipes

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Low Carb: 28 Delightful and Tasty Dessert Recipes for Overcoming Belly Fat, Lose Pounds, and Live Healthy” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

EZ Casseroles for the Pseudo Chef (EZ Recipes for the Pseudo Chef Book 3)

by E.Z. Peezi

Casseroles are a pseudo chef’s best friend. With these quick and easy, low-ingredient recipes, you simply slap â??em together, pop â??em in the oven, and voila! People will love your food and consider you a kitchen maestro! They won’t break the bank, either.

EZ Crock Pot Meals for the Pseudo Chef (EZ Recipes for the Pseudo Chef Book 4)

by E.Z. Peezi

The crock pot (a.k.a. slow cooker) recipes in this book will make the pseudo chef in your household look like a savvy chef. These quick and easy crock pot meals require only a few ingredients to make delicious, inexpensive meals that your family will love.

Gluten Free Soup, Stews, And Chili: 15 Gluten Free Soup, Stews, And Chili Recipes For Beginners (Gluten Free Soups – Gluten Free Stews – Gluten Free Chili … – Gluten Free Recipes For Beginners)

by Emma Grace


This cookbook consists of 15 Gluten-Free Soups, Stews, And Chili Recipes that are great for beginners just starting out on their path to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle! There are many benefits to living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle, but it can be difficult to come up with tasty meal ideas if you never had to cook for yourself before. This collection of gluten-free soups, stews, and chili recipes will give you a good idea on what kind of great meals you are able to make that still follow a gluten-free diet!

Download Gluten-Free Soups, Stews, And Chili: 15 Gluten-Free Soups, Stews, And Chili Recipes For Beginners now by clicking the “BUY” button at the top of this page!

Good luck on your path to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle and Happy Reading!

Pasta Cookbook: The Great Pasta Cookbook and the Art of Making Italian Pasta Recipes

by Gordon Rock

Virtually anything and everything goes with pasta: meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy, herbs, and oil. It is one of the world’s most versatile and adaptable foods. Being nourishing it is as well economic and easy to cook. The sauces for pasta can be quick and simple requiring short preparation time and few ingredients or can be elaborate and rich – all as you like. There are no rules about what pasta shape to serve with which sauce – it’s really all up to you.

The Italians make more than 200 different sort of pasta with all kind of shapes, with about three times as many different names. New shape and “design” pasta are being produced all the time. Moreover, the same shape may have a different name in different region of Italy. It is the national treasure of the country.

It would be hard to imagine if we didn’t discover pasta. It would make us as unhappy and incomplete as if Christopher Columbus had not attaint America. Pasta and noodles are more than staple foods: they are truly universal. Flour, water, oil and, where appropriate, an egg: it’s simple but foolproof. Regardless of who invented them: with their varieties of sauces to infinity, pasta belongs to everyone, pasta belongs to you.

All the experts are unanimous: starchy foods like pasta is not fattening, unless you consume excessive amounts. Indeed, they contain complex carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed by the body more efficiently delaying the return of hunger. It is easier to avoid “break” between meals. The real problem for pasta is rather how we prepare and we support the min sauces or grated cheese… So, there is a big difference between spaghetti in tomato sauce and spaghetti alla Carbonara!

No anymore delay in getting this great pasta cookbook. Start to impress your friends and family but the most important is to please yourself by making some fantastic recipes with it.


You’ve come to this page really at the right time as we are offering a great discount for this book.

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Paleo Christmas Recipes: Simple, Delicious Paleo Recipes For Your Christmas Dinner From Start To Finish

by Kristina Newman

It’s never to early to start planning Christmas! Ensure your festivities are stress-free this year with our Paleo Christmas recipes.

Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated events of the holiday, after opening presents of course. Gathering around a well-laid table with family and friends and feasting on traditional favorites, Christmas dinner is often a memorable and joyful annual occurrence.

Planning a Paleo Christmas dinner, holiday dinner or other large gathering isn’t complicated, but the more forethought you give it the easier it will be. The key is to do as much work ahead of time as you can, so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves the day of the party.

This book contains proven recipes and tips on how you can make quick, easy holiday paleo recipes. We will provide you with everything you need to know from tools, ingredients, and recipes to storage.

Versatile Ramen Noodle Cookbook: 25 Delicious Ramen Noodle Recipes that can easily be converted into Complete Dishes – Never use Ramen Noodle for just Soup again

by Martha Stephenson

How many times have you ever opted for a cup of ramen noodles due to the fact you had no time to cook? We have all done it and it’s perfectly ok, but have you ever tried to â??spice up’ your simple bowl of ramen noodles? Well this ramen noodle cookbook is the answer to your prayers. This ramen noodle cookbook will take you through 25 new and creative ramen noodle recipes that convert your old noodle soup into â??wow factor’ meals. Believe me, you will never see a bowl of ramen noodles the same again!

With this ramen noodle cookbook you will be able to transform your kitchen using ramen noodle recipes that look extremely professional but are super easy to make. The ramen cookbook takes this simple pack of noodles and transform them into meals that are more filling than a simple bowl of soup without taking any prestige from the classic bowl of soup.

Whether you are just an avid lover of ramen noodles or you are just one of many persons with not enough time to prepare a proper meal, this ramen cookbook will definitely be the book for you. It will provide you with a myriad of options that are both quick and tasty.

With this Versatile Ramen cookbook, you will easily be able to prepare meals suited for every single member of your family regardless of age or size. You are sure to catch everyone by surprising them when you present anyone of these dishes so go ahead and grab a copy of this book and prepare not only for yourself to be amazed but to also amaze everyone around you.

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The Dash Diet for Beginners (including a 30-Day Kick-Start Plan) (The Dash Diet Series Book 1)

by Stephanie Andrews

Interested to learn more about the Dash diet and how to successfully implement it into your lifestyle? The Dash Diet for Beginners, by Stephanie Andrews will enable you to do just that.

This is a comprehensive yet concise guide to what is considered one of the most, if not the most, healthy diets available, which will make you feel healthy, lose weight, and increase your energy levels with its emphasis on low sodium nutrient rich food.

In this guide you will find:

– A full 30-Day Kick-Start Plan to help easily implement the diet into your lifestyle.

– A comprehensive list of Approved Dash Diet Foods (and just as importantly, a list of which foods to avoid).

– How to shop smart and plan your Dash Pantry.

– Over 40 of Stephanie’s favourite recipes broken down into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts & Snacks.

– And most important of all, how you will succeed in adopting the Dash Lifestyle.

So scroll up and click “BUY NOW” to start living a healthier more energized life straight away!

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