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The Anatomy of Giving

by Augusta Dwyer

The Anatomy of Giving brings readers on a profound and moving journey to Haiti, an impoverished country that has long fascinated the world and attracted the charitable. Through vivid portrayals of unforgettable characters who challenge accepted ways of helping, this book weaves a powerful narrative of hope and change. While it offers a sharp polemic that challenges the traditional approach taken by international aid donors, The Anatomy of Giving also tells a personal story of discovery, anger and, ultimately, promise.

Preppers Survival: The Preppers Sophisticated Guide to Get You Ready for a Disaster in an Urban Environment (Preppers Survival, Survival Tips, survival skills)

by Glen White

When talking about the subject of preppers, many people are a little confused as to who these people are and what exactly it is that they are prepping for. This book is designed to help and educate you about this world and show you the reasons why this culture exist in the world today.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What are preppers and exactly what is it that they are prepping for?
  • How the end of the world can mean the end of the financial world as we know it.
  • How many states are actually prepared for the world coming to an end?
  • How to build a house/shelter to survive the end of civilization?
  • What materials you will need to make sure that you have on hand when the end does arrive?

While this book will not be a complete comprehensive guide to the end of civilization, it will generally serve as a good place to begin your research as well as helping you along the way of getting an understanding of the basics surrounding this topic. When you are done reading this book, you should have a better insight and will yourself begin the preparations that will need to be made should the end of the world come sooner than later.

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Introducing Genetically Modified Organisms GMO: The History, Research and the TRUTH You’re Not Being Told

by Mark Plummer

Have you asked the question ‘What are GMOs?”

Where did they come from?
Who creates them?
How will they affect myself and my family?
Are they dangerous?
If so, what can I do about it?

What you’ll find out by reading this eBook

  • An objective overview of what is meant by plant genetic engineering (GMO) and an insight as to where the science and technology came from.
  • An explanation (without being too ‘sciencey’) of how the genetic engineering of the DNA of plant species is being combined with other species, both plant and animal, to create new forms of life that are being sold to us as “food”.
  • Why the biotech industry is so interested in the genetics of our food supply.
  • A historical journey dating back 12,000 yrs to the start of human agriculture.
  • An introduction to the infamous flavr-savr tomato.
  • A perspective of the wider economic, scientific and philosophical issues which are intrinsic to a full understanding of the GM food issue.

We all need to understand the issues surrounding the controversial topic of GMOs, for the sake of our health, our families and the security of the foodchain of our planet. Our very future may depend on it. This first volume in a five book series is the introduction you’ve been looking for.

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Off The Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting Your Loved Ones (Off The Grid, Off The Grid books, Off The Grid 101)

by Tammy Weber

In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with unwanted emails, phone calls and advertisements and constantly concerned for the security of our personal information. Sometimes we wish we could simply get off the grid and have some peace of mind. Now, whilst for most of us a complete break from the digital world is not possible, there are a number of ways that we can do more to protect our personal information to keep us more secure and to prevent us from being the target of unwanted advertising and digital harassment.

Off the Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting your Loved Ones gives practical advice for identifying how our information is accessed and used both online and offline and how we can take steps to be less visible to scammers, fraudsters and marketers.

This eBook covers reducing visibility and protecting yourself in the following areas:

  • Offline
  • Your Computer
  • Browsing
  • Your Online Presence
  • Spam
  • Phones

Read on for key advice on how to free yourself from many of the pressures and concerns of the digital world. A must-have guide for anyone who has had enough of being on the grid.

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After a Disaster: What to Expect: Things I Learned from Hurricane Katrina

by Frances Robinson

After a disaster: what to expect tells stories (on a very personal level) of what people had to endure following Hurricane Katrina. Unless you’ve experienced a disaster you cannot begin to know how about emergency survival and what to expect.

As a Hurricane Betsy and Katrina survivor the author shares many perspectives on the aftermath of a major disaster. When almost every “system” in a city is destroyed almost overnight, emergency preparedness teams can be completely overwhelmed and inadequate.

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

– Why no one expects a disaster to happen to them.

– What you need to know in advance to stay in touch with family even when

communications are down.

– How to return and have housing before most people.

– What to expect immediately after a man made or natural disaster and for short and long-term recovery.

The mistakes of Hurricane Katrina taught valuable lessons about disaster relief. Let’s learn from “After a Disaster: What to Expect” and avoid unnecessary suffering in future disasters.

This book can help anyone who needs it now or future victims who need to understand the complexities of disaster survival, rescue and recovery.

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