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Meditation For Beginners: How to Meditate for Lifelong Peace of Mind, Focus, and Happiness: (Meditation, Meditation Book, Meditation Guide, Meditation Tips, Meditation Techniques)

by Rasool Bahai

Meditation For Beginners: How to Meditate for Lifelong Peace of Mind, Focus, and Happiness

Meditation includes assuming responsibility for our mental states, and preparing ourselves to adjust how we react to encounters (particularly troublesome ones) with the goal that we create conclusions (both inside, regarding mental expresses that we encounter, and remotely, as far as the circumstances that we help make) that are more helpful for prosperity and joy.

There is hence a great deal that meditation can help us to attain in managing anxiety, despite the fact that it is not by any means the only instrument we can utilize.

Tags: Meditation, Meditation Book, Meditation Guide, Meditation Tips, Meditation Techniques

33 Social Media Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts: Helping Digital Marketers in Government and Business Succeed

by Billy J. Grogan

How do you as a social media or digital marketer reach your audience? That is an important question whether you work for a business and are promoting a product, you work for an organization and are trying to connect people who are interested in your cause or you work for a governmental entity and are trying to engage your citizens. The same problem exists. How can you reach and influence your audience?

33 Social Media Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts: Helping Digital Marketers in Government and Business Succeed is written to help those individuals using social media reach their audience and accomplish their goals. This book provides concrete advice and guidance about topics of interest including First Amendment considerations, increasing engagement, increasing reach and also provides some technical help on specific social media platforms.

Individual users of social media will also benefit from the technical tips provided as well as the associated content, which is helpful for any social media user.

Social Media is one of the best ways to connect with any audience and gain influence. Both the seasoned veteran digital marketer as well as the newcomer are sure to find some content in this book that will help them along the way.

The Wealth of Nations

by Adam Smith

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

The Wealth of Nations is Adam Smith’s most famous work. The book was first published in 1776 and it is still considered one of the most fundamental works in economics.

Cash in the List: Email Marketing Through List Building to Make Money Online

by Maxon Green

What separates those who really make money online from those who don’t?

Are you tired of struggling for every little sale, while you know for a fact that there are people right now making orders of magnitude more money than you for less work? What is the secret sauce?

Stop wasting your time.

You need to build a list. If you don’t have a list, half or more of your efforts are being wasted every day, because you are not maximizing the amount of money you can extract from your audience.

You need a list of potential customers and their email addresses, so that you can market to them directly any time that you have a product to sell or promote. That way, at the click of a mouse, you can make cash over and over, by simply sending out a single email at a time. You’ll have the instant attention of an army of followers who are eager to buy what you’re selling. Can you see how that’s way cheaper, faster, and more profitable than trying to dig up every customer from scratch or paying for traffic every time you want to make a sale?

Name any successful affiliate marketer, and I practically guarantee you that he has a list.

Have some respect for your time (your most precious resource by far) and build a list.

Now, maybe you already know this in the back of your mind, but how do you even start? If you’re not very experienced, the process can be daunting to figure out on your own, but luckily, you don’t have to. In this book, you will learn:

How to build an email-capturing landing page that naturally makes people interested and bursts them out of their shell of hesitation.

How to offer an incentive that will make prospective customers jump at the opportunity to be on your list.

How to make mountains of cash off your list, while still cultivating trust with free material.

How to get people to come to your website or landing page in the first place.

How to make sure that your list is filled with targeted visitors who are actually interested in what you’re selling.

Much more than can be covered in this description…

So if you’re ready for more details and want to find out how you can make money the easy way, instead of spinning your wheels on methods that don’t work or that waste your time, check out the sample of this book.

Profit With A Smile: Practice Management Tips To Turn Your Dental Office Into A Business Machine

by C.T. Chambers

Did you know that although most of the US economy has recovered from the Great Recession, dental offices continue to struggle to return to their former level of profitability? Those challenging economic times exposed fundamental inefficiencies in many dental businesses. It boils down to one fact: dentists aren’t taught how to be great business managers. They are taught how to be great dentists but most dental schools lack in providing basic business education. Profit with a Smile is a quick, hard-hitting eBook that addresses some of the business management issues that dentists around the country face. Dental professionals receive little to no training on how to manage & grow a business, develop employees, or how to increase the value of their practice. This book is simple and to the point but it can only be effective if its contents are put to use.

Managing the business side of dentistry is the biggest hurdle dentists face.

Do you want to make more money? Are you serious about your business? What are your weaknesses? This book hones in on 5 areas dentists can focus on today to see results in their business within the next 60 days. Through examples and clear instructions this book provides great tools that are easy to understand and can be immediately implemented into everyday practices. Dentists are very busy. We get it, so this book was written to be digested quickly and infused into the NEW and improved routines of your dental office.

This book will teach you how to:

Turn your dental practice into a referral-based business

Create a patient incentive program

Hire, develop and retain the right employees

Protect client data

Utilize accurate competitive benchmarking

Increase your prices while retaining clientele

Manage business financials

Prepare your business for a successful sale

Whether you are a seasoned professional or fresh out of dental school, this eBook is a valuable resource for any dentist striving to maximize their return and create a superior dental practice.


by Martin Scott

Start your own IMPORTING EMPIRE today!

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Inside you’ll learn:


Inside you’ll learn:

– The criteria for a perfect product to sell on Shopify

– The exact thinking process behind searching for profitable products

– How to create your shopify store…STEP BY STEP BY STEP! nothing left out!

– How to run and test ads like a pro! Even if you don’t know how to use Facebook!

– How to set up your shopify store for maximum conversion

– How to TEST ads and find the most profitable product offer

– and many more!

– How to fulfill the product without seeing the product yourself


Learn how to do e-commerce product research the most effective way!

– The exact checklist that you can use to know if a product will make you money even before you order your first sample

– How to find product ideas like a pro!

– Why 99% of the e-commerce owners are doing their research the wrong way!

– How to evaluate your product ideas,,… step by step

– A simple tool that you can use to make product decision making much, much easier…

– A checklist that you can use to make sure that you won’t waste a single cent on a product

– How to find products that are almost guaranteed to be best sellers in their own categories!

If you are an e-commerce store owner and you’re tired of not finding the right suppliers for many of your product opportunities, then this book is for you

Inside you’ll learn:

-How to locate suppliers.

-How to organize your suppliers’ information.

-The exact “cheat sheet” that you need to make sure that you’re not missing any information that you need to be able to make a sound decision, on whether you should order the product or not.

-How to negotiate the minimum order quantity (so you’ll pay less).

-What are the best shipping options

-What are the best practices that you should always follow so you won’t waste your time, money and effort.

How to write product listings that turns into cash

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to write a product listing step by step

– The key components that makes a product listing converts

– A live example of how to do your product listing… watch me write a title from scratch

– the first step that you should take before you do write your listing

– What are the kind of images that brings in the sales

– How to write your description like a pro!

Stop being a mediocre e-commerce business and start growing your business today. Follow the steps I laid out and create a long term money maker business for you and your family

Building A Global Business With Social Media

by Philip Wells

Philip brings to light the success of social media tools, network marketing, a welcome complement to events, home meetings, and in person presentations. “Building a Global Business with Social Media” takes the reader into the world of a network marketing professional, who goes against the norm of this industry and makes a success of introducing social media in his business. Reaching thousands of people who are awaiting the opportunity to change their situation for the better. Who could have imagined, the possibility of growing a global business, from a home office and making a success of it?

The book points out and speaks to the mindset and the character needed for growing your business online, connecting with business partners and customers of diverse cultures and experiences. Philip highlights the very important task in being consistent by doing the small practical things daily, in building your brand, relationships and finances.

Sharing his personal experiences and trials in the business adds the element of satisfaction, and message that this is possible also for anyone without a working solution. The lessons are clear and show that when done with the end in mind, nothing is impossible.

Philip has taken the experience and benefits of social media in the corporate world and gives the reader the road map, and a winning strategy for the implementation in their MLM business. The book is informational, practical and timely for any network marketing professional who wants to incorporate a social media strategy in their business.

The book delivers strongly in the area of practice, the approach, process, with scripts, key steps and personal testimonies from business partners and customers. “Building Global Business with Social Media” takes network marketing professional beyond what we are used to thinking. As it has been said before, there is a global market with many people seeking solutions and opportunities for a better life.

SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING: How to Make Money On Shopify Selling Gifts, Toys & Accessories

by Andre D’Angelo

Learn SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING in less than an hour!

Here’s an excerpt from the book.

There are only 3 steps that you need to do in order to make your income goal. It can all be breakdown into product selection, shopify store creation and then facebook ad promotion.

Remember this and you will never be hungry!



The first thing that we need to do is find products that will SURELY SELL. I’ll teach you some techniques to know if a product is more likely to sell or not.


The next step is store creation. A lot of people get stuck in this part because they thought that it’s going to be super techie stuff.

Well I have good news for you. Just follow my instructions and you will have a fully set up store in 45 minutes or less.


Once you got your product and your store, it’s time to sell them via FACEBOOK ADS.I will teach you an idiot proof way of creating facebook ads! No need to be a genius to do it. It’s actually pretty simple once you tried it a few times.

If you like to learn how to create a SHOPIFY BUSINESS in less than an hour, then what are you waiting for?


Marketing Machine (Skills for Success Book 1)

by J.P. Odell

My Promise to you: By reading the insider information in this quick-read start up guide, you will learn how to leverage powerful, foundational, marketing strategies that will give you the power to target niche markets, resonate with your consumers, and attract new enthusiastic customers. -J. P. Odell

This book is for business start-ups, marketing professionals, or team leaders who are looking to attract new core consumers, retain existing ones, build super fans and effectively tell the world what you have to offer. Is this YOU?

What’s Your Problem? You have a great product or service, but do not know how to create an effective marketing strategy. Your brand message is vague and not aligned. You have difficulty speaking directly to those customers who you know will love your product. You are failing to attract and retain new customers in your target niche.

What’s The Solution? Build a solid foundational Marketing Machine that effectively tells the world what is unique about your company, targets your core consumer, and communicates to the world why people should do business with you.

What’s The Pay-off? With the proper marketing foundation in place, your business will attract and retain a targeted core consumer base. It will build brand super-fans and give your brand a powerful personality that will grow your sales exponentially.

The Expertise to deliver: The 7 step foundational marketing plan has been refined from 20 years of front line marketing planning from industry professional, J. P. Odell.

A Warning -3 ways you can fail: 1. You try Machine Gun Marketing instead targeted marketing by following another “101 marketing tips” list without a plan. 2. You don’t apply 7 steps to building your Marketing Machine to your business. 3. You don’t take action.

The Action Plan: Right now, start reading the information in the following chapters of this book. Get out a pencil and paper and take notes. Do not hesitate! Even reading one chapter right now will get you a step closer to creating a targeted marketing approach. Let’s get to it!

MARKETING MANAGEMENT: for all engineering colleges

by Sanjay Jha
















FOREX: Forex Trading – Learn about: FX Trading & Inflation Protection, Forex Options & Technical Analysis (Foreign Exchange, Online Trading, Options Trading, … Currency Trading, ETF Trading Book 1)

by Scotti Hammerman

Make Huge Profits on the Forex Currency Exchange!

What can this book do for you?

With Forex Trading: FX Trading & Inflation Protection, Various Forex Options & Technical Analysis, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start your investment career!

Why Should you trade on Forex?

This amazing marketplace offers you many benefits:

  • Excellent Liquidity – You can sell your currency any time you like.
  • 24/7 Timing – You can buy and sell across the world – in every time zone.
  • Rate of Return – Control as much as $1,000 with $10.
  • Low Costs – No brokerage fees and stock trading costs.
  • Non-Direction Trade – Profit from currencies that are trending up or down.
  • No Middlemen – Avoid brokers who only want to make a “quick buck” from your trade.

and many more!

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With no “barriers to entry”, the Forex exchange is a great place for you to invest. Unlike the stock market, you’re protected from large investors dipping in and out of the market, taking your profits with them. With the right information, research, and this amazing guide, you have every chance of making it big!

Don’t wait another day to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Download Forex Trading: FX Trading & Inflation Protection, Various Forex Options & Technical Analysis right away!

You’ll be so glad you took this step!

Get Clients While Holding a Sign

by Nathan Zhang

A how-to manual (or tutorial) on working as a sign dancer (also known as a sign waver) for local small businesses to cover their marketing needs. This book is aimed at job hunters & teenagers looking for summer employment, and not at the business owners themselves.

This book’s edition (there’s only one for this title) is nicknamed “Poke the Penguin”. This is mostly-irrelevant information (not related to the rest of the book); mainly, this information is posted here as a result of this book being part of the “Poke the Penguin Collection” issued as marketing fodder by Robotux, an entrepreneurial venture started by the author of this e-book. If you have zero clue what this paragraph was trying to say, you can safely ignore it.

Have a nice day!

Making Medicines in Africa: The Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health (International Political Economy Series)

This book is open access under a CC-BY license.
The importance of the pharmaceutical industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, its claim to policy priority, is rooted in the vast unmet health needs of the sub-continent. Making Medicines in Africa is a collective endeavour, by a group of contributors with a strong African and more broadly Southern presence, to find ways to link technological development, investment and industrial growth in pharmaceuticals to improve access to essential good quality medicines, as part of moving towards universal access to competent health care in Africa. The authors aim to shift the emphasis in international debate and initiatives towards sustained Africa-based and African-led initiatives to tackle this huge challenge. Without the technological, industrial, intellectual, organisational and research-related capabilities associated with competent pharmaceutical production, and without policies that pull the industrial sectors towards serving local health needs, the African sub-continent cannot generate the resources to tackle its populations’ needs and demands.

Bitcoin – The Revolution to Acquire Wealth

by Ken J


FIVERR SIMPLE SECRETS 2016: Best Home Based Business for Beginners and 9 to 5 Escape Artists

by Nathan Berry

Tired of your job? Want some extra income?

Try these simple selling system that allows you to profit via Fiverr

Inside you’ll learn:

– how to easily get started

– how to offer upsells that may be the difference between $50 per month and $500 per month

– How to find customers

– How to make your customers happy that they buy form you over and over again

Get this book today and start your new part time online business!

Property Uncovered

by Louisa Fletcher

Your essential guide to everything property

Property Uncovered is an invaluable road map to help you navigate through the complex world of finding, buying, selling, renting, letting and owning a home. Fighting your corner, property expert Louisa Fletcher reveals how to save money, make money and – most importantly – protect yourself.

Filled with insider’s advice you can’t get anywhere else, and frequently hard-hitting and hilarious, Property Uncovered is your no-nonsense guide to property. It’s incredibly comprehensive and packed with practical guidance on everything from finding stress-free flat shares to dealing with estate agents, letting agents and solicitors. Louisa also talks you through adding value to your home and provides top tips to help keep you sane when moving house.

In addition, she reveals what you need to know about your property rights if splitting up with a partner, how to negotiate the mortgage maze in the light of recent legislation changes, ways to successfully deal with the most common causes of neighbour disputes, and much more besides.

With this entertaining, down-to-earth and practical guide, Louisa provides probably the best introduction to property you’ll find on the shelves.

*Sorry folks, but this book doesn’t cover Scottish property law*

The Assistant: New Adult Contemporary Billionaire Romance

by Elle Brace

â??Boss Romance â??Sexy â??Intense â??Unforgettable â??Contemporary Romance

“You better be wearing sexy lingerie! Late nights alone in the office with a sex god? I think I can predict what’s going to happen.”

Down on her luck, Emily Johnson, a beautiful and strong willed woman, finally catches a break when she gets the job she’s been eyeing. The only problem isâ?¦ her boss. Not only is he a spoiled and arrogant bastard who’s used to getting what he wants, but he’s also a workaholic who works long nights and early mornings. And his only means of escape: women.

At twenty five years old, billionaire Adrian Kingston has just found himself the perfect assistant. A sassy and smart woman who seems to be the only one immune to his playboy charms. Normally, he gets what he wants, and who he wants, anytime he wants. So imagine his surprise (and frustration) when his assistant Emily, rejects him each time he makes a move.

What is it about this girl that drives him to keep trying? Could he just be trying to maintain his reputation of being irresistible? Or is he really falling in love with the assistant?

This story follows the emotional rollercoaster between a boss and his assistant, and the journey they undertake is one that will be sure to make you laugh and cry. If you are a fan of stories like The Proposal (film) and Fifty Shades of Grey (book) then you are sure to love The Assistant.

Amazon FBA: The Quick Start Guide of 12 Amazing Lessons on How To Start Making Money with Amazon FBA (Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA for beginners, fba amazon)

by Pamela Patel

Are you looking for new ways to make your business better than it has ever been? If you are the type of person who prefers to work for themselves, using your ingenuity, work ethic, and determination to build a business into a strong and lasting source of income, then this indispensible guide will show you how to make that dream a reality.

This guide will show you the way to utilize one of the most potent and versatile tools available to entrepreneurs and business owners: the Fulfillment by Amazon program offered by This program has the potential to grow your business beyond anything that was possible through outdated and more traditional methods. You will learn how to reach more customers in more places all around the world to truly expand your brand. Enrolling in the Fulfillment by Amazon program will increase your business revenue many times over without requiring any more effort on your part. In fact, Fulfillment by Amazon will make running your business even easier while simultaneously generating strong growth. You cannot afford not to use this powerful tool!

While generating massive growth and increasing your customer base, Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program will also save your business money! Your business structure will become much more cost effective through the use of Amazon’s expert supply chain model. You will be growing your revenue very quickly at a cheaper cost than was ever possible before. The lesson included in this guide, along with the honest testimonials of business owners just like yourself, will prove just how effective, and even necessary, the Fulfillment by Amazon program can be to your continued success.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to streamline your business model for greater profits
  • How to provide faster and easier shipping to your customers
  • How Amazon can handle the majority of customer service issues
  • How to better track your business’s performance
  • How to take advantage of item specific sales trends
  • How to make your business more cost effective from the start
  • How to reach millions of customers instantly
  • How you can perform effective market research
  • How to best predict and plan for upcoming promotions and seasons

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Retirement: A Simple Beginners Guide To Retirement Planning And Retiring Early, Create Passive Income Now To Live A Life Of Financial Freedom And Comfort … Retire, Retirement Planning, Finance)

by Mick Kremling

Discover The Simplest And Best Strategies To Begin Retirement Planning And Create Passive Income For Your Future.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.

Life is all about the work we do, not just to contribute to the society that we live in, but also to generate income that will directly impact our lifestyle. Millions of people across the world work hard to ensure that they have enough to feed their family, pursue their goals, and spare some money that their next generation can utilize. However, as time moves on, we need to pat ourselves on the back and give way to the next generation and retire. The concept of retirement has undergone a change in the past few years. There are many young people who also believe that they need to retire from the work they do and focus on certain hobbies and things that they always wanted to pursue, but couldn’t find enough time for it.

Retirement is all about getting away from the regular hectic work schedule and focusing on what we love the most. While many people take it as the end of their active lifestyle, many people take it as a new phase in their life where they can focus on what they want to do and how they wanted to spend time with their family. This is why many people today focus on retirement planning which allows them to stay focused and know how they want to proceed further in life.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why You Should Plan Your Retirement Early
  • Planning Your Finances For Retiring)
  • Tips and Strategies for Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • Understanding Passive Income
  • Exploring Passive Income Opportunities
  • Funding Your Retirement With Passive Income)
  • And Much, Much More!

Download your copy today!

Take action today. Ensure you and your family live a happy, comfortable, and secure life. Act now and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

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Facebook Marketing: The Only Facebook Marketing Book You Will Need! Increase Sales by 30% by Using These Facebook Marketing Secrets! A Complete Guide!

by Kevin Donaldson

Want to increase your sales? Learn how to use Facebook Marketing Secrets that the professionals are using Today! And increase your sales immediately! Get noticed NOW!

Gain website traffic, promote your business, and increase your sales! Get your brand noticed today by using Facebook Marketing! A perfect book for any business!

Facebook Marketing contains proven steps and strategies on how to utilize Facebook marketing strategies to promote your business and boost your sales.

Social media has taken the world by storm and business should acknowledge the fact that they can reach more clients and have greater conversions when they utilize the power of social media.

Facebook is the largest and most popular online platform in the world today and it is certainly the best place to advertise your business or brand. It boasts of a billion users – think about the great potential that is in your hands when you launch your advertising campaign using Facebook Marketing.

Moreover, Facebook has different tools and utilities available to you to create optimal engagement with your existing client base and potential market.

With Facebook Marketing, the possibilities are endless. Start your marketing campaign today!

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is, in simple terms, marketing via Facebook. It is all about developing and actively utilizing a Facebook page to promote your product, service or company. You will use the Facebook page as a communication tool to connect and engage your customers.

Facebook provides not just individual personal profile pages but also business pages that groups or organizations can use to create a fan base for their brand. Because of the potential billion-customer reach, everyone who wants to make their brand known should use Facebook for their business.

Here is a preview of what you will learn about Facebook Marketing…

  • What Is Facebook Marketing?
  • Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook to Promote Your Business
  • How to Utilize Facebook for Marketing and Promotion
  • Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising
  • More Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing
  • Attracting Your Target Audience and Avoiding Ineffective Facebook Ads
  • And much more!

Learn the secrets to a successful business today by using Facebook to gain more sales and traffic NOW

Get your copy – and download this book NOW

This book is available for a special price for a limited time only, get your copy today!

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Mindful Social Marketing: How Authenticity and Generosity are Transforming Marketing

by Janet Fouts

With the firehose of information on the internet, how does a marketer stay sane? How can we be effective, enjoy our jobs and have real communication with the people that we want to connect to?

If you’re a marketer who feels overwhelmed by all the new roles getting thrown at you, mindfulness will increase your efficiency and help you be happier at your job.

If you’re already using mindfulness practices in your life, this book will give you new insight on how to use mindfulness in marketing and tested social media marketing tips that will help pull it all together. You’ll also learn a few things about social media marketing along the way.

Bottom line?
Mindful Social Marketing will teach you how to use mindful business practices to be more focused, present, effective and happy at your job.


by Danny Ashton

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Inside you’ll get 3 training for:




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The Best careers for you: Donovan J. Fawcett

by Donovan Fawcett

Hello, and welcome. In this very book we offer you the finest and simply the best careers advice, From qualifications to promotion’s and weekly pay’s. We offer you the finest advice for all your career’s needs, We promise you will be satisfied with the advice and have a conjured Idea of your dream, high paying job. This book also features a few effective yet simple ways to make money online

Project Management For Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Acquire Excellent Project Management Skills and Make Successful Decisions at Work (project … books, project management for dummies)

by Isabella Brown

Project management is a tedious job that requires a lot of developed skills and traits. Being a project manager means not only have the skills to effectively manage a variety of team members but also follow a detailed and organized time line to complete the project you are working on. Anyone starting out in this field will benefit from Project Management For Beginners. A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Acquire Excellent Project Management Skills and Make Successful Decisions at Work.

The areas covered in this book will outline all the steps that should be taking with any project from start to finish. These steps will easily guide you in the direction to not only be more successful as a project manager but will give you tips and guidelines on how to continue to be a success.

This book will review:

  • The Top Traits of Successful Project Managers.
  • How to Successfully Plan a Project.
  • What You Should Focus on For Success During Production.
  • Make Better Decision That Will Add to Your Success in the Work Force

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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