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Photography Box Set: 75+ Helpful Lessons to Learn Basic of Digital Photography. 80+ Tips And Tricks To Earn Money Selling Your Photographs (Digital Photography, Photography, landscape photography)

by Albert Peters

BOOK #1: Digital Photography: 45 Helpful Lessons to Learn Basic of Digital Photography and Make Outstanding Photos

The book contains 45 important lessons to help you to improve your skills. There are various things that are often overlooked, but the book explains each and every point. After reading this book, you can become a much better photographer.

After reading this book, you will be able to take photographs in various settings like:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Underwater Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Photography During Travel
  • Tips to Capture Animals and Birds
  • Photography of portrait and landscapes

BOOK #2: Digital Photography: Step By Step Instructions for Taking Amazing Photographs and Understanding Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO

This book contains remarkable steps and strategies on how to take amazing photos by adopting simple methods. There are 5 chapters in this book. These chapters are presented as a â??Guide’ that clearly shows and guides you each and every step of the way. Reading every chapter in this book will help you make out the secrets and how they can be applied.

After a lengthy period of study and research, I have come to a decision that I need to create a book on Digital Photography. By going a step further to publish this book, my dream has really come true. This is not some attempt to sweet talk you into having a copy of this book. In all truthfulness, this book is one of the best kinds you can find on the Digital photography.

BOOK #3: Digital Photography: Top 25 Tips For Shooting Amazing Photos For Absolute Beginners

Digital photography is a great hobby. Many people are just naturally interested in photography. Other people don’t discover their budding interest until they have children or an adorable pet that they dearly love. It doesn’t really matter why people decide to get into digital photography. It’s just a great hobby.

BOOK #4: GoPro Camera: 30 Amazing Lessons on How to Use the GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras and Take Beautiful Photos

Would you like to be able to capture brilliant video or pictures of your own extreme action sports exploits? What would have been impossible in the not too distant past is now easier than ever before. With the amazing GoPro Hero 3+ amazing action photography from the most unique point of view is not only possible, it’s a breeze.

BOOK #5: Photography Business: 40 Tips And Tricks To Earn Money Selling Your Photographs on The Internet

The photography business is a very competitive business to get into. There are literally millions and millions of people trying to make money with this business mainly because it is really easy to get into this business and second people believe that it is really simple to just point, click and make money.

Well in this book we will walk you through the process it will take for you to get started in the photography business.

BOOK #6: Digital Photography: 33 Effective Photography Tips and Easy Photography Lessons to Help You Learn Digital Photography in a Fun Way

High quality photos were once the preserve of those who could afford expensive camera set ups. These professionals had various changeable lenses, a tripod or two and a top of the range camera, using 35mm film. A professional photographer was essential for those special, one off occasions; such as a wedding or christening. It was impossible to see the results of the pictures until the film was developed.

Things have changed drastically in the last ten years. Cameras with five or ten megapixel are now included in many phones.

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Creative Reboot: Unlock Your Creative Potential for a Deeper, More Meaningful Life in Less than 15 Minutes a Day

by Osvaldo Quintanilla

Would you like to express your own creativity? Are you wanting fulfilment from doing something creative? Do you find it hard take time out from your work life?. Does this sound like you?

This easy-to-follow and motivational book will show you how to change your life to become a creative doer. Find simple ways of getting inspiration everyday by changing your habits.  You will unlock your full creative potential by doing simple tasks and exercises that you can fit in your busy schedule. Each exercise is tailored to build on skills you already have in quick easy 15 minute intervals. You will get practical tips on fitting a creative life within your current lifestyle.

If you are someone who has been putting off doing something creative because it’s too hard then this book is for you. Maybe you used to like drawing when you were young, but as you got older other things became more important. You might have an idea to paint but you can’t find the motivation when you need it most. You might have lots of ideas floating around in your head and say to yourself, â??I’ll start on that one day’.  

As a graphic designer working for more than twenty years Osvaldo has explored many ways of being creative in his daily life: from screen printing through furniture design and drawing to writing fiction. His experience of working in busy and demanding roles has taught him how to consistently come up with new ideas when needed, and most importantly how to balance his time between work and his own creative projects. He is passionate about the creative process and knows how fulfilling and ultimately satisfying it is to pursue your own creativity.

Creative Reboot gives you the elements you need to become a more creative person through:

  • Tried and true methods to find inspiration for your creative projects
  • Simple techniques to uncover creative talents you never knew you had
  • Learn how to use mindfulness to help the creative process
  • Use your daily routines to find new ideas and insights
  • Exercises that take 15 minutes or less to get you started and still see the benefits of creativity

By following the steps in this book you will find your creativity will increase dramatically. You will see how quickly you can learn the techniques and tips and start on your new creative project today. 

So stop thinking about doing that creative hobby, or how you want to do something more fulfilling one day. Don’t leave the opportunity to have a creative life to chance. 

Make time to start your creative life right now and create a happier, more fulfilling life along the way. 

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Audition: A Complete Guide to Headshot Secrets from Working Actors, that Get You Noticed by Casting Directors (Headshot Photography, Audition, Auditioning, … Acting Books, Acting in Film, Improv)

by Israel Savage

Audition: Headshot Secrets from Working Actors

Book More Acting Jobs With Your Headshots

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device!

Today is one of the final days to get this Amazon Best-Selling ebook for a reduced price of $.99 (normally $5.99).

You’ll learn tips and tricks that will make your headshot stand out in a pile and ultimately help you book more jobs. Headshots are a business investment you make in yourself. We’ll coach you from beginning to end, helping you make informed decisions that fit your budget and career goals. Hear questions and advice from working actors, including insider tips and tricks. Peek behind the curtain as we reveal secrets to success that can take some their entire career to learn. Save yourself time and money by reading this book before you take another step.

Here’s a preview of what you will learnâ?¦

  • How to get the most bang for your headshot buck
  • How to choose the right photographer
  • How to prepare for the shoot: skin care, wardrobe, makeup
  • Tips and tricks for the shoot
  • How to choose a photo that will stop casting directors in their tracks
  • Retouching and reproductions demystified
  • Q & A with working actors
  • And much more!

Make sure to download your copy today and take advantage of the discount!

Remember, your headshot is what gets you into the audition room! Make sure it showcases you at your best.

What others say about Headshot Secrets From Working Actors:

“I’ve been a headshot photographer for over a decade and have never seen so many helpful tips gathered in one place.” – Jason

“I came to my photo shoot feeling inspired, confident in myself, and empowered as an actor. The result was the best set of photos that I’ve ever had taken professionally.” – Christine

“I learned how important knowing my goals and type are to the success of my shoot.” – Kathy

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Music Business Bundle for Independent Artists: Turn Your Spare Room Into a Hit Factory, Making Your Music Work For You, How to Book Your Band on a Successful … as a Musician in the Music Industry)

by T Whitmore

FREE Bonus Book Included!!

Music Business Bundle: These 4 books are designed to help the Independent Artist succeed!

Do you want to build your own mini studio so you can craft your own songs at your own pace?

Do you want to learn how to set up your own music publishing and license your songs to the TV and Film industry?

Do you want to learn how to book your own successful European tour and take your music overseas?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then “Music Business Bundle” is the book bundle for you! This guide was specifically created for musicians who want to take control of their music career and take things to the next level!!

Kindle Unlimited Members Can Read This Book For Free!

What Will You Learn From This Book Bundle?

These are just some of the topics we will cover in this book:

– How to inexpensively set up your own home recording studio

– How to contact music venues and set up a European tour

– Using TV as a vehicle to skyrocket your music

– The power you possess by owning your master recordings

– Why you no longer need a record deal in this day and age

And Much More!

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A lot of artists underestimate the power and value they have as independent musicians. Start arming yourself with the right knowledge that will help guarantee your success in the music industry. You’ve already got the talent, so apply the knowledge and marketing tips in this book bundle and take your music career to the top!

REMODEL-TWO: Deja Vous (2)

by Donna and Arnie Gilson

Chuck and Sally Webb start another adventure in remodeling

Cool Stuff Drawing: How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way (Drawing Lessons with Derek Stewart Book 1)

by Derek Stewart

Cool Stuff Drawing

How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way

“Cool Stuff Drawing-How to Draw the Best of Cool Drawings in the Easiest Way” is written to grab the attention of creative writers who like to experiment with their drawing. Creating new drawings is the aim of learning drawing. For those artists who are looking to fulfill their craving for creating new drawings, this book is the ultimate destination. The author has given step by step explanations for each illustration. Moreover, there is a theory section, which is written to make the readers aware of some untold facts and concepts of pencil drawing. The section 1 deals specifically with the concepts of drawing, which are written keeping in mind the avid followers of pencil drawing. The section 2 deals with the drawing and illustrations. Both the sections are written with the learners of art in mind who face some difficulties in their learning process.

You might have noticed in regular tutorials that only pictures are shown step by step. But, we have given our best efforts to teach the illustrations and shading with appropriate written content. You will not find any difficulty in learning these cool drawings from the eBook even if you are an amateur artist. If you have been hesitant to pick up the pencil and a paper to draw just “anything”, open this book. You will find a solution to your hesitation.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to draw a Victorian Lamp
  • How to draw Dream Catcher
  • How to draw Dream Catcher
  • How to draw a Baby Donkey
  • How to draw a Guitar in the Corner
  • How to draw a Radio plane/Drone
  • and more

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Nations Of Europe: Fun Facts about Europe for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

Children enjoy learning about cultures that differ from what they are accustomed to. A Nations of Europe picture book opens the door to new experiences, and introduces children to new ideas and concepts through learning about the differences and commonalities between nations. Exposing children to other customs, languages, types of government, and landscapes broadens their horizons and increases their open-mindedness. A picture book can be used as a gateway vehicle to enhancing a child’s international education and provide a foundation for acceptance and tolerance of other cultures. A Nations of Europe book can help children understand a portion of the world apart from our own nation.

Mandala : Love Art Vol.1: Coloring For Relaxation (Adult Coloring Book with Stress Relieving Mandalas) (Sacred Creative Peaceful Drawing Paint For Teens And Adults)

by Sandra Hoffman

You can download printable edition on this book

This Mandala coloring book has 25 large drawn for connoisseur colorists and is suitable for adults and older children coloring with fine tipped markers. Mandalas are complex circular designs that draw the eye inward, toward their centers. You can found the place of relax and explore the intricate and exquisite world of stress mending circular whimsical art.

Nations Of South America: Fun Facts about South America for Kids

by Speedy Publishing

A picture book of South America for children can lead a child to wonderful adventures. It can show any child another culture,teach history, show them history, and even teach them about a rainforest. Any child would love to have a picture book of South America. There is so much enjoyment in stories about South America. The pictures would offer added visual aspects. A child can learn of the importance of rain. They may see pictures of the rain forests and can enjoy a sense of wonder about the world.

Coloring Inside the Dreams: Coloring Pages and Haiku (Coloring Books for Adults Book 1)

by Shoshanah Marohn

Don’t color your kindle! Buy the paperback version for coloring.

Beautiful pen and ink drawings combined with haiku poetry make for a magical coloring book experience.

This detailed coloring book is suitable for humans aged 8 to 128.

If you are looking for a coloring book to spark your imagination and engross you in near meditative coloring, this book is for you.

Or perhaps you just enjoy short poetry and beautiful pen and ink drawings.

Twenty intricate drawings paired with twenty haiku poems tell a story of “saudade,” the nostalgia of missing an experience that you know will never happen again.

Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide For Fast Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure (digital photography, photography lighting, photography tips)

by Simon Rivera

If you are a beginner in the world of photography, you are surely struggling with adapting yourself to fresh knowledge and new techniques. To be able to start experimenting and make a profession or art with help of your camera, you first need to learn some basics in digital photography. Our Digital Photography: the Ultimate Guide to Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure is made to help you learn all photography basics which will later help you develop your knowledge and upgrade your skills and talents. We have gathered some great tips, advices and tricks on how to make your camera work for you, along with providing you with basic information on what ISO, shutter speed, aperture and light exposure are. You will learn everything about digital photography basics with our super helpful tips, divided in 6 chapters, gradually introducing you with essential points of digital photography.

In our Digital Photography Guide, you will find:

  • Digital Photography Points to Pay Attention to
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Aperture
  • Tips and Information on Mastering the Shutter Speed
  • Tips and Information on Learning How to Use ISO in Your Favor
  • Tips and Information on How to Use and Manipulate the Light Exposure
  • DO’s and DON’T’s in Digital Photography

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The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher, How To Teach Piano For The Glory Of God (The Matthew 6:33 Series)

by K.M. Logan

There are few books that teach piano instruction with Christ as its center. It is written by a piano pedagogy teacher, who has taught music to students as young as toddlers and as old as ninety. “The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher” examines how to setup a piano studio from a Biblical perspective in a reader friendly question and answer format. It provides wisdom in the spiritual, business, and instructional aspects of teaching piano. This book is written with the novice piano teacher or would be teacher in mind.

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