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Pimp My Fiction: Powerful writing creates bestsellers: Secrets of writing a successful novel using techniques from the best reference guides on creative writing.

by Paula Wynne

Improve your writing. Transform your novel into a page turning bestseller. Ensure your success as a novelist.

The craft of writing an exciting novel that fascinates our readers is knowing how to make things happen on the page.

In order to write bestselling fiction we need to learn how to write a novel using writing techniques that the best authors weave through their novels.

To entice our readers to turn pages and see what happens next, we have to find the most exciting way to tell our story. As aspiring writers, we need to learn how to write fiction and to perfect our writing craft with dynamic words to connect our plot and characters to our readers.

This writing skill is acquired over time. Along with reading books in the genre we are writing, a new novelist will also find success from the guidance of writing tutors who share their knowledge and experience by writing reference books.

We have to learn how to structure our story with strategically placed plot points. But just as important is knowing how to weave our character’s arc into scenes so they drive the story forward.

When creating our characters, we have lots of personality templates and different archetypes to choose from, yet whichever route we choose, we have to be sure the characters we create are completely believable. This includes putting them on an emotional journey throughout the story.

Just as important, we must ensure each character speaks with their own distinctive tone in the dialogue they use when they interact with other characters.

Likewise, our villains must be real and reveal their character traits slowly, to worry our readers. By exploring character viewpoint, we’re able to give our readers a thrilling experience with a powerful point of view.

Next, we must discover ways to captivate our readers within the first few pages of our novels and keep them riveted and hooked throughout. We do this by writing vivid settings as seen through our character’s senses.

Whatever genre we are writing; we must always have the desire to learn writing fiction techniques from acclaimed authors. Whether our passion is writing thrillers, supernatural and paranormal, fantasy and science fiction or romance, or even children’s books, there is something for everyone in this book.

Within the pages of Pimp My Fiction I have included writing reference books that offer templates and blueprints to help you to start creating your plot, building your characters and writing your novel.

So, if you’re reading this book because you want to find out how to write a novel, this ultimate list of writing fiction technique books will provide you with all the tools you will possibly need.

Above all, Pimp My Fiction will inspire, inform, and enlighten aspiring authors.

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Funny Looking Little Wazoom

Little Wazoom has a

very funny look,

but even though he looks

different than the other

Wazoos he doesn’t care.

What Wazoom cares about

is his inner beauty

and how he treats others.

He knows that he is loved and

he loves himself too.

He is the most beautiful and

happiest Wazoo in all of

Wazoo Town.

22 words from the English Language with meaning: bite size learning (learning with mohammed raj abdullah Book 1)


22 words from the English Language with meaning

Lily Learns Colours

by Jane Catherine Coleiro

Lily and her friend Brenda, have odd ideas about colours and how they work. Then they meet up with their new friend, Chrissy, who opens their eyes and shows them how beautiful colours can be. Discover and learn basic colours with them.

This story has 27 pages and 27 different images. Hope you enjoy it!

Ratio and Proportion for Competitive Exams: Topic Wise Series for Competitive Exams

by A. P. Singh

Ratio and Proportion for Competitive Exams is part of our Chapter Wise series for Competitive Exams (Quantitative Aptitude / Reasoning)

This EBook is divided into three parts:

1. Important Topics with Solved Examples

2. Solved Examples Exercise

3. Practice Questions Exercise with Answers

ABA THERAPY: DO IT YOURSELF: Applied Behavior Analysis

This is a brief manual for parents, spouses or siblings to help a person in need to achieve skills relating to coping skills, social skills, hygiene skills, or any maladaptive behavior they wish to target.

Evernote Hacks Box Set: 77 Ultimate Evernote Hacks to Boost Your Life and Speed Your Performance (Evernote books, Evernote Haks, Evernote Essentials)

by Edward Thompson

BOOK #1: Evernote Hacks: 50 Evernote Ultimate Hacks to Boost Your Life

This book shows you how Evernote can make your life a lot easier. We all need to be a little more organized from time to time, and this book explains how Evernote hacks can help us to get rid of clutter and remind us of where we need to be.

The book also explains how certain hacks can:

  • Make your day to day life so much easier
  • Be hugely beneficial to students
  • Make your work life more efficient
  • Show you how planning a vacation can be so much easier
  • Ensure you know where you should be at any given time
  • Help you to find the cheapest place to eat
  • And so much more!

BOOK #2: Evernote Hacks: 22 Useful Hacks to Speed Your Performance and Upgrade Your Productivity

What Evernote is best to be used for and what can this app do to make your everyday life easier and simpler? In our Evernote Hacks for Speeding up your Productivity and Upgrading your Proficiency, we are discussing great ways on how you can use Evernote tools and features for getting hold of better organization and more quality everyday life, both, on business and personal life field, so you can become faster at completing your tasks and following up with your everyday commitments.

Among basic features, you will get to know more advanced options Evernote has to offer for Free and Premium users, in order to help you organize your life, so whether you are working from home, attending college, dealing with your own business or working in any other profession, you will find Evernote to be useful in so many ways. Among 6 chapters in our Evernote guide, you will find 22 Hacks and additional tips on upgrading your productivity.

We are discussing aboutk:

  • Evernote hacks for beginners
  • Hacks for organizing your entire day
  • Getting creative with Evernote tools
  • Evernote hacks for business
  • Evernote tools and features
  • Top Evernote tips and tricks

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