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Romance: Historical Romance: Finding Love On The Frontier Volume II: A Mail Order Bride Collection (Sweet Historical Western Inspirational Short Stories) (Clean Frontier Romance Anthologies)

by Hope Meadow Publishing


Finding Love On The Frontier: Volume II is a collection of the following four CLEAN mail order bride romance stories:

Mail Order Bride: Margaret

A Mail Order Bride For William

Mail Order Bride: Lucy’s Story

A Mail Order Bride For Isaac

The Snow Maiden: A Suspense Thriller

by Joseph Rogers

This exciting suspense thriller filled with interesting characters.

Sarah Hamilton, a beauty queen in a Wisconsin town, becomes involved with a dangerous man named Wayne Kirchner whose criminal activities lead to murder.

Robert Alma, a private detective from Chicago, is hot on the trail of Wayne.

Thomas Angelique, a wealthy young businessman, becomes ensnared in a tangled web of intrigue.

Embarking on a spiritual journey, Sarah makes several confessions at St. Faustina Church where she seeks absolution and advice from her parish priest to whom she tells her innermost secrets, confident that he will honor the seal of confession.

A kind young girl named Chloe, whose mysterious mystical gifts include precognition, plays an integral role in events that move steadily to a shocking, dramatic resolution.



Time seemed to change into slow motion as Sarah landed on the carpet. She saw blood spurt from her wound. Her mind filled with surrealistic images, reminding her of Salvador Dali paintings that she had studied in college in an art history class.

She found herself falling to the floor of St. Faustina Church. The front doors of the church had been blown open by a powerful wind that blew through the church.

On the altar there was a huge Eucharistic host from which red and white beams of light radiated. She heard a voice in her mind, and she found herself responding to the voice.

“The wind blows cold and freezes the land. Do you not seek warmth?”

“Your grace is sufficient for me,” Sarah replied.

“The sun is setting as the day departs. Do you not seek light?”

“The light of your face is sufficient for me.”

“Your blood flows from you. Do you not seek life?”

“Your life sustains me, and I live through your Body and Blood.”

“So be it. Then live through me, with me, and in me.”

“So be it,” she agreed.

The red and white beams of light radiating from the Eucharistic host on the altar became so bright that the world seemed to be immersed in a sea of light. Sarah fell into a deep sleep.


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The author’s website is and has links to his Instagram and YouTube pages.

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