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Funny Memes and Pictures: Extra Large Collection of Funny Memes and Jokes

by Alex O’Connell

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119 Days (A Modern Day Love Story)

by RaeAnne Hadley

At 26, Celeste Howard became happily divorced. She decided then and there that she was finished with marriage, for good. Sex however, was a different matter all together.

As the lonely years crept onward, she found herself desiring male companionship more and more often. Just for a casual relationship, she told herself, even a one night stand would be fine.

Then one business meeting later, she thought she might have found her man. Dark and seething with raw sexuality, Sean Mison fit her ideal of a “good time.”

But what began as a simple “stress reliever” soon grew into much more than Celeste signed on for.

Sandwench (Rufus Book 3)

by Jared Mink

Rufus was excited: the strange stillness of his mother’s hotel suite, and the thoughts, always present to our artist’s mind, of the incidents described at every turn in the art history books that were the cause of his misfortunes, conjured up to his imagination as extraordinary a delusion as can well be conceived: Rufus fancied himself to have reached a famous art gallery, and that the pretty nurse who he had met earlier that evening was the daughter of the curator of the art gallery, and that she, won by his fabulous hair, had fallen in love with him, and had promised to come to his bed for a while that night–without the knowledge of her parents–to explore sexually; and holding all this fantasy that he had constructed as solid fact, Rufus began to feel uneasy and to consider the perilous risk which his art was about to encounter, and he resolved in his heart of hearts to put aside fear and, whatever the cost, to push the envelope sexually and to grab sex by the horns and wrestle it to the ground once and for all because only then would he become an important new voice in the art world. How unfortunate then for our Rufus that at this very moment the wait staff brought up a grilled cheese sandwich!

MINECRAFT: Steve and the Seven Iron Golems (minecraft diaries, minecraft books for kids, adventures) (Minecraft Fairy Tales Series Book 1)

by Tom Garzan

Steve is a prince who has a charmed life, but when his father dies, his mother is forced to marry the evil Duke Herobrine. Herobrine takes over the kingdom after Steve’s mother passes as well and Steve is forced to be a servant to him for ten years.

When Steve finally has a chance to escape, he finds friends in a group of seven iron golems.

But Herobrine has other plans and poisons Steve. Knowing the only way to save him is to find his true love, the seven golems embark to find her.

Can Steve be awoken in time to reclaim his crown and take over as rightful ruler of the Overworld?

Find out now inside!


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Best of Googli Hoogli

by Linus Fernandes

Googli Hoogli may be bald like RK Laxman’s common man, but he’s not silent. He’s an observer too but an opinionated one.

He tends to shoot his mouth off without caring how he appears to others.

He’ll speak his mind and the world be damned.

You may call him crazy, you may find him hard to understand but he will not let you ignore him—at any cost.

Googli Hoogli is you.

Googli Hoogli is me.

Googli Hoogli is all of us.

Rash Decisions And Growth Experiences: From the Best Little Warthouse in Kentucky

by Stuart Tobin M.D.

Rash Decisions and Growth Experiences from the Best Little Warthouse in Kentucky weaves 35 years of humorous lifetime interactions with patients, peers, students and family into an uniquely entertaining medical tapestry by an experienced and accomplished dermatologist to inspire all medical personnel on how to relate and connect more effectively with their patients. Anyone who has been either a patient or a concerned family member understands the anxiety and fears accompanied by a medical encounter. Through stories and anecdotes peppered with wit and medical wisdom Dr. Tobin has transformed those negative feelings into a positive constructive experience for countless patients and their families. In a time of increasing robotic medical care which distances practitioner from patient, it is refreshingly important for patient and physician alike to learn that laughter is truly the best medicine.

Alphie the pet pig and other Short Stories

by Fred J. Fox

There are 6 short stories in this book.

1) THE AFFAIR: As it is often said, if you are going to have an affair, be very careful, it can lead to unintended consequences. Like having to run naked in winter slush, afraid of getting caught. Finding out something about your wife you didn’t know. Sometimes it’s just better if you go home after work.

2) WHERE’S ALFIE?: Alfie was an illegal pet pig in an apartment. Unfortunately it didn’t take long before an angry tenant complained. The building management ordered the pig out. However getting Alphie out was was not that simple. Stairs are not meant for pigs. And they don’t bounce that well.

3) BACKYARD BOTTLES: Old Bert just tossed all his empty bottles in his backyard; he was too lazy to do anything else with them. But when two boys started to find money hidden in some of them the entire town became very curious. Some thought they knew why the money was there and where it had come from. They wanted to get their hands on it. But Bert had a plan.

4) CURE FOR A NIGHTMARE: Grandpa tells a story about an incident in the early 1940’s involving a bully, a train, nightmares and how to cure them. His description of the cure is pretty bizarre. Would you have dared to try the cure?

5) THE ACCIDENTAL HUMAN: A tongue in cheek story about how humans came into existence on earth. It’s not how you’ve been led to believe.

6) THE DONATION: When a devout old lady finds some lost drug money by the side of the road she decides the right thing to do is to donate it to her church. Her husband and his friend don’t like that idea very much and devise a scheme to take the money during Sunday services. It turns out to be a church service of shock and awe.

The Bluffer’s Guide to the Quantum Universe (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by Jack Klaff

From ‘gluons’ to ‘gravitons’, and from ‘certainty’ to ‘superstrings’, here’s all you need to know to sound all-knowing.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Insider Hollywood (The Bluffer’s Guides)

by Sally Whitehill

From the ‘Monroes’ to the ‘Mansons’ and the ‘starlets’ and the stars’, The Bluffer’s Guide to Insider Hollywood contains all the insider secrets to make sure you fit in up in the hills, darling.

Eric’s Big Book of Animal Jokes for Kids (Eric’s Big Books for Kids 2)

by Eric Duck

All the zookeepers agree that this book would be the perfect present for kids who love animals!

Grab your safari hat and put your boots on before this jungle full of jokes comes busting in your door!

Within these crazy pages, you’ll find elephants, tigers, frogs and of course ducks, all trying to escape into your front room!

Highly rated by animals on every continent, this is most certainly needed by the young jokester in your familia.

Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?

A: Time to get a new fence!

Q: What do Chinese bears eat for breakfast?

A: Panda-cakes!

Q: What is a frog’s favorite cold drink?

A: Croak-a-cola!

Don’t forget to check out the other volumes in Eric Duck’s Big Books for Kids series!

Mixed Shrinks: Ridiculous Real Life Stories from Shrinks

by Frank Gaskill

Have you ever wanted to read funny stories from a bunch of shrinks? Neither have we! But somehow this book turned out pretty great. We asked therapists to share their funniest true-life stories and we got some doozies. There are stories in here about families and friends and dogs and nakedness and bodily functions. In other words, all the things that make life worth living.

You hold in your sweaty little hands a collection of short stories not quite like any other. Ordinarily, we would have gotten several famous psychologists to endorse the book, but they were all dead, and subsequently, slow to respond to our emails. Rest assured, though, this is a modern-day classic among the therapists-sharing-embarrassing-personal-stories genre of literature. We’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it.

The Incredibly True Adventures of CLYDE the Betta Fish

by T. Torrest

CHILDREN’S BOOK appropriate for all ages.

Clyde is a friendly fish who lives in New Jersey. He’s been told that he’s a Betta fish, but he doesn’t think he’s any betta than any other fish.

HUMOR: Short Stories ** PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ** It’s hard to stay sane in an insane world. (Humorous Fiction Short Stories Satire Quick Reads Collections and Anthologies)

by Tim Knox

** PEOPLE ARE CRAZY ** Short Story, Quick Read ** Click READ MORE for details!**


“People are crazy and I can prove it!”

I’m a retired psychiatrist. A renowned expert in my field. You can rest assured that my twelve years of college, three years of residency, and thirty-plus years of private practice more than qualifies me to tell you one thing with the utmost certainty; people are, in a word, crazy.

That’s right. In my professional opinion, formed after treating thousands of patients of all ages, sexes, races, ethnicities, and psychoses, the majority of the people running around loose in the world today are thoroughly, unequivocally, certifiably, bat shit crazy.

Including, I would wager, you.

A humorous short story by Tim Knox

The Great Fatsby (The Best of FatCyclist Book 2)

by Elden Nelson

The Great Fatsby: The Best of, Volume 2 is almost exactly like its namesake, The Great Gatsby. For example, The Great Gatsby is a fictional, poignant account of a young millionaire obsessed witha beautiful debutatne in 1922. The Great Fatsby, on the other hand, is an occasionally-true, wildly exaggerated collection of absurd and allegedly hilarious stories from a middle-aged blogger obsessed with bicycles.

See? Same thing, more or less.

In this book, you will discover How Fatty ruined two business suits in one second. You will read a story about a plush novelty toy flower, a serial killer, and the dangers of two much caffeine when in a remote area. You will learn the proper way to suck in your gut at a moment’s notice. You will even learn how to talk, when tragically necessary, to non-cyclists.

And that’s just for starters.

Taken from what many people consider the Jazz Age of, The Great Fatsby is like spending many quality hours with Fatty himself, instead of having to read his blog for four years, waiting for him to occasionally write something readable. Plus, the good bits have now been explained, annotated and otherwise polished to the point where they now actually make sense.

In short, The Great Fatsby, more than any other book in the world, belongs on the back of every cyclist’s toilet.

How to win in every casino: top 33 secrets

by Srcky

After 25 years in different casinos, finally I can introduce you to my experience and discover the secrets of how to win. It took 25 long years to learn the secrets that I will give you.

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