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Natural Energy Boosters: Learn How to Boost Your Energy Naturally By Using Essential Oils, Drinking Herbal Teas and Juices, And By Eating High Energy Foods

by Debra Roberts

Learn How to Boost Your Body Energy Level Naturally:

Each year, Americans consume 8.1 billion dollars worth of Energy Drinks.  For us busy people, getting that boost of energy is much need to progress throughout our busy day. Energy drinks are especially popular amongst teens and young adults who need the energy to study late, increase their sports performance or to extend their party night out. However, energy drinks have a dark side. Some of these risks include:

  • Rise in blood pressure,
  • disrupted sleep patterns,
  • exacerbate psychiatric disease,
  • cause physiologic dependence,
  • and increase the risk of subsequent addiction.

But did you know you can get energized naturally without the drinking unhealthy drinks? Yes you can. Natural substances such as certain types of food, teas, and essentials oil will allow you to boost your energy level efficiently and naturally. Not only will these naturally substances boost your energy level, but these organic substances will also give your body the nutrients and minerals you need.

You will learn how to boost Energy Eaturally With:

Essential Oils– Learn how to use essential oils to boost your energy.

Organic Foods– Learn which organic foods to eat to boost your energy naturally.

Juicing– Learn how to increase your energy by juicing.

Teas- Learn which herbal teas are good for raising your energy levels.

Don’t touch that Energy drink. And put down that cup of coffee. Get your natural energy boost by Downloading this book now!

Natural Remedies: The Ultimate Honey Cure: 31 Amazing Health Benefits, secrets and uses of honey natural cures revealed (Natural Health Benefits, Remedies, Weight Loss, and Skin Care Beauty)

by Danyale Lebon

Are You Looking for Natural Cures? Discover all of the Secret Benefits of Honey and its Incredible Natural Healing Powers!


With this Ultimate Guide to Honey you’ll find 31 Amazing natural remedies and benefits of Honey that will easily transform yourself into a more energized, better looking and healthier you!

Honey is a completely natural food. It is actually the only food that does not spoil and is super easy to keep on hand for everyday use. It is one of the ancient clean eating foods that remained unchanged in terms of production and has a long listed secret history of curing common ailments such as cough & cold, sore throat, skin conditions, allergies, anemia and much more!

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How honey can be used to torch the fat off naturally and easily
  • How honey can improve your overall health and vitality
  • How honey can restore your natural beauty and age prevention!

Why honey is one of the best skin care books you’ll find

  • Are you tired of having chronic fatigue all of the time?
  • Are you tired of struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective all-natural beauty treatment without nasty side-effects?

If you really want to create a healthier, more energized and better body and mind then choosing these ultimate honey cures is your solution!

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Mental Focus and Brain Games For Memory Improvement: 3 Books In 1 Boxed Set

by Speedy Publishing

Mental Focus and Brain Games For Memory Improvement helps the reader show how an individual can regain the focus they lost and how to maintain this focus by eliminating or reducing the unwanted distractions. This boxed set is a compilation of books that will help improve one’s memory through brain games and exercise. It is an easy read and the instructions outlined are extremely easy to go through and execute. The process requires the individual to prioritize their tasks and to get them done accordingly. It is not as hard as it may seem.

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome: Experiencing Complex PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Depersonalization, Derealization, and Migraines (Transcend Mediocrity Book 101)

by J.B. Snow

Many people have heard of trauma and PTSD. But when we think of PTSD, many of us think of nightmares and flashbacks which are related to one traumatic incident or event that has been experienced by the sufferer. There is another form of PTSD that is related to being exposed to repetitive trauma. It is called Complex PTSD, coined by a woman named Judith Herman.

In this ebook, we will first explain Complex PTSD and trauma as it relates to Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS). We will also discuss how AIWS relates to migraines, stress and food intolerances. We will then touch base on who exactly is prone to experience Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, what the symptoms are, and how one can seek relief from this mysterious brain disturbance.

What is Complex PTSD? How does it relate to Alice in Wonderland Syndrome? Complex PTSD is a disorder which alters a person’s cognitive state, personality and emotional states due to repeated exposure to events in which the person feels incapable or helpless.

These events can be an abusive romantic relationship or childhood physical abuse. Traumatic events can include a death, an infidelity, a complicated birth, a medical or mental illness, a job loss and many other events. Events that cause people stress and dysfunction can also include natural disasters, school bullying, rape, theft, mugging, automobile accidents, and physical injury.

PTSD or Complex PTSD can be caused by nearly any event in which a person feels an overall lack of control in reference to what is occurring. They feel hopeless, helpless, weak or powerless during the event because of circumstances or actions which may be out of their control.

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The Best of All Worlds: A Family Doctor’s Path to Integrative Medicine

by Andrew Lenhardt MD

“My goal as a physician has been to find the best of what the world has to offer in terms of wellness and prevention, no matter what the source.

This book is a distillation of my experience after many years of clinical practice as a primary care physician. Whether you are a patient frustrated by the limitations of mainstream American medicine or a physician interested in using both traditional and non-traditional options, this is a crash course in integration.

This book will provide an overview of the most important trends in health, pulling them together cohesively and illustrating that, in order for medical care in our country to improve, we must move American medicine toward a more balanced approach.”

– Dr. Lenhardt

Beat the Hell Out of Reactive Hypoglycemia

by Ryan Hamner

Not only has author Ryan Hamner survived cancer 4 times, but he’s also learned to control reactive hypoglycemia naturally and live a virtually symptom-free life. Ryan teaches the important steps you must take in order to make reactive hypoglycemia a thing of the past. Learn what foods you can eat and when to eat them, sample meal plans, a morning shake Ryan has used for years to help put an end to symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that lead to crashes, fatigue and cravings. Is coffee and the occasional drink helping your condition or making it worse? Ryan tells you all about it. After reading this eBook, you can get started immediately on a plan that will alleviate your symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia for good!

The Reality of Climate Change: The Biggest Threat To All of Humanity and Life Forms on Earth

by Alastair Agutter

Many say if there was a real just God the events on Earth would not happen, surrounding Extremism, Social Unrest, Conflict and Climate Change. I say Divine Creation does exist through Natural Law and the Earth does not only host Human Beings, but countless millions of life specie entities that can only be described as beautiful miracles of evolution.

As only one species, the human race is issuing a sentence of death to all life we know on Earth and the planet is dying from human greed and negligence.

Many human health issues today relate to Corporate Industrial Pollution World-Wide and nothing is being done by the political elite other than selling continued lies, or diversionary tactics such as warning of smoking as a major health problem as just one example.

“On the 12th of October 2015 BBC’s Newsnight Team Broadcast a News Feature on Air Pollution which confirms my findings in this ‘NEW’ Book on Climate Change regarding serious Health issues including Respiratory Disorders, Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.”

“On Monday the 22nd of November 2015 there was a Special Sky News Report, where HRH Prince Charles accurately stated the planet faces catastrophe and needs to be put on life support now to prevent ever increasing disasters as a result of Climate Change.”

At the time of writing this book, there are two specific numbers you need to remember and these are 275 and 400!

What relevance are the above numbers you may rightly ask?

FACT: 275 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide for starting all of life on Earth and in layman terms, many millions of years ago.

FACT: 400 Is the parts per million number of Carbon Dioxide today in the Earths atmosphere and these factual measurements are courtesy of friends and colleagues at NASA (

Ever wondered why there is a rise in Respiratory Disorders, Alzheimer’s, Dementia the list goes on….

Written within this book for all, are the facts and these writings are not the whims of liberalism, or any other body that would give cause for today’s Corporate Capitalist to submit a plea of justifiable denial.

I wrote this book with first hand personal experiences of Climate Change. Where I have witnessed crops failing from a lack of Bees to Pollinate, in 2012 Saltwater Mullet species stressed at the waters edge gasping for life, seen Estuary saltwater fish nurseries wiped out from the continued flooding of freshwater into these areas depleting the salt content chemistry. Seen friends and Seniors suffering from poor health with breathing difficulties from Sulphur and Carbon Dioxide the list goes on!

The Human Race has become a menace and a threat to all life on Earth and therefore Man must change and now!

The few can no longer do all the heavy lifting, the burden now befalls on us all to ensure change and we can all start by using the power of our wallets and purse, the only thing these Corporate Empires understand is money!

Believe it or not, by all of us changing our shopping habits we can begin to change the World in the hope to preserve all life on Earth. “If we do not buy it, they will not make it.”

I want us all to be able to look directly into the eyes of our Grand Children and say we tried!




Climate Change to Our Seas

Climate Change to Our Lands

Climate Change Reality to Human Health

Climate Change Human Industrialization

Climate Change Technology, Trades and Crafts Can Embrace Change

Climate Change Eminent Quotations


I leave you with this Quotation:-


“For a more knowing and informed world, we are becoming forever more complicit based on the evidence presented to us, regarding the demise of our Earth we all know as home.”

~ Alastair R Agutter

Four Minute: Chemistry Vocabulary: Learn the Most Important Chemistry Vocabulary on the Fast Track

by LearnRapid

Four Minute: Chemistry Vocabulary contains over 250 of the most important words in the language of Chemistry!

An Immediate Reference for the Most Important Words in Chemistry

Clickable Table of Contents by Starting Letter

Laboratory Vocabulary

General Basic Chemistry Vocabulary

Biologically Relevant Vocabulary

Atomic Vocabulary

Physical State Vocabulary

Much More ….

Have the Most Important Chemistry Vocabulary Available in a Concise Form; Quickly Available on Your Digital Fingertips!!!

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