Free poetry Kindle books for 13 Dec 15

In Dreams I Dwell: A great collection of Christian poems for nearly every occasion. Feeling low, just look inside. Lost a loved one, there’s help inside. Or, you may just want to praise the Lord.

by Larry D. Hawkins

A great book of poems that will refresh your soul, ease the loss of a loved one, bring you out of the valley on to the mountaintop! Helps to relax and relieve stress at the end of a troubled day.

Fields and Waves

by Matthew Curry

A new collection of poetry written over the last five years or so.

Soul Color: What is Color of your soul?

by Prithviraj Chauhan

The book has poems that reflect the essence of life. There are poems that cover aspects around a girl wish, best gift of life, inspire never to give up and help identify the color of soul. The book can be considered as next level continuation of poems shared in first poetry book “True Lessons of Love”.

True Lessons of Love: Envelop of memorable poems…

by Prithviraj Chauhan

The book is a envelop of memorable poems about love, pain, relationship while deeply touching each aspect of life. The poems about a lost love, missing family, first love and its honey dews. Each poem sequence in a way while a story in self so as to connect the audience.

Oh Hilary, Who Are The Fascists Now?

by Matthew Curry

Updated and reworked version of a political poem read at anti-fascist demonstration in Bolton in March 2010.

six words, written, to celebrate heartbreak

by charis g.

dedicated to

all the broken hearted.

Over 40 six-word poems written to celebrate heartbreak and it’s aftermath. Short, sweet and fleeting poetry to soothe the soul.

Selected Poems

by R Soos

Three Questions

freely translated

from Pablo Neruda’s Libro de Prejuntas

May I ask my book

if the truth is that I wrote it?

What will they say of my poetry

those who have never touched my blood?

Was it just at the point they lost me

that I was able to finally find myself?

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