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AngularJS 2: Easy Guide on Web Application Development.

by Henry Rowland

AngularJS 2.0

Easy Guide on Web Application Development.

This book discusses AngularJS in detail. The first part of the book is an explanation ofwhat AngularJS is, its relationship to Javascript, and how it can be used. The book then guides you on how to set up the platform for programming in AngularJS. The various platforms which can be used for this purpose are discussed, and the MVC architecture offered by AngularJS to the programmers is explored. You will learn the various layers of your AngularJS application, and how data is passed between these layers. The concept of internationalization in AngularJS is explained, as well as how to internationalize attributes such as dates and currency in AngularJS. Ajax for AngularJS and how to work with this is presented. The “$http” property which is very useful in AngularJS is explained in detail. The book will also guide you on how to work with events in AngularJS and how to combine the Twitter Bootstrap with AngularJS for the purpose of development. The services “$interval” and “$timeout” are also explored, so that you will be in a position to apply timing in your applications .

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Definition
  • Setting up the Environment
  • The Architecture of MVC
  • Internationalization
  • Ajax
  • Angular http
  • and much more

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Planning, Writing, and Publishing Business Building Ebooks: Business Owner’s Smart & Simple Series – Book 1

by Halona Black

New Ebook! Planning, Writing, & Publishing Your Business Building Ebooks (Book 1)

Publishing an ebook can be confusing, especially if you have never done it before. Learn from a publishing professional how to do it so you can start generating new income for your business today.

This is Book One in the Business Owner’s Smart & Simple series of books designed to help you build your online business using publishing.

Here’s what you will learn in this guide:

– How to properly position your ebook for sales and other money making opportunities

– What systems you need to set up to market your ebook and make sales

– Productive writing and editing tips

– How to create a book title and cover art that sells your ebook

JFDI – Implement Lead Manage Communicate: Application of simple action-first based tactics and strategies to lead and manage your team to JFDI

by Robert Nield

Based on the experiences and common sense approach of commercial and military personnel, a collection of notes to shape the thought management and practice of current day leaders and managers to promote a JFDI attitude. This is a primer; a collection of guidelines and thoughts on how to avoid pitfalls and to better communicate with your teams to get them to Just ******g Do It.

Paperwhite Users Manual: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering Your Kindle Paperwhite, Plus Advanced Tips and Tricks (Paperwhite Tablet, Paperwhite Manual)

by Nathaniel Hill

Paperwhite Users Manual

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering Your Kindle Paperwhite, Plus Advanced Tips and Tricks

Buying new technologies means we often have to spend a bit of time getting to know them. We have to figure out their complexities and discover their hidden tricks. Because of the amount of time this can take, we sometimes prefer to just open the box, switch the device on and stick to the basics.

But this often means that we don’t really get the best out of a product. Paperwhite Users Manual: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Mastering Your Kindle Paperwhite, Plus Advanced Tips and Tricks is a fast-track guide to getting the most out of your brand new Kindle Paperwhite. Informative and easy to read, our ebook is super rewarding for anyone who wants to do more than simply read a book on their Kindle.

Discover the true joys of owning a Kindle Paperwhite today.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Kindle Paperwhite quickly and easily
  • How to manager your content
  • How to email personal documents to your Kindle Paperwhite
  • Understanding the toolbars
  • Awesome tips and tricks Amazon don’t tell you about
  • How to borrow up to ten totally free books a month
  • Plus much more!

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Sling TV: Made Easy – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up, Using And Getting The Most Out Of Sling Television (Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Netflix)

by Trevor Moss

Sling TV

Made Easy – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up, Using And Getting The Most Out Of Sling Television

Watching television is a pastime we all enjoy from time to time and paying those high cable bills are putting a big dent into our pockets. For this reason many of us are turning to the Internet and other service providers to help us stream our content to our computers, televisions and mobile devices.

One such service that has come onto the market is Sling TV. This service has been created by Dish Network and is said to allow us to cut the cord forever. Well I am not sure if you are able to cut the cord yet but if they continue down the path they are going it may be a reality in the near future.

In this book I am going to explore the service Sling TV. I am going to walk you through setting up an account, going through your 7 day free trail and give you my personal review on this service.

So if you are ready to get rid of your cable company or if you are just looking to get a decent amount of channels that you can stream on your mobile devices you will want to consider signing up for Sling TV.

Download this book today and get the answers you seek.

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WordPress: A Beginners Step-By-Step User Guide To Creating Your Own Website Or Blog From Scratch (WordPress For Beginners, Web Development, Web Design)

by Trevor Barnes


A Beginners Step-By-Step User Guide To Creating Your Own Website Or Blog From Scratch

Developing web sites can be tricking and confusing. Hiring a web developer can be costly both in time and money. And who do you choose? Hoe do you really know they will produce the desired work you need and will not vanish off the face of the earth at a critical time in the development process.

Well you can take those worries and put them on the shelf for the moment and take a look at WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to easily create content and present it in clean and professional way.

Starting off as a blogging system WordPress has evolved into a full programming language that anyone can use to develop content rich site. Built off of themes and plugins you can easily add or remove pieces like a puzzle to create a customized and functional web environment that your visitors will love and you will enjoy creating.

In this book we will walk you through the basics of WordPress. I will tell you where to get it, how to install it and what you need to do in order to develop eye catching feature rich Internet real estate.

So if you are stuck in the development process or are debating to switch from your current CMS to WordPress you will want to review this book. It will give you the steps needed to get up and running in no time.

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Test planning with TMMi practices: Assuring the quality by applying Continuous test planning methods with TMMi practices

by Shanthi Vemulapalli

Background for this book:

Every Software project needs to follow the certain industry processes and the standards to get the quality products for any business operations. While planning for these processes adoption, one needs to think whether they can be used strategically to produce the quality software by having incremental process improvements.

When the management pursues such kind of thoughts, Test Maturity Model integration[TMMi] is one of the famous processes integration package in parallel to CMMi.

The TMMi has been getting popular due to its detailed specific process areas and it has easy adoptable capabilities. I have used TMM and TMMi in many of my previous projects for different customers around the world for different business domain areas through my past services rendered to IT services companies.

While planning for implementation we need to get the management commitment also where they agree to adopt incremental process improvements to gain the software quality incrementally.

Without having; the resources trained and motivated continuously and constantly by getting their commitment, it is impossible to implement a new setup. Hence the management also needs to understand the test organization setup needs and its continuous improvements.

At the same time the development team also needs to adopt some of the CMMi processes in parallel to the TMMi processes. Then only through both the teams it is possible to have the roadmap for incremental quality software programme implementation.

I felt to share the TMMi implementation knowledge to the global IT professionals to impart this kind of motivation and the practices for their IT organizations.

As a part of my initial thought I started with the Book “Following TMMi practices to produce Quality software products ” which contains the Test policy and strategy process implementation by using its goals and specific practices with live examples. In this book, I have presented the test planning process area with its goals and specific practices with the implementable examples.

You can keep looking for other books those contain the remaining process areas for Level2. Without having the Level2 processes in practices it is not advisable to consider other levels of TMMi.

You can also visit my blog site for my other details:

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