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The Revenant: Hunted

by Brooke Richards

Her name is Imogen Knightly. She was once known as the Revenant, a vengeful spirit who took vengeance for those who couldn’t do for themselves. She worked for S.P.E.C.T.R.E, an agency of good whose sole purpose is to help the natural and super natural co-exist as one. Now she’s trying to make it through the present while coping with her shattered past.

Wishing to live out her life in peace, Imogen’s life clashes with inevitable and inescapable reality. Now holding two innocent lives in her hands she must decide: fight or flight?

The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray

by Patricia Gilliam

When Hannaria’s Ambassador is targeted by a terrorist group called the Earth Independence Party, two teenagers find themselves drawn into the situation from different vantage points.

Alex Verin is an EIP representative’s son who doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps of political manipulation and corruption. Rica Miller is the adoptive daughter of an engineer and a nurse who discovers at age thirteen that she’s not human but Hannarian.

Alex must choose between his family loyalties and saving the life of the alien he’s been taught to fear and hate while Rica searches for the truth about what really happened to her biological parents.

AL CLARK – Avalon -: Book Two in the AL CLARK series.

by Jonathan G. Meyer

The Earth they left was a planet ravaged by climate change, war, and corruption.

The planet they found was a lush world of wonder, and the pristine mountain valley they settled into provided all their needs.

Their technology allowed them to live comfortable pioneer lives in a mild climate, with breathtaking landscapes and clean, fresh air.

Avalon was paradise – a primitive paradise – but paradise none the less.

But…this beautifully deceptive planet had a lesson for them…Paradise comes at a price.


by Frank Roderus

The inconceivable has happened. America has been ravaged by nuclear war. James Wolfe, a trucker driving on a isolated highway in the Northwest, sees the mushroom clouds in the distance and hides out in an abandoned mine. Now, months later, Wolfe emerges to a world he hardly recognizes.

Southern Zombies 3: Southern Blood

by Ann Riley

The world we live in now is one where you have to fight or die. There are no exceptions. If it isn’t zombies trying to make a snack out of you, there are people who try to take what you have because they are lazy. The world may never be the same again. I’m thinking it won’t. How could it be? We have lost 75% or more of the human population. Since there are no communications, that number doesn’t even include the whole world. No one knows how it is in other countries. We have always said the government was incompetent, well they finally proved it with the zombie outbreak.

The Symbionts of Murkor

by Gary Tarulli

While struggling to survive in a hellish environment, rival colonies are forced to determine the greater threat–each other or the elusive entity believed to haunt the planet they inhabit.

The Ark of Osiris

by B. L. Freeman

The secret lay buried under the sands of Egypt for 5,000 years.

It wasn’t a tomb. That was obvious from the beginning to Dr. Eric Adams, the American archeologist brought in to assist the Egyptian authorities in the excavation.

It wasn’t a temple, either. No Egyptian temple followed the unique plan of this discovery’s construction or contained the symbols etched on its one decorated wall; strange, geometric writing interspersed with the usual hieroglyphics.

In the end the clue to unlocking the mystery came from an unexpected source; Eric’s own son, James.

But James could not have foreseen how quickly events would overshadow him. He found, and touched, an ancient artifactâ??a thing of powerâ??that had lain hidden inside the excavation since the beginning of time.

This one unthinking act thrusts his family, his friends, and himself directly into the path of dangerous fanatics who will stop at nothing to take from him what he carries and a deadly, otherworldly force with the power to enslave the world and destroy everything he loves.


by Gary Tarulli

Three months outbound from Earth and the starship Desio approaches its planetary destination, her crew eager to commence a mission of scientific discovery. Kyle Lorenzo, however, has a personal reason for being on board–an inner conflict that will ultimately propel him to explore not only of the furthest reaches of an enigmatic ocean world but the nebulous recesses of his inner psyche.

During the long and isolating interstellar journey a physical relationship develops between Kyle and the ship’s physician, Kelly Takara. That part is easy. Understanding the reasons for avoiding the emotional commitment desired by Kelly is harder. So, too, is trying to penetrate the mind of Larry Melhaus, the mission’s brilliant and reclusive physicist – a failure to communicate made exponentially more troublesome when the scientist’s disturbing behavior begins to threaten the crew.

While Kyle struggles to comprehend himself and Melhaus, the ship’s crew, led by their strong-willed commander, Bruce Thompson, attempt to fathom a planet where none of the precepts of science seem to apply. A world where every preconceived notion of what constitutes life must be re-examined and challenged.

Two journeys: One inward, one outward.

Culminating at the same destination.

Mystery: The Phantoms mystery – Part Two: (A Suspense Thriller Mystery Novel) (Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Thriller Suspense Book 2)





It’s the year 2020: the height of a great conflict known as the Silent War. The Seekers, an international organization, are constantly defending the planet against their greatest threat: the Phantoms. No one sees them, but they see everything. Join the struggle as devoted Seeker agent, Rachel Moore, must find a way to bring down these merciless extremists before it is too late. It all started as Agent Moore and Agent Michaels were to check out a possible sighting at Madison Square Garden. With that, the other agent and Moore made their way inside the dome building. As they walked in, Moore couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was being watched. Instinctively, her hand pressed against the form of her gun, always ready in case it needed to be used. She hoped that she wouldn’t be placed in the situation to use it. Agent Michaels and she made their way up the stairs to the second floor where the report was made. It was a necessary precaution in order to prevent Phantom agents from attempting to assassinate or impersonate any of the Directors when they were out of protective territory.

What will happened next?


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Mystery: The Phantoms mystery (A Suspense Thriller Mystery Novel) is a novel  by mystery thriller suspense MYST PUBLISHING 


Z Chronicles: Surge of the Dead

by A.L. White

Virginia and Lori have survived the first wave of the Zombie Apocalypse by relying on wit and skills imparted by the harsh realities of their new world and the guidance of their companions. Enduring a world where all they knew and loved has perished has taken quite a toll on the girls but they soldier on regardless; ever determined to continue their journey on old Bob’s map.

This is the second book in the Z Chronicles, a series of adventures crafted as my imagination runs wild. If thirst for a new perspective on zombie stories then come into my world for a story or two.


by Chad M. Morehouse

Something is causing wildlife to begin attacking people, is it some kind of new terrorist weapon? A new form of Rabies…or something worse? There is no place to hide when every living creature stops fearing people and starts hunting them. If you want to live through the night, sleep with the lights on.

Girl Undercover Box Set (Parts 1-12): The Complete Story

by Julia Derek


LAPD Detective Gabi Longoria returns home one night to a nasty surpriseâ??her husband has been brutally killed. A note next to his body says: “Rats always get what they deserve.”

Her captain refuses to let her join the murder investigation, so Gabi decides to do her own. Convinced the reason to her husband’s death can be found at the New York health club where she met him, she goes undercover as a trainer there.

In the process of seeking the truth, she meets a handsome, mysterious man who claims an evil corporation killed her husbandâ??what’s worse, he also claims they’ve developed a master race to replace all of humankindâ?¦

NOTE: GIRL UNDERCOVER is a twelve-episode suspense drama serial with romance and some strong language. This box set contains the COMPLETE story. The first three episodes are FREE. (Go here to find them

Predators and Prey: A Short Story

by Christopher Holliday

Jim gave up everything for a fake identity and a one way ticket to a new start: a colony light years from his criminal past, a harsh environment to be tamed for a better future.

But elements of his pastâ??a life of lab-spliced drugs and gene-spliced hoodlumsâ??have the same idea. And they expect his help bringing the old ways to a new world.

This short story original appeared in Fortress magazine.

The After Days Trilogy

by Scott Medbury

The complete After Days trilogy

Fifteen year old Isaac Race has already lost everyone close to him. He is about to lose a lot more. We all are. A mystery outbreak sweeps North America, it is chilling in both its speed and deadliness. The odd thing is though, it is only fatal to adults. Too late, it becomes clear to authorities that the virus is man made – a biological weapon – and that the United States is at war… a war it has already lost.

As his country is invaded and occupied, Isaac must help his ragtag group of survivors find refuge in a world turned upside down. A world full of fear and danger. A world where enemies can be friends and friends… worse than enemies.

Don’t miss Scott Medbury’s After Days, the dystopian trilogy destined to become a classic.

This Kindle version includes:







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