Free poetry Kindle books for 10 Dec 15

Sad Piano Music in Syria

by Ludella Awad

Sad Piano Music in Syria is a collection of 43 poems about Syria and its peopleâ??from the memories of Syria before the civil war to its destruction and exodus of millions of refugeesâ??told in verse from the point of view of a sixteen-year old Syrian American high school student. Also included is an interview session with four relocated Syrians, including two recent arrivals.

Collected Poems

by Stephen Munslow

A collection of poems by Stephen Munslow. Sometimes controversial, always thought provoking, this anthology brings together the best of his poetry in one collection.

MY Island In Poetry

by Christopher Reilly

This Book of poetry is a Look at Ireland through my eyes, it is about the places I have traveled to and spent time in and also about the places I have lived.

It is also about our History with the English over 800 years Which was long and troubled

but that is another story for another time

I hope you enjoy .

Neo-romantic Poetry Vol II РPart I: Spanish РEnglish / Espa̱ol РIngl̩s

by Marc Tarrús

Neo-Romantic poetry of the poetical work: Catalan Hunter. This book includes, in bilingual edition, several Neo-Romantic poems of varied theme.

Broken Flower

by Danielle Duncan

Broken Flower is a collection of poems about love, loss, heartache, depression, sexual liberation, female empowerment and redemption.

Funny Poems and Limericks: A Book for When You Need a Laugh

by Chris Pottle

This is a collection of fifty three humourous poems and limericks that will keep you chuckling from start to finish.

On the Big Wide Ocean

by Mojahid Ahmed Gad

“On the Big Wide Ocean” demonstrates a glimpse of the writer’s experience, and his personal perspective on the world, through his life as a part of a contradicted, and not essentially defined world.

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