Free romance Kindle books for 13 Dec 15

Mine For Christmas: The Billionaire’s Obsession – The Billionaire’s Obsession: A Simon And Kara Novella (The Billionaire’s Obsession series)

by J. S. Scott

Simon and Kara are back!

Kara Hudson has been married to her billionaire husband, Simon, for over two years, and she loves him even more desperately than she did when they first married. Unfortunately, there was a distance growing between the two of them, and the passion between them wasn’t flaring as red-hot as it used to burn. Was it possible that Simon wasn’t as crazy in love with her as he used to be, or did their problems go much deeper than that?

Simon Hudson loves his wife and his infant daughter so much it hurts. And he was getting tired of holding back his emotions from his worn-out, exhausted wife who had seen their baby girl through her first year and a half of life without complaint.

Will their differences and emotional distance tear the two of them apart? Or will a precious gift from Santa help them heal their misunderstandings and have the merriest Christmas they’ve ever had?

Not suitable for children under 18

ALIEN ROMANCE: Interstellar Love (Sci-Fi Romance) (Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Time Travel Space Exploration Romance Collection)

by Stephanie Phillips

Some of your favorite authors present 21 all-new stories told through the looking glassâ??including a new Elizabeth novella!

Enter a wonderland of mesmerizing tales. It’s a place that’s neither here nor there, where things are never quite as they seem. Inspired by Stephanie Phillips’ whimsical masterpiece, ranging from the impossible to the mad to the curious, these stories will have you absolutely off your head.

WARNING: Some stories in this collection contain explicit content intended for adult audiences.

The Billionaire Boss: A BWWM Romance (The Boss Series Book 1)

by J.A. Pierre

“I was engaged immediately to the plot and the story pulled me in so quickly that I couldn’t set it down until I found out what happened in the end!” –Amazon reviewer

January Williams is a focused university student who accepts a temp job at billionaire software developer Ariel Cunningham’s company. When she meets her new boss, she’s immediately drawn to the powerful and sexy CEO. But January is a girl who’s always played by the rules and getting close to a man like Ariel might leave her hurt.

Ariel Cunningham is a brilliant alpha male who’s worked hard all his life. He’s used to getting what he wants…and he wants January. The duo soon becomes locked in a game of seduction and mystery.

But when the stakes get higher, they’ll find out that things don’t always go as planned.

BBW: Sweet Love: BBW Romantic Comedy (Clean, BBW, Sweet, Vacation, Suspense, Comedy, Short Story)

by S. Y. Robins


He threw frogs at her… he was mean… and he broke her heart! She swore she will never visit England again…

After University, Annie May Rogers comes back to England to spend the summer with her grandmother.

Thanks to her grandmother, what she finds is a boy from her past, now a grown man, who broke her heart as a little girl.

Falling in love has never been so easy for Annie May or Daniel but betrayal soon marks her trip, and her entire world. Is Daniel going to break her heart one more time?

WARNING: This book contains mature language.

For Love of the Phantom (Phantom Rising Book 1)

by Davyne DeSye

This sequel to Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera begins just after Christine and Raoul leave the Phantom in his lair in the basement of the Opera House. After faking his own death to escape the authorities, the Phantom sets out to find Christine again, eventually following her to London. With a detective after the Phantom and Christine endangered when Jack the Ripper begins his killing spree not far from Christine’s home, the Phantom must put his life at risk for his love.

Will Christine — desperate for song (which her husband, Raoul, has forbidden in his jealousy) — finally open her heart to the Phantom, as he desires?

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