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Top 30 Family Activities – Miami (USA)

by Top 30 Family

***Brand New for 2015***

Want to know the best family activities and attractions in Miami?

Top 30 Family Activities – Miami – is your answer.

With sections on Arts & Culture, Sports & Events, Parks & Water Fun, Animals & Nature, and the popular Off the Beaten Track, this guide has something to entertain every family either living in, or travelling to Miami.

Included are many options for older or younger families, and also the budget conscious family. Descriptions of each activity includes information on hours, best time to go, food and drink facilities, restroom and changing facilities, family friendliness, prices, age appropriateness and some “Hot Tips” that can save you precious time and money.

Including some heavy hitters and more out of the way activities and attractions this guide has dozens of interactive links to websites where you can make bookings or get more information if necessary.

So scroll up and click “Buy Now” if you want to save time and money having fun with you family in sunny Miami.

Jack Brass & the Island of Dreams Trilogy

by Doug Nelson

Jack Brass & the island of dream’s Book 1 in the series: Jack is a bit of a dreamer; it is something of a prerequisite if you are to successfully run a small charter company. After his obligation to Uncle Sam was fulfilled, he turns his love of flying into his passion. During which a series of unforeseen circumstances presented him with a once in a lifetime opportunity, where he is reunited with his childhood sweetheart on the beautiful island of Hawaii. From a stolen kiss during a whale-watching excursion, to a pledge of undying love, he lives his dream. Book 2 (The adventures of the Brass Monkey) Jack picks up the pieces of his broken heart after the los of the loss of his loving wife and desperately tries to regain his lust for life. With the help of some very special friends, he learns to cope, and finds that life can be worth living again. In the third book of the series, Jack finds a second reason to live again. She just turned seven and she needs a full time father, not someone who visits on birthdays and at Christmas. It would take some doing for him to adjust to the role, but he comes to the realization, what he had overlooked was what he had been searching for, all along. Now all he had to do was keep from losing her again, how hard could that be?

Your Guide to Choosing Your Next Vacation Destination: Your Ticket to Unravel the Art of Planning to Travel

by B. K. Ahmad

Are you looking to plan your destination for a vacation within the next year? If so, here is finally a travel book that we all can use, whether you travel all the time, or once in a while.

Can you relate to either of the following scenarios?

-My kids will be out of school for the summer, and I want to know some good options.

-It’s freezing in the winter where I live, so I want to visit some place warm.

-Las Vegas looks fun in movies, but I am worried about it being too hot during the summer.

-I’ve heard good things about Chicago, but I know it can get very cold in the winter.

This book is designed to answer two simple questions for you. They are #1: When is the best time during the year to travel to my desired destination? And #2: Where are some good cities to travel to based on the month I want to travel in?

To answer these questions, this book has a section listing the optimal cities to visit for each of the 12 months, and a section listing a profile for each city detailing when to visit the city and what to expect based upon when that is. It also explains the four criteria to use when planning a trip to ensure that you get the most out of it. With over 125 U.S. cities profiled and included from every region of the country, this guide will serve as your primary planning tool for years to come.

Baltic Cruise

by Tony Pow

Photo format. Landscape in 9*6. Optionally, select the picture to enlarge it to fit the screen.

Place: Baltic Cruise

Time: Summer, 2013.

Size: 120 pages (9*6)

How I Fly My Family of Four Around The Country For Free: and you can too

by by David James

This is a short book that describes how I have been able to fly my family around the country for free. My techniques use the rewards programs offered by many credit card companies. I have been able to accumulate enough points to fly four people for free at least once a year.

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