Free religious fiction Kindle books for 12 Dec 15

Tears Without You

by Adrianna Cohen

Everything in her perfect world is turned upside down when the depression strikes. Irma must learn to adapt and somehow hold on to her faith if she is to survive and keep her honor intact during these trying times. This Christian romance shows the trials of a young mother doing the best she can to care for three children after she believes her husband has abandoned them. She is faced with some challenges as she meets a young man who is very kind to her and her family. Find out how our heroine will handle these tests her marriage has put her through and how she follows her heart and her faith to care for her family as best she can without the man she loves.

Dante’s Inferno

by Dante

One of the surest signs of fame among men is when one is known solely by his first name, and yet the mention of just that first name makes clear who is being spoken of. So it is with Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), known simply as Dante, thanks to the success of his Divine Comedy, one of the seminal works in human history.
With the Divine Comedy, Dante is often considered the master of contemporary Italian, as well as a forerunner of the Renaissance, which began to flourish in Florence around the same time. The Divine Comedy tells of Dante’s journey through Hell (the Inferno), Purgatory, and Paradise, guided by famous poets including Virgil. Dante’s epic discusses religion, philosophy, and a wide range of subject matter throughout Dante’s travels.

Although Dante will always be known for Divine Comedy, he also wrote other works, touching on topics like philosophy in works like Convivio, and religion and power in De Monarchia

Following Rain

by Darrel Nelson

Published in conjunction with Hartline Literary Agency.

Following Rain is an engaging story that combines the elements of mystery and love. When Paul Blakely, a successful investigative reporter, visits a Seattle homeless shelter on assignment and meets Rain McKenzie, a mysterious young woman who is living with a painful past, he could never imagine the life-changing experience it will become for both of them. As he uncovers her secret, he makes an important discovery about his own life. And so begins an unexpected journey that will challenge everything they think they know about life and love.

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