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History’s Most Mysterious Secret Societies

by Conrad Bauer

Mysterious and almost invisible, these secret societies changed the course of history! Secret societies have always fascinated us, we want to know why they exist, what they did and who are their members and leaders. Find out why the secret societies described in this book are worth knowing about.

For as long as humans have gathered together to form societies, there has been a subset of people who have form secret groups. Away from the prying eyes of the main group, these people have formed societies, unions, guilds, leagues, and other organisations with a wide variety of purposes. While some people gather together to drink beer in private and reminisce about the past, other groups have deeper, more complicated, and more nefarious purposes. On occasions such as these, the secret societies become instantly more fascinating.

For whatever reason, these groups cannot exist in the public eye. Whether this is because they are breaking the law, operating in a clandestine fashion, or because they fear retribution from other secret societies, they were often the only ones who knew. At the time, their ability to remain secret often meant the difference between life and death. Now, many years later, we can look back on these secret groups and try and lean exactly what they represented.

In this book, we will look into murder, assassinations, political coups, and events which left a huge impact on the history of the world. Behind some of the most tragic events in human history, these secret societies have operated in the shadows. Their influence has been felt in every corner of the world. Secrecy is not endemic to one country or one continent. Instead, all humans have a small part of themselves which craves the secrecy afforded to these groups. But only some of us manage to bond together to form societies such as these. That’s why they are remembered as the most mysterious secret societies in the world.

The secrets societies exposed in this book include:

– The Assassins;

– The Order of the White Lotus

– The Carbonari

– The Underground Railroad

– The Black Hand

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The Tyranny of Gun Control

by Sheldon Richman

The right to own firearms is one of the most fundamental, inherent rights of man. Not only do individuals have the natural, God-given right to own property, they also have the basic right to defend themselves from murderers, rapists, thieves, burglars, and other violent, antisocial people in society. Most important, individuals have the right to defend themselves from the oppressive, tyrannical acts of their own government.

This book shows why gun control poses an enormous threat to the liberty of the American people. It is a must read for anyone concerned about the future direction of freedom in the United States.

Deny me before men and You will be denied before my Father

by Brian Pinette

Would you deny your Mother or Father, spouse, lover or children … ?
Would you deny anyone you loved for personal gain or instant gratitifcation?

Stop! Listen! Look around! God is under siege. Politicians, citizenry and liberals with a profound un-abashed arrogance are ready, willing and quite able to deny God for their own personal and destructive agenda.

Christianity is under attack world-wide. And sadly, Christianity is under attack in America.

It is time not only to react, but time to act! It is past time to speak out or be forever silenced.

Do it for your family, for life, yourself & love …

Speak out for God!

Off Grid Living: 30 Outstanding Lessons on How To Generate Your Own Energy and Water Supply and Successfully Live off the Grid (off grid living, off grid books, off grid)

by Gilbert Wise

For many, living off the grid is a romantic idea rather than a serious one. For others, it’s the exact opposite. Living off the grid is a serious way of living that should not be taken for granted. People who live off the grid do so for different reasons. They may be concerned about an inevitable disaster that’s going to force everyone to live off the grid anyway. Or they may just enjoy the life of living simply without dependence on an exterior source.

Regardless of what your reason is for wanting to live off the grid, this book will teach you thirty different techniques for generating your own water, your own energy, and other ways to live securely and comfortably without being dependent on anybody else.

It’s an exciting way of living that many have dreamed about but that few have actually done. But in light of the ever shifting threats to our economy and our security, there’s an increasing list of good reasons for why living off the grid is a realistic lifestyle to turn toâ?¦and one that more and more Americans every year are.

If you’ve ever wondered what living off the grid will entail and how you can do it, reading this book will be an excellent first start.

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EMP Survival: Be Prepared To Survive Any Case of EMP (EMP Survival, EMP Survival books, EMP Survival novels)

by Mark Young

An EMP attack is imminent, and it can happen at any time, it is always crucial to prepare so that you can survive. From this book you will learn: Different survival strategies to use to survive an EMP attack. Procedures to follow when you want to escape in a catastrophic EMP situation.

Different types of gadgets that can be thoroughly affected by the EMP attack. Devices that are not affected by the EMP attack that can help you to survive an EMP attack. Types of food that you can stock up in anticipation of an EMP event or attack.

Protective gear that you can use to protect your gadgets from being destroyed by EMP attack.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to create a family plan that can help in locating them in case of an EMP attack
  • How to inform your neighbours and friends about the EMP attack and how they can protect themselves against its dangers to survive
  • How to harvest rainwater that can be useful to you, when the water systems have been contaminated by an EMP attack
  • Simple solutions that prove to be crucial to surviving in an EMP attack
  • How to best tackle the dangers presented after an EMP attack occurs
  • Precautions that you should take after the occurrence of an EMP attack
  • How to use your home garden to grow your food and keep livestock

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ISIS: A Comprehensive Guide On ISIS – Learn The Truth About ISIS, Who They Are And What Threat They Pose To Global Security (ISIS Exposed, ISIS Inside The Army Of Terror, Terrorism)

by Jordan Baker


A Comprehensive Guide On ISIS – Learn The Truth About ISIS, Who They Are And What Threat They Pose To Global Security

As the number two global threat in the world, ISIS has been gaining a growing awareness among the global community. Here is an overview of the history of how ISIS was formed in terms of the political landscape that they were able to grow from.

This book will also cover:

  • How ISIS has managed to develop into their current position
  • The Importance of not Feeding Fear
  • How Has the Media Played into the ISIS agenda?
  • Global Concerns
  • How the International Community is awakening to the need for action
  • And more

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The Sage of Nature: A short story about the good and evil in nature

by Seamus Kane

A city dweller comes to live in the country and receives an unexpected visit. His strange new found friend shares with some harsh lessons about nature. Just when the urbanite thinks that he is getting a grasp of his new world, unforeseen events change his circumstances

The Savvy Sorcerer

by Wayne Hilborn

I think that any mind power aficionado will relish this book above all others.

For the first time in history a book can explain all the mysteries, magik, and miracles that occur all around us.

This book will PROVE that you are truly magikal, and will have even the skeptics among you performing authentic miracles before the book is done, and maybe even in the next 15 minutes.

This book will also show you extreme dangers in using “Law of Attraction” such as how placing someone’s mansion on your vision board could cause the family living there financial hardship, illnesses, or even death so they can vacate the home in time for your deadline.

You only wanted a nice house, but managed to kill an entire family and incur karmic wrath in your untrained process. This is obviously an exaggeration, but the point is valid and possible.

Magik can be dangerous unless you are trained to avoid negative imagery and correct wordings, as all thought is prayer and every word is a magik spell.

If you think your mother has moved into a bad neighborhood, then she could be attacked just to satisfy that “prayer”/random stereotypical belief/thought/expectation.” They all work with the same mechanisms.

ALL THOUGHTS AFFECT REALITY. Not just the thoughts we pick and choose during prayers and affirmations.

The first part of the book explains the nature of our reality, and the second half of the book is mostly on how we can use the nature of our reality to alter our reality for the better.

Many of you think that if you pray or affirm for something then a god is listening to you, and may provide it for you if you are deemed worthy. The truth is that we are ALL god. Collectively.

I will PROVE you are a part of god. I will then show you how to alter your world the way a God would.

This book shall vastly improve your life, and I know some of you are reading this based upon recommendations from others.

Trust your friends and family if they bought this for you.

The idea behind Hermetic Magik is simple. Nothing is real.

Do you feel real? What if I told you, you were made of tiny particles called atoms, and that these atoms were mind-boggingly empty. What if I told you that atoms were 99.9999999999% empty space? Would you then realize that you are only 0.0000000001% as real as you thought you were a minute ago at best.

The Buddhists, The Hindus’, The Wiccans, Ancient Egyptians, and even the people of Atlantis (allegedly, according to Emerald Tablets translation) all live under the same religious philosophy that we live in a PERFECT Giant High-Definition mind of a deity in which we are all a part.

The idea that we live in an imaginary world is easy to prove.

Walk outside and pick two fluffy white clouds. Now paint one of them blue with your mind and within ten minutes it will completely vanish while the control cloud remains totally intact. This works because nobody has any notions about the solidity of a cloud.

Try to dissolve a brick in a similar fashion and you will be up against the minds of everyone who has ever seen, heard of, or touched a brick.

If you try to dissolve the cloud in front of some friends you may invite skepticism which will pollute your magik.

So you are less than 15 minutes into this book and miracle one has already been accomplished. You think that cloud vanishing was just flukey luck? Try it another dozen times.

This book should vastly improve the life of all who follow this book. Some concepts are simple, and some are tougher, but at the end of this book you will feel empowered to work many miracles with ease. You will also have the confidence.

I am willing to bet that most everyone will read this book more than once. It is different from anything else in history. It’s called “THE TRUTH”.

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