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Advanced Sublunary: INCEPTION

by K.J. Spivey

What will you do when the world changes for the worst? Will you go along with the crowd, and follow orders because society wants to control everything you do everything you say? Or stand up and fight, fight for the loved ones you’ve lost to the circumstances. Fight for your god given right to live the life you were destined to live. Maybe you don’t know. Maybe you cannot answer that question until you’re in the situation and forced to make a decision.

Sean is a twenty year old college student who is having one or the worst days ever: tension with his step dad, the stress of basketball tryouts and failing grades are just the beginning. The country is also in shambles as the risk of going to war with rival countries increases every day. He decides to go to a friend’s house to unwind and play video games. Their relaxation quickly turns frantic when unexplained explosions rock the neighborhood. A phone call from his friend’s dad who is stationed on a military base turns weird when he demands for them to get down into a unfinished bunker for safety. After spending days inside, they emerge from the bunker and quickly find out that the world is a different place. It is evident that the war has started. No one can listen to things the so-called leaders of the world have told them. Nothing adds up as they find out they have to survive on their own. It is now a new world, an advanced sublunary. This is inception.

The Sentient Collector (The Sentient Trilogy Book 1)

by Ian Williams

A brand new Sci-Fi story from the writer of TRANSITORY

The Sentient Collector

In 2058 everything and everyone is connected. THEY ARE VULNERABLE. An EVIL intelligence lurks deep within the SIMOVA network, waiting for its time to strike. Only a few know it even exists. They will not risk others knowing.

Once it begins, it cannot be stopped. Only one man can try. He is called THE SENTIENT COLLECTOR. Unfortunately, most think he is but a myth. Proving he is not could make the difference between war and peace.

Follow GRAHAM, PHOENIX and KRISTOF as they are each dragged into a PLOT that threatens their entire city. Three characters from very different walks of life are brought crashing together in a thrilling battle of will against a seemingly insurmountable enemy. Will they stop it, or DIE trying?

For an extra twist The Sentient Collector starts where many other stories end. It tells the story that comes years after the world’s first AI is created and then lost in highly suspicious circumstances.

>>>Do you like Sci-Fi with twists, turns and a great plot?

The Sentient Collector will SURPRISE and ENTERTAIN. Think you know what’s going to happen? Think again!

>>>The Sentient Collector is book 1 of The Sentient Trilogy

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Everville: The Rise of Mallory

by Roy Huff

Everville #4 The Fall of Brackenbone now available for a limited low price!

2014 Readers’ Favorite Young Adult Fantasy Silver Medal Winner!

As the epic journey continues, a victorious Owen Sage stands undefeated against his enemies. His last battle in Everville gave rise to a new insidious evil, Mallory; whose determination to defeat him opens an unexplored Pandora’s box. Owen’s search for truth will unveil the mystery and surprising insights surrounding himself and his friends at Easton Falls University. New creatures will be uncovered and the true value of friendship will be tested, as Owen embarks on yet another battle in Everville.


  • Everville: The First Pillar.
  • Everville: The City of Worms.
  • Everville: The Rise of Mallory.

Here is what the critics are saying!

“Superlative sci-fi fantasy that ticks all the boxes!” -John Hennessy

“A fantastic trip to another world” -Toby T

“Filled with adventure and a dramatic story line.” -Lynelle Clark

“Depicts his characters and the worlds with detail.” -Siina

“Escalates into a breathless climax.” – The Digital Journal

2015 IAN Book of the Year Fantasy Finalist, Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone, is also now available.Grab a copy!

Mystery: The Phantoms mystery – Part One: (A Suspense Thriller Mystery Novel) (Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Thriller Suspense Book 1)





It’s the year 2020: the height of a great conflict known as the Silent War. The Seekers, an international organization, are constantly defending the planet against their greatest threat: the Phantoms. No one sees them, but they see everything. Join the struggle as devoted Seeker agent, Rachel Moore, must find a way to bring down these merciless extremists before it is too late. It all started as Agent Moore and Agent Michaels were to check out a possible sighting at Madison Square Garden. With that, the other agent and Moore made their way inside the dome building. As they walked in, Moore couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Instinctively, her hand pressed against the form of her gun, always ready in case it needed to be used. She hoped that she wouldn’t be placed in the situation to use it. Agent Michaels and she made their way up the stairs to the second floor where the report was made. It was a necessary precaution in order to prevent Phantom agents from attempting to assassinate or impersonate any of the Directors when they were out of protective territory.

What will happened next?


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## The series complete in two book  ## 


Mystery: The Phantoms mystery (A Suspense Thriller Mystery Novel) is a novel  by mystery thriller suspense MYST PUBLISHING 


RIFTS: A Science Fiction Thriller

by C. R. Downing

Author C. R. Downing introduces the Clurn, aliens from the planets Narxon and Bafwique. As they search for a new home world, they could care less about eradicating anyone, or any species–including mammals–or others of their own kind.

A history of alien intrigue, genocide, invasion, civil war, and colonization with an ending guaranteed to surprise even the most avid mystery lover.

Beware! You may find yourself loading the closest exterminators on speed dial even before you carefully close the cover on this tale.

Machina Obscurum: A Collection of Small Shadows

by J Edward Neill

Tread lightly into ancient, forbidden realms. Wander into the futures of apocalyptic worlds. Know what it feels like to face the darkness alone.

Machina Obscurum contains twenty-two short tales by nine masters of fiction. Within these pages lie stories of men and monsters, of lonely souls and far-distant places. No matter what whets your appetite: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or hard, dark realistic fiction, A Collection of Small Shadows has it all.

…and more.

Jasmine Cowl and the Salagi Talking Stick

by Jason Fink

Jasmine Cowl is pissed. Fifteen years ago, the young African American woman and a group of her friends had managed to save the world. Now she’s stuck in a boring, mundane life, in spite of the fact that she works for the CIA… not that CIA, the other one. Saddled with a family, a job, and the PTA, she thinks she’s found a new threat.

Disgruntled gnomes, talking islands, and a car that seems to have taken a life of its own force themselves into Jasmine’s life as a hunt for a powerful wand turns her life inside out. This time she’s fighting for more than the fate of the world. This time she’s fighting for her kids.

Twisted Fate: Book One: Race for the Book of Death – A Novel

by Desiree Theobald

A Young Girl Finds a Magical and Mysterious Island Hidden Within the Bermuda Triangle

In this novel, fourteen-year-old Josaphina Milwood learns that her marine biologist parents are lost at sea around the Bermuda Triangle. Now an orphan, Josaphina decides to search for her parents. Josaphina travels down to the Bermuda Triangle where she lands on Luphron Island in the land of Defrontelasia, a magical and mysterious world that is hidden within the Bermuda Triangle. Josaphina is guided through this new land by Dasia, coming across people and creatures that are beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Josaphina, in the fateful battle between good and evil, helps fight against the sinister Darsel ruling Defrontelasia.

Steel Golem (Chaos Heart Book 1)

by Zoltán Szilágyi

“He touched the golem precisely at the moment when it ripped apart the fabric that protected the world and entered the void.”

Only a few days ago Dr. Cole was spending his days in the Queen Mary Military Hospital under the drowsy fog of various medicines. The decoding expert lost his family in London’s bombing during the First World War. The tragedy pushed him to the edge and he ended up in the institution. However, his monotone days take a sharp turn when two mysterious strangers visit him at the hospital.

He finds himself in the middle of the chase for the Steel Golem, something everybody desires, but nobody knows what truly is. His companions are Amram, the restless clockmaker, the Belgian Lord Potts and the visitors from the hospital. Together, the small team crosses the frontline to reach its goal. However, it soon turns out that the golem is only a tiny fraction of the puzzle that overarches the spheres.

In the first book of the Chaos Heart trilogy, Zoltán Szilágyi guides his readers to a steam-and-steel-powered world where nobody is who he appears to be or what she believes herself to be. If you’re interested in a story that fuses steampunk and hard science fiction… you don’t have to look further.

Blood for Blood (City of Sin Book 4)

by Simon Smith-Wilson

The power struggle for North City finally reaches boiling point. Marcus Riggs defects from his grieving father, declaring himself the first President of the North. Marcus wants to offer peace, security and progression for the people of his great city, but dark forces move in the shadows. Jasmine Murdock rules the twelve families with brutal effectiveness. If you do not stand with Jasmine, then your life expectancy will be vastly shortened. Things turn bad when key members of her crew begin to turn up in body bags. Trouble is brewing at North City airport, as the world media covers the hostage situation by the criminally insane JR. President Riggs has to deal with his first major crisis carefully, as all eyes around the world watch his moves.

River and Ariel are struggling with their relationship. Ariel’s dependency on drugs leads to a complicated affair with her landlord, which threatens to ruin everything they have created. Kerry has come to a significant decision. She has to leave North City. Travis is turning her daughter against her, but how far is she willing to go to secure the job transfer? How deep into the darkness will she walk? Chelsea is lost in a world of sorrow and hate. They murdered her boyfriend and are taking back her home. She sets out on a path of revenge, but with her daughter contracting the Hot Death how will she cope in this dark world alone? Life changing decisions have drastic repercussions on those in power and those ordinary people just trying to get by. Devastating actions lead to bold choices. The future of North City is in the balance in this epic battle for total control.

The Plight of Ninetails: Part 1 (Sheath and Felix)

by Christopher Weatherall

The universe is at war. The All Father, creator of all that is, has risen from his eternal slumber and is determined to put all life to an end. Sheath Solarin is the Mortal heir to the Celestial throne. He and his new-found lover Felix Adawnte must face the impossible and find a way to save the universe and all that inhabit it from the impending destruction.

Sheath Moondawn is your average gay wolf boy. All his life he thought he would stay that way, average, until the day he learned of his true destiny. Now he has the fate of the entire universe on his shoulders, and to top it all off, the love of his life, Felix Adawnte has proclaimed his love for him! Overwhelmed by this rapid turn of events, Sheath must now learn to find a balance between his relationship and his destiny in time to realize his true potential and stop the Queen of Darkness from furthering the encroachment of the void.

The Plight of Ninetails Part 1 is the first Installment of the Sheath & Felix Series Featuring the Anthropomorphic characters Sheath and Felix.

This book has Homoerotic content and is intended for Adult readers only.

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