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Mountain Lizard’s Guide to Hiking

by Marc Douglas

Formerly titled Hiking 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in the Mountains.

More and more people are hiking for fun and exercise. This guide is for beginners to help get them started hiking in the mountains.

– What to wear.

– What to carry.

– How to read a map and use a compass.

– Trail etiquette.

– What to do if there is an emergency.

– Tips for backpacking and snowshoeing.

A nice starter book for beginners with some good practical information.

सब �ु� �प backpacking �� बार� म�� पता �रन� �� �र�रत ह�

by Dale Waller

�स �िताब �� न�सि�िया �� लिए �रना ह�, ल��िन �र �धि� �नुभव� पाठ� �� लिए �� �धुनि� विषय�� �� शामिल �रता ह�।

Wilderness Survival Box Set (4 in 1): Bushcraft Strategies, Tools and Hacks, Camping, Hiking and Backpacking Essentials, Plus Amazing Campfire Recipes (Wilderness Survival Guide & Camping Essentials)

by Michael Hansen

Wilderness Survival Box Set (4 in 1)

Book One: Wilderness Survival Tools: Bushcraft Strategies and Tools You Will Need to Know to Be Safe When Backpacking or Camping

Inside You Will Learn:

– The essential equipment no outdoorsman should be without;

– How to plan your trip and make the most of the information available to you;

– How to make sure that someone will call the emergency rescue if you do not return home;

– How to find clean, safe drinking water;

– How to keep yourself fed while in the great outdoors;

– How to choose the right shelter for your trip;

– How to build an emergency shelter;

– How to navigate yourself out of peril;

– What to do if you have lost or don’t have a compass;

– Emergency first aid;

– And Much More

This book is packed with hints and tips suitable for new enthusiasts and old hands alike and full of useful information for people who just want to be prepared should the worst happen to them.

Book Two: Bushcraft 101: Survival Guide with Tips and Hacks to Help You Survive out in the Wilderness

Some of the things that you will learn in this guidebook include:

– What to do when you are stranded

– How to determine your location and to make a compass to go the right way

– How to make a shelter that will protect you

– How to purify and take care of your water to make it safe for drinking

– The different ways you can make a fire to keep warm and to cook your food.

– Different ways to get food including hunting, trapping, and fishing

– Tips to survive no matter what weather you are dealing with.

Surviving in the bushcraft can be a challenge. But with the help of this guidebook, you will be able to get started on the right foot and your chances of surviving will be much higher.

Book Three: Camping 101!: A Beginners Guide with Campfire Recipes and Hacks That Will Make Your Adventure Fun

This book is for first timers to camping. If you have resolutely managed to be a city dude or a city girl up until now, this is the guide you need to understand the basics of camping and how to prepare for your first time out in Mother Nature without the amenities of urban life. There are a variety of types of camping that people enjoy and we’ll be introducing you to many of them.

Rest assured that there is no need to be uncomfortable or to feel deprived in any way while camping! It just requires a few adjustments, slightly different gear than you may use at home, and an attitude of open-minded adventure. We’ll even show you pictures of some different types of gear that have been designed specifically for different kinds of camping experiences.

Book Four: Backpacking Light 101: 18 Steps to an Easy, Comfortable, and Light Pack for Your First Hiking Adventure!

Taking an adventure out into Mother Nature s a great way to relax and enjoy life. But before you can just go out for a twenty mile adventure into the great unknown you need to know what you are doing.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– 18 of the best tips and tricks that you will need to take your adventure

– Learn the items that you need to pack

– How you are supposed to pack your packs

– How to handle yourself when you find yourself out in the middle of God’s Country.

This guide is written for the novice who has never taken a camping trip or gone for a hike in the woods further than their backyard. The tips and information contained herein will give you the foundation you need to make your adventures as fun and as memorable as possible.

Happy Backpacking!

Bodyweight Training: Double Your Strength Using Body Weight for Circuit Training Workout (Bodyweight training books, bodyweight circuit training, bodyweight exercises)

by Todd Evans

The basics of weight and circuit training are outlined in this handy guidebook to gym exercises. They are designed for the average person. As such, they progress from beginner to advanced level. Most people are willing to start something new but most do not stick with it. Having a motivating person at your side goes a long way in keeping you focused. The main issue is often ignorance of the process. If you do not perform your exercises well, the tone will not be there no matter how hard you are trying.

This book is designed to outline basic steps in weight and circuit training so you have a clear idea of your direction. It varies at the start and changes as you take on advanced measures.

Along the way, the reader learns:

  • Why and how to start a new regime
  • The importance of warming up
  • Body weight squats, pushups, dumbbell rows, plank, jumping jacks, and lunges
  • Custom-tailored exercise programs
  • Advanced level technique and exercise modification

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Living Off The Grid: A Beginner’s Guide To Living Off The Grid – 17 Effective Ways To Creating Eco-Friendly Home in The Wild! (Preppers Survival, Preppers Pantry, Sustainable Living)

by Jonathan Olson

Living Off The Grid

A Beginner’s Guide To Living Off The Grid – 17 Effective Ways To Creating Eco-Friendly Home in The Wild!

Many of us dream of going off the grid at some point in our lives. We get up every day and go to a job we hate, live in a house we fight to pay for and just keep getting hit by bill after bill after bill.

For many of us we are tired of this life and are looking to try something new. One option that many people are opting to do in this society is find a simpler time where we didn’t need all of this. A time when we all lived off the grid.

In this book we will explore what living off the grind is and why people are looking to do it in this technology driven era. We will talk about what you need to make your house a home as well as what you can do in order to live far off of the grid.

When you finish this book you will have a better understanding of what going off the grid means and know what steps are needed in order to go off the grid in a successful and safe way.

Download your copy of “Living Off The Grid” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Smoking Meat: Secrets To Succulent Slow Smoked Meat So You Grill The Tastiest Barbecue Of Your Life!

by Buck Jones

Read this practical meat smoking guide and discover…

* What is meat smoking and how can you get good at it?

* What are the different ways you can smoke meat?

* When you should start smoking so the meat absorbs the most smoky flavors.

* When to cook “low and slow” and when to grill over a hot fire.

* A simple way to regulate the heat and add humidity.

* A big rookie mistake that ruins the taste of the meat.

* Why the color of the smoke is so important.

* How to keep the air moving so that the meat smokes evenly.

* How to tell when the meat is ready to take out.

* How to avoid very common mistakes that push bacteria deep inside the meat.

…and many more meat smoking secrets to grill the tastiest barbecue of your life!

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