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The Fit Is IT!! How Custom Club Fitting Matters To YOUR Golfing Dreams

by Tony Wright

The purpose of this eBook is to light a spark within a golfer who does not really understand what True Custom Club Fitting is. There are True Custom Club Fitters out there who have an absolute Passion to help golfers play to their potential. And the sad truth is that many, many golfers keep buying new clubs ever year or two hoping to find magic – based on the millions of dollars that the golfing industry spends on marketing one-size-fits-all golf clubs.

The truth though – like many truths in the world, often hidden from most – is that True Custom Club Fitters can create this magic. They do it by one-one-one personal interactions with golfers. They create and build golf clubs that are unique for each individual golfer. And when they create this magic – they are as giddy as the golfers are about the results!

I believe reading this eBook will provide you some glimpses into the world of Custom Club Fitting – and give you the incentive to find out more. Not primarily because someone like me will make money from you doing so – but because it is a lot more fun to play the golf of your dreams!

Strength and Bulk training: A practical guide for beginners

Strength and Bulk Training a practical guide for beginners was design to provide beginner lifters simple strategies and templates that will help them to achieve their strength and mass gains goals.


by Nathan Zhang

Have you ever wondered what the world of boxing is all about? Did you ever fantasize stepping into the ring, knocking out an opponent and winning the respect of your fans? Do you want to know the background and history of this sport, which is as old as humankind itself, yet as young as the Victorian age (when it really took off as a sport rather than as a form of brutal entertainment)?

Well, have I got the solution for you!

My e-book will teach you the basic punches. This e-book will show you how to fight, and give you a good idea as to what boxing is all about. You’ll learn about the history of boxing, from the early regulations under the Marquis of Queensbury’s Rules, to the modern day regulation for professional and amateur fights. You’ll be able to brag to your friends that you know the ins and outs of the legal issues facing the sport in our day. Most of all, you’ll gain knowledge towards the sport, and an appreciation for this fine sport, which despite being brutal, is higher cultured than MMA and wrestling combined!

Now let me ask you… how would you like to have that much information at your fingertips? How would you like to impress your friends and relatives with the knowledge that you can gain by reading this e-book? Imagine the status and glory of your newly-enlarged brain!

You didn’t even need to enter a ring and win a prize fight… you’re already a champ. Just read the e-book!

Comedian Mastermind: The Best of, 2005-2007

by Elden Nelson

Comedian Mastermind is the way the unintentionally brilliant Dr. Michael Lämmler once sarcastically described Elden “Fatty” Nelson. Now it’s the name of the first Best of volume.

So take that, Dr. Lämmler.

Taken from the first two-ish years of the blog, but peppered with new insights, introductions, and an absurd number of footnotes describing what Fatty was thinking as he wrote, this book contains valuable information every cyclist absolutely must know. Marvel at Fatty’s penetrating analysis of cycling company ads, his completely scientific method for rating the value of each cyclist you pass during recreational rides, his keen insight regarding how to pee while riding your bike, a whole bunch of epic ride stories, and quite a few pretty decent swipes at Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France.

And more. Much more. No, even more than that.

Comedian Mastermind is like the FatCyclist blog, but with Fatty standing behind you, reading over your shoulder, and telling you what he was thinking while he wrote and why he wrote it, all while eating a sizable sandwich. And it’s only the good parts – none of the stuff where Fatty just phoned it in.

It makes excellent bathroom reading material.

Physical Games for Fun: Learn different physical games which are filled with fun

by Nauman Ashraf

Physical Games for Fun



Hide and Seek



Dodge the Ball


Survival Essentials 15 Handmade Weapons Out of Everyday Stuff for Self-Protection: (Survival Pantry, Preppers Pantry, Prepper Survival, Preppers Guide, Preppers Supplies, Survival Tactics,Prepping)

by David Zuckery

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Survival Essentials(FREE Bonus Included)

15 Handmade Weapons Out of Everyday Stuff for Self-Protection

There are a few things that you can use to protect yourself against an aggressor when you’re not ready to convey a gun or a blade. Some of these won’t work in all circumstances yet some of them can be utilized by pretty much anybody as a part of pretty much any circumstance. Simply make sense of what you can convey with you that won’t draw suspicion and figure out how to utilize it. Since you think about these things, you can likewise all the more effectively distinguish somebody who may be a potential danger who isn’t conveying an undeniable weapon.

Here are 15 weapons that you can make out of household things, which will help you in many cases. You can use them in self protection so that you will not get hurt and can fight back.

Download your E book “Survival Essentials 15 Handmade Weapons Out of Everyday Stuff for Self-Protection” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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