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Broken Veil (Veil of Two Worlds Book 1)

by Erin Maxwell

Katheryn Tate is a survivor.

Blood elves, necromancers, demons and witches have found the breach in the Gates to the Otherworld, created by her planet’s devastation. Katheryn, and hundreds of other survivors, train for war, even as they struggle to rebuild their ravaged world. Until now, denial and secrecy have kept her alive and safe, but that is about to change. The key to ending the war is hers to reveal, but only if she is willing to expose her darkest secret. Will she risk physical attack and daunting desires, or watch her world, and the Otherworld, shatter?

Katheryn Tate is a survivor.

English Fairy Tales

by Joseph Jacobs

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

Joseph Jacobs was a writer best known for collecting and publishing English fairy tales. This collection of fairy tales includes classics such as Jack and the Beanstalk, The Story of the Three Bears, and many others.

At the Edge of the Forest

by Amy Cross

“What do children become, if they don’t become adults?”

Two years ago, Rita Bone’s sister vanished after a series of bizarre, violent incidents near their home. Now Rita is old enough to search for Shannon herself, and she starts by taking a job at the same all-night store. Soon, however, she starts to hear strange stories about a powerful force that lives in the nearby forest, and she realizes that finding her sister might mean going past the line of trees and entering the darkness.

Something is alive in the forest. Something hungry.

As Rita’s search continues, the forest reaches out to claim fresh victims. A local serial killer suffers a freak accident that puts him in a coma, and when he wakes up he finds himself experiencing a series of horrific visions. Meanwhile, echoes of the past start to leak into the present, leading Rita to make a terrifying journey. What lurks in the heart of the forest? What did it do to Rita’s sister? And why do those who enter the forest never return?

At the Edge of the Forest is a horror fantasy novel about a girl who sets out to find her sister, and about the darkness left behind by a centuries-old effort to save a dying child.

The Princess and Curdie

by George MacDonald

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

The Princess and Curdie, written by George MacDonald, is the sequel to The Princess and the Goblin. The action starts with the Princess Irene traveling with her father to Gwyntystorm while her friend Curdie stays at home.

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

by Hamilton Wright Mabie

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

Hamilton Wright Mabie was an American writer and editor. Mabie’s most famous work is his collection titled Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know.

Le Morte D’Arthur

by Thomas Malory

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

Le Morte D’Arthur, written by Thomas Malory in the 15th century, is the retelling of the classic King Arthur tales with some new stories added in.

Gods of the Broken Realm: The Trilogy of Blood and Stone Book 3

by Tracey Clare

The hazy sunlight flitted over the waters over which they had been watching. Without needing Malachite to tell her so, Queen Citrina knew that this light heralded the arrival of her son-in-law, the God called the Son of Light, or Sol, as Amberlaine had named him.

They had completed their task just hours before, placing the last of their stones into the earth. Amber, they had selected, along with Opals and Unakite, Emeralds and Pyrolusite. Their colours had reflected those of the rainbow, or of Mother Earth herself. Amethyst they had used also, to provide strength of purpose to all of the other Crystal Divas. Long had The Children of The Crystal Blood known that the beauty of Amethyst held the strength to awaken the spirit and uncover the wisdom within. They would need its guidance during the next few hours.

The arrival of Sol at that particular moment was, indeed, fortuitous. Those present at The Time of Selection had known that water and sunlight were needed to programme the stone. Water Malachite and Citrina had and now, with the arrival of Sol, sunlight would also be abundant.

They did not waste time with chatter, though Citrina would desperately have liked to ask after the health of her daughter and unborn grandchild. But Citrina knew that Sol would have told her immediately if there were any significant news. She also knew, as did they all, that what they did in that place was of far greater importance than their individual destinies. Their own desires were put aside.

“You have done well,” Sol told the pair as they walked to meet him.

He stood, more ancient statue than man, waiting for them to join him. To his right, the waters of Odin’s River began their journey to every point of the compass and through every inch of this realm. He could sense that Citrina and Malachite had been successful in the task which they had been given, as the ground beneath his feet thrummed with power. They had selected specimens with a strong sense of the Diva within, knowing that the sentience in the stone itself would provide some of the Gift needed to feed the waters. But more had been required.

“You have prepared the Divas with fresh blood from your own veins,” Sol said, Godhood allowing him to detect the faint iron tang of this fluid, though it had been spilled hours before, “Now it is my turn to give what I can to aid our efforts.”

Malachite of The Far Reaches looked upon a Being of pure light and purpose, a shining figure irradiated by its own power. His eyes watered and he was forced to use a hand to shield his sight.

The air became cool as a blanket of darkness descended, yet still the God continued to augment his inner light with that which he pulled from his surroundings. As far as his eyes could see, Malachite saw an unnatural darkness that had nothing to do with the approach of night.

“Blood, water and sunlight, the elements have combined to strengthen that which Mother Earth provided! It is done!”

Godhood filled the voice of Sol, a deep echo that reverberated with the cold timbre of power and sacrifice, a well of darkness that threaded its way through their history.

“I have something for you,” he told Malachite and Citrina. Turning to them, he saw that the form of each was shaking, whether because of the coldness that he had brought or fear of him, he did not know.

“Please,” he told them, “do not be afraid! I would never do anything to harm you. I love you as family and my life will be misery if my wife sees that I have frightened you!”

As he spoke, Sol allowed light to flow from himself to chase away the darkness that had fallen. The day was little more advanced than when he had come to them, as his deeds had been accomplished in mere minutes.

Goddess of the Shattered Stone: The Trilogy of Blood and Stone Book 2

by Tracey Clare

Fire emits heat, and Amberlaine had anticipated that the domain of the Crystal Being so closely linked to this element would also be a place of warmth. But what she felt was a lack of warmth, a coldness born of a distant and alien nature. Amberlaine felt a presence watching her and knew herself to be weighed, judged. She stood on the very threshold of this Being’s realm, and was unsure of her welcome.

As a seed of doubt and a sense of dread touched her heart, Amberlaine’s surroundings exploded into hues of orange and gold.

“Do not doubt me, beloved, or question your right to be here! I merely sought to test the intent behind your arrival, afraid that your coming to me would herald my demise, as has been the case for so many of my brothers and sisters! But already I can see that I was wrong to doubt you and that you are not like them, blood pulsing through their veins only to fill their hearts and minds with lust and envy. I see you, Amberlaine, and you are as pure as the Old Ones! Come, be welcome!”

As the voice of her Crystal Being communed with her, a feeling akin to bliss stole over Amberlaine, washing away all thought of difficulties and doubt, leaving behind only the urge to be with this creature and share its light. Aware that she came closer than ever before to losing her identity, Amberlaine cautioned herself to be wary and to hold true to all that she was. It must have been this overwhelming urge to join with the Being of Light that awaited her that had caused Sol to be afraid for her.

So she thought as she stood poised to enter the realm of Fire Opal, one of the strongest and oldest of the Crystal Beings, yet she could not know that what was to come posed so much more of a threat to her sense of self.

Stretching out a hand to touch the edges of the cave that she perceived, intent upon determining if what she saw really existed or was created for her perception by this being of power, Amberlaine welcomed the feeling of rough stone and dust that met the tips of her fingers. It was a sensation with which she was very familiar, having spent much of her childhood exploring caves that she had been warned to leave alone, all in the hope of finding a new form of crystal, something rare or unknown that she could take back to the clan to display its wonder. Perhaps even then she had been seeking communion with her Crystal Being, the heart of stone that sang for her.

Almost as the thought entered her head, Amberlaine shook her mind to clear it of ideas that she did not wish to entertain. Fire Opal was a being in its own right and did not exist in order to wait for her, to share its light with her, to be hers. Such was the thinking that enabled the incarceration of the Gods, and Amberlaine would steer clear of its corruption.

“I find myself struggling to think clearly and greet you in a way that is worthy,” Amberlaine muttered, a hand passing over her tired brow as she spoke.

“No words are needed, Bright One,” the voice whispered to her, “I understand.”

So few words, yet such a heavy load was lifted. Stood in the entrance to the cave that was the Crystal Being’s choice of abode, Amberlaine felt as if years of insecurity and the pain of her recent anguish fell from her, discarded on the instant that she heard the magic of that voice. It told her everything that she, or any human being, needed to know; I know; I understand; you are forgiven; you are, and always will be, loved. The breath exploded from her lungs in an epiphany of self-acceptance and Amberlaine felt ready to step forward and see the Destiny that awaited her.

She was light, she was love and she held the hope of mankind in her heart. Now, more than ever, she knew that it was for her to fight the evil imposed upon the world by twisted beings such as Mabon and Celtos, it was her task to ensure that their greed and the terror they brought were held in check. For once, she did not doubt that she was equal to the task.

Sally’s Wolf (Motor City Vampires Book 3)

by Anjela Renee

Motor City Vampires Book 3

A Millennium ago Salihah became a vampire against her will. Today, going by the name Sally, she lives in the Motor City capitol of the world living a quiet unhappy life. She tries to stay content with her close friends and sired child, Javon. But her extreme loneliness is interrupted by handsome and rugged Connor, a werewolf who works for the Vampire Counsel. His job is to track down vampires who kill humans, unjustly.

Sally resists Connor’s advances, though she longs for his embrace, his touch. Thinking the Vampire Counsel will not allow their mating, she tells him she wants to be friends, all the while continuing to dream of his sexy body ravaging her own.

Sally must decide if their love can overcome counsel rules and dictates, as Connor, blinded by a lust for what he sees as his, tries to convince her that together their love can conquer all.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Skyros Publishing is dedicated to reproducing the finest books ever written and letting readers of all ages experience a classic for the first time or revisit a past favorite.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous children novels ever written. It was L. Frank Baum’s first book in the classic series and was made into the iconic 1939 movie starring Judy Garland.

The Assassin Princess (Lamb & Castle Book 2)

by J M Sanford

Amelia Lamb, a novice witch, is dazzled by the news that she could be the destined Queen of the Dragon Lands. Having won the crown, Amelia must next seek her King, but in pursuit is the young assassin-in-training Bessie Castle, who wants the throne of the Dragon Lands for herself. Tracing legends and rumours back to the location of a long-lost flying city, the rivals are faced with bigger problems than each other, in the shape of griffins, golems and the cursed Dragon Prince.

Alaana’s Way:The Calling

by Ken Altabef

An insatiable fever demon…

A restless Wind spirit…

A treacherous shaman…

A golden walrus…

And one courageous young girl.


In the frozen north, a land of deadly weather and unforgiving spirits, the shaman is all that stands in the way of disaster. When Alaana is called upon to become shaman for the Anatatook people she discovers a kaleidoscopic world where everything is alive, where the tent skins whisper at night and even the soapstone pot has tales to tell. She faces vengeful ghosts and hungry demons as she travels the dangerous path to becoming a shaman.

And there’s just one other problem. Girls aren’t allowed to be shamans.

This is Book One in an epic fantasy series with a unique arctic setting. All fans of fantasy will enjoy these five novels.

From The Bee Writes: “This is a beautiful and exotic story that leads you from one adventure to another. “Alaana’s Way ~ The Calling” is an entertaining read both for adults and teenagers. Well, it doesn’t happen very often that I give 5 out of 5 Bee’s for a book. “Alaana’s Way ~ The Calling” though is one of those books that have hooked me from the beginning.”

From The Bibliophilic Book Blog: “The author has created a vivid world, characters (great and small), and a strong main character in Alaana. THE CALLING is the first book in the Alaana’s Way series and it truly brings the reader into a wholly different world from their own. Very well done!”

From Underground Book Reviews: “Ambitious. That’s how I would describe Ken Atlabef’s saga of a twelve year old Inuit girl and her perilous journey of transformation. These journeys are wrought with wonder and peril and are beautifully written. To the reader, these spiritual characters become every bit as real as those in the flesh and blood world. I can say so many great things about this novel, from the dialogue to the sweeping scenery to its solid editing. Original in both scope and execution, I highly recommend it.”

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