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Book Bundle Package : Miss Passport City Guides Present: Charleston + Williamsburg, VA + Washington Dc (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 32)

by Sharon Bell

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Charleston South Carolina Travel Guide 1

Miss passport mini three day unforgettable vacation itinerary (Charleston South Carolina; portal to the low country. 

If you have ever wanted to experience Southern hospitality and early American history firsthand Denny Miss passport; portal to the low country, mini three day unforgettable vacation itinerary is a guidebook for you. Charleston South Carolina is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the continental United States. Founded in 1670 (it was part of the original 13 colonies. But later split into two separate states, south and north) Charleston is often referred to as the “South Carolina low country because of its proximity to the coast and abundance of marshes and islands. All of which has its own story from lost colonies to being hideaways for escaping slaves and renegade Indians. 

Washington DC Travel Guide – Miss Passport mini three day unforgettable vacation itinerary

Miss Passport mini three day unforgettable vacation itinerary (Washington DC Part three)

Washington DC, also known as the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital is a magnificent and culturally diverse city with groups are presenting. Almost every national and ethnic background imaginable, from Japan to China to Greece, France, Italy and Germany, the District is a microcosm of the entire planet housing territory in the form of embassies. For most of the recognized nations around the world, a visit to Washington DC is as close as you can get to achieving Phileas Fogg’s goal of traveling the world in 80 days. What makes Washington DC and even better proposition is that you don’t have to worry about passport or exchanging your money or a language barrier (unless of course you are a foreign national.).

Aside from the obvious things like national monuments, and the Smithsonian Institution, the White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (arguably one of the most famous addresses in the entire world) or the government offices of the house and the senate. There are all sorts of smaller attractions. 

Williamsburg Virginia Travel Guide : Miss Passport City Guides Presents Mini 3 Day Unforgettable Vacation

Miss Passport mini three-day unforgettable vacation itinerary (Williamsburg, Virginia)

Williamsburg Virginia is absolutely integral to the history of the United States. It was the site of the first European settlement on the North American continent with the Jamestown colony. Founded May 14, 1607 Virginia witnessed the transition from British colonialism to American sovereignty with the surrender of the British at Yorktown and she was again present when the nation was once again unified with the surrender of the Confederate Army at Appomattox. Virginia has also been witness to one of the darkest chapters in American history, when the first African slaves landed on her shores in 1619. Virginia, particularly Williamsburg might be considered the backbone of the nation, and if not the backbone then definitely one of the vertebrae Virginia’s rich history is woven deep into the tapestry that is America. She has witnessed many great turning points in history she is the birthplace of eight US presidents, and she continues to be at the forefront of American politics.


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A rugby fan’s guide to Cardiff: The home of Welsh rugby

by Trevor Price

This Guide book helps you make the most of your visit to the beating heart of Welsh rugby. Plan your before- and after-match time, making sure you don’t miss any of the excitement, heritage and proud passion that the home of the Welsh Millennium Stadium has to offer!


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by Jon Shelton

What do you think of when you hear the word “bodybuilder”? Perhaps you picture a large man with rippling muscles and rock-hard abs. Or a woman with tight, artificially tanned skin and bulging biceps. In reality, you do not have to spend twenty hours a week at the gym to become a bodybuilder and you do not need to become obsessed with lifting weights. All you need is the motivation and determination to improve your fitness and your body composition.

If you want to improve your fitness and build a better body, this book is the perfect place to start. This book is full of information about bodybuilding at its most basic level, including aspects of fitness as well as nutrition. In reading this book you will learn about the three core principles of bodybuilding including tips for bulking and cutting. You will also receive a collection of recipes and tips for what to eat before, during and after your workouts to maximize your results.

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