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Growing Vegetables In An R S Combo: (Expanded Edition) Raised Bed Garden And Straw Bale Garden Combination

by Norman J Stone

New and Expanded Growing Vegetables In a Raised Bed and Straw Bale Garden combination – The R S Combo
Previous Version buyers please note – this is a significantly expanded edition of the previous book of similar title. Over 20% new material and over 40 pictures and illustrations are included within.

Growing vegetables organically by sustainable means is taken to a new level, with this concept of an RS Combo (Raised Bed Straw Bale Combination). By combining these two popular gardening techniques, you can have the best of both worlds and grow a virtually limitless array of vegetables and other plants.

The inherent weakness of growing veggies in straw bales, is the fact that they will only last 1 season, or 2 at most. Growing perennials such as rhubarb, strawberries, Asparagus or berry bushes is also a no-no because of this short-lived aspect.

With Raised Beds, they can be expensive to build and fill with compost regularly as the material reduces through natural depletion.

However combine the two, forming an RS Combo and you have a ‘gardening revolution.’
As you will learn from this book, incorporating the idea of the RS Combo means that each concept compliments the other very well. The RS Combo(TM) combines the strengths, and effectively neutralises the weakness of the individual ideas, to produce an all-round vegetable gardening solution to suit every need.

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Foraging: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Foraging – Learn How To Identify And Use Medicinal Herbs, Plus 14 Wild Edible Plants You Can Eat To Survive In The Wild!

by Jonathan Olson


The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Foraging – Learn How To Identify And Use Medicinal Herbs, Plus 14 Wild Edible Plants You Can Eat To Survive In The Wild!

“Foraging: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Foraging – Learn How To Identify And Use Medicinal Herbs, Plus 14 Wild Edible Plants You Can Eat To Survive In The Wild!” is the one-stop resource solution you need to become a better forager and a better survivor. This book is specifically designed to help you expound your knowledge of wild edible and wild medicinal plants. Chances are that you have been ignoring a particular plant just beyond your garden, primarily because you are unware of its usefulness.

The book is divided into chapters, making it easier for you to follow. The various chapters include:

  • Chapter 1 – Foraging Strategies
  • Chapter 2 – The Diet Breadth Model and Decision Making
  • Chapter 3 – How to Identify Medicinal Plant
  • Chapter 4 – Foraging Tools
  • Chapter 5 – 14 Wild Edible Plants for Survival

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Sex Bomb

by Calvin Blake PhD

The advent of the oral contraceptive heralded a new era in which women could take charge of their reproductive destiny. With the ‘Birth Pill’ came the promise of sexual freedom and so it was that the ‘swinging sixties’ took off. However, decades after this advance subsequent research has shown a link between estrogens and breast cancer. Worse still, the over-abundance of estrogens and endocrine disruptors is affecting the ability of many species to reproduce. Babies are being born with ambiguous genitalia. Boys want to become girls and girls want to be boys. The inter-gender person is becoming more common. This work takes a look at what estrogens are doing to humans and the ecosystem. The question arises: is it too late to stop the estrogen sex bomb from exploding?

SCARRED FOR LIFE: A Guide to Living with Scars

by Jennifer Hamilton

Written by someone who understands how scars can affect your everyday life, this guide will be useful if you yourself have ever suffered from the social stigma of scars. It will help you recognise different types of scarring, how to prevent them from emerging and some of the many treatment methods you can use to lessen their appearance.

In this book you will learn about:

– My Story

– The many different types of scars and how they form

– Steps you can take to inhibit their development

– The best natural, medical and surgical techniques being used today to decrease their appearance

How to Analyze People: Analyze Anyone At Anytime Easily (Analyzing People, Human psychology,Body Language,How To Analyze People)

by Kevin Dunn



Just imagine if you could perfectly analyze someone. If you could pinpoint why he or she behaves the way he or she does. Imagine how easily you could deal with people armed with such knowledge. Demanding bosses would not be so demanding anymore. Nagging or irresponsible spouses would be less intimidating and many marriages could be saved. Making friends would be much easier. This and more are the benefits of analyzing people. Imagine all that. Now imagine no more!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to correctly make judgements on people based on personality theories, reading non-verbal gestures, accurate profiling and effective questioning.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Importance of Analyzing People.
  • Non-verbal communication.
  • The Art of Effective Questioning.
  • Profiler Tips.
  • And >Much, much

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Suddenly Successful Student and Friends

by Hazel Dawkins

This handbook is about behavioral optometry–a specialty in the field of optometry, it is available in forty countries. You can read the facts about this valuable health care as well as case histories that illustrate how optometric vision therapy can help vision imbalances that are triggering learning, behavior and health problems. Whether it’s difficulty learning to read, attention deficit-hyperactivity, autism, migraines, or depression–whether the patient is young or old, healthy or traumatic brain injured–when this therapy helps bring balance to vision, often the problems are reduced, even eliminated.

Sight is precious. Most of us know that. Yet many of us do not realize that sight is one part of the complex system that is vision. Our perception, the way we view the world and understand what is going on around us, comes in great part front he way our vision system works.

Optometric vision therapy has helped countless people whose eyesight was excellent but whose vision was not. Even individuals with excellent vision value behavioral optometrists including: U.S. Olympic medalists and professional and amateur sports teams, including the New York Yankees, Chicago Black Hawks, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Mariners and the Dallas Cowboys. From the chapter, “Why Do Children Fail,” to “It’s Never Too Late,” and the helpful “Your Infant’s Vision, A Home Guide for Parents,” this handbook offers a brief overview of a beneficial health care. You will find case histories throughout the book; these offer more understanding of the ways people can be helped with optometric vision therapy.

Interstellar Space Journey: Space Book for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

The latest movie about traveling between galaxies has sparked many people’s interest in its potential. Unfortunately, the film is not really designed for a child’s mind. Thus, a book about interstellar space exploration can help them see how wondrous the idea is for mankind. It may help push them in a direction of work or passion that they never considered before. Young minds need inspiration, and a story about the stars may push them that way faster than ever before.

Beekeeping: The Complete Starter Box Set 2 books! How To Start Your First Beehive Today ~ Top Tips & Tricks and How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

by Steven Sanders

In this box set you get two great books on beekeeping written by Steven Sanders:

Beekeeping for Beginners: How to Start Your First Beehive Today!

Beekeeping: Top Tips & Tricks and How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

These books contain proven strategies and steps that will guide current and new beekeepers though the fun and exciting adventures that you will experience as a beekeeper. These two books will help to ensure that you know and understand all of the things you need to know and have to become successful in beekeeping.

When you combine the how to book along with the tips & tricks book you will find that you have armed yourself with all you need to get going! So don’t wait any longer and download this great box set today!

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