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Day of the Crow: First Chapter

by Jasmine Scott

Ever since the Second Revolution the world changed, America now in ruins and divided into a multitude of factions, the rest of the world having been formed into a giant cabal. After a nuclear exchange between two major factions, a bloody civil war rages during what has been called the Forever Winter. Conspiracies abound of the cause of the exchange and whether Russia or the newly created Ten Unified Kingdoms of the New World were involved. And with both the New World and the strongest warring faction, the American Empire, setting their sights on Denver, questions have been raised about the destroyed city’s importance. What is within the smoldering rubble that places Denver on the map?

A tiny mountain town called Ward now finds itself on the warfront, the dividing line between the American Empire and its adversary, the Constitutional Republic of America, not even a stone’s throw away. Home to a massive refugee camp, including three ex-revolutionaries, the town struggles to survive the harsh weather, food scarce and tempers short.

While out hunting with a small posse Joshua Ford, one such ex-revolutionary, soon encounters bandits with ties to a separated Imperial company staked out south of Ward. When a truck careens off the mountainside, the company takes interest in the town, its tyrannical leader assuming a CRA presence and seeking glory in battle. While the odds climb with each encounter, Josh soon finds himself struggling with his own fear of failure and of what he might become in this never-ending conflict.

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