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The SHTF Stockpile: What You Need on Hand to Survive (The SHTF Stockpile books, SHTF survival, SHTF plan)

by James Clark

Many civilizations before us have perished and disappeared, leaving remains and ruins, what if the same thing is waiting for us? One thing that might give us a significant advantage we need is the fact that we could prepare in case SHTF scenario hits the Earth. The SHTF Stockpile guide is made to help you plan your survival and get you prepared for what you will definitely need in the worst case scenario, so you and your group can survive.

We often forget how important are some things that we observe as trivial only because those things are now widely available. We are not only talking about natural disasters and zombie apocalypse, but also about economic crisis. You would want to have enough food, water and everything else you need to survive SHTF scenario.

Here is what you will find in our SHTF Stockpile Guide:

  • Tips and tricks on how to survive
  • How to stash, collect, make, cook and plant your own food
  • How to find water and how to make stockpiles of water
  • How to survive in case you are on the move
  • How to make shelter and other useful tips on outdoors hacks
  • Electricity and heat
  • SHTF life hacks you would definitely need
  • All the things you need to survive
  • Bug Out Plan
  • Bug In Plan

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Kierkegaard and Christian Faith: A Reintrepretation of Fear and Trembling

by Timothy Ebersole

Kierkegaard was one of the world’s greatest writers. He has inspired both love and hate, ridicule and veneration, along with sympathy and judgement. His complicated style of writing has made many of his works difficult to understand. Theologians and scholars alike rarely find commone ground on which to discuss these works.

Specifically, Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling” has sparked considerable debate. Many claim Kierkegaard represents and endorses the worst of what is know as Divine Command Ethics, while others contend that this book merely reimangines a Lutheren view of Faith.

This book contends that both of these theories are wrong and that a better understanding of Fear and Trembling lies in an analysis of its discussion of Faith. Particularly the structure of Abraham’s faith juxtaposed against the stagnant faith of the Danish Church.

Hopefully readers will find this book a helpful guide to understanding Fear and Trembling as well as Kierkegaard’s writings as a whole.

The Cavalry General

by Xenophon

Xenophon of Athens was a Greek poet, historian, soldier and philosopher, living at a time of momentous events in Ancient Greek history. He wrote about the philosophy of Socrates, the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, and the Persian expedition that formed the basis of his most famous work, Anabasis. In addition to his own works, he influenced the account of the Peloponnesian War written by the famous Greek historian Thucydides.

Although he was recognized as a great writer and poet in his lifetime, Xenophon’s involvement with Spartan politics and fighting led to his exile from Athens, and his association with Socrates probably did not help. His short treatise on Sparta’s government is considered one of the first examples of political philosophy.

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