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Jokes for kids : Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

by james huang

Want to plant the seed of humor in your children?

Then this e-book is for you!

Containing 100 jokes, this book is all you need to get your child to read, laugh and learn the ways of wits. All the jokes within this e-book are one-liners; they are very easy to read, memorize and pass on to friends!

Having a sense of humor is one of the skills that can get child far in life. It will improve its social relations, as well as make him or her the life of the party. As the child develops, so will their sense of humor – but it is you who needs to make the first step, and this book will be a great aid in achieving that.

The jokes have been made from a variety of styles and categories – things that your child is familiar with, but also more complex issues that will make him or her curious about the exciting world that surrounds us. Deadpan, irony, puns – all this, and more, can be found in this volume of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Fill your child’s mind with smiles and positivity now!

Minecraft: 100 Top Seeds Every Minecraft Player Must Know

by Red Stone

**Five Free Minecraft Books Included Inside!!!**

Newest and Most Extensive Minecraft Seeds Book Yet!!!

Are you tired of starting from scratch and having to build your own world from the bottom up? Well this book has more than enough information to help you find yourself in any Minecraft world you desire!

This Extensive Seeds Book Includes:

  • 100 of the Best Seeds Compiled into one book!
  • Tips and Tricks to defeat a Zombie Apocalypse
  • 100 Trap ideas so you can get maximum use from your seeds
  • 100 of the Most Awesome Minecraft Mods of all time
  • What to do with Seeds and How to get the most use of them

This step by step Manual will make it very easy for any player to find the landscape they want to start from while saving Loads of time.

Download this book NOW while it’s on sale

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Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator: With tribute from Eoin Colfer

by Stuart Reid

‘Gorgeously funny, exciting, smelly, revolting and brilliant!’ Eoin Colfer

Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator is an enjoyable and hilarious romp, loved by anyone with a cheeky schoolboy’s sense of humour. Realistic, believable and yet packed full of far-fetched, wacky madness!

Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun!

People are disappearing fast and no one seems to care.

Why are the people of Little Pumpington so miserable? Why has his evil teacher started smelling of wee? Why does Mr Jolly the Janitor collect hundreds of pairs of false teeth in a cupboard in his workshop?

During detention, Gorgeous George (who’s not really gorgeous at all) discovers a secret stash of soggy tea-bags and hundreds of boxes of broken biscuits hidden in a mysterious tunnel beneath the school. Can he solve these mysteries with the help of his Grandpa Jock, the wild-haired ginger Scotsman before he deafens the whole town with his bagpipes?

And do not try the รข??Burning Bag of Poo Prank’. You have been warned!

Bluffer’s Guide to Sex (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by Sarah Brewer

From ‘contraception’ to ‘Casanova’, and from ‘pheremones’ to ‘fetishism’, this work offers information that helps you to improve your position in any (social) intercourse.

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