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Organization: Learn And Discover How You Can Efficiently Organize Your Home Quickly And FAST! (declutter, home organization, clutter free, organize, home cleaning)

by Karen Asheville

DISCOVER:: Learn And Discover How You Can Efficiently Organize Your Home Quickly And FAST!

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Many people try to make organizing some huge and terrible thing, like it’s going to eat you or something of the sort. For many people, it actually isn’t all that bad, and it can be something not too terrible in many cases. For many people, it can be a nightmare. But this book will go over how to get organized in terms of making your home better than ever before, and how to really make a difference in terms of the various elements that come with organizing your home. It’s simple, but effective, and it can be something that many people seem to want to know more about, but have a bit of an issue with it. However, this book will help you tackle the concept of organizing, and to make it better than ever before.

Why Should You Purchase And Read This Book?

= > 1. Its Short And Informative No Fluff!!

= > 2. This Book Is Straight Forward And Gets To The Point

= > 3. It Has A Great Concept

= > 4. Learn What You Need To Know FAST!

= > 5.Don’t Waste Hours Reading Something That Won’t Benefit You

= > 6.Specifically Written To Help And Benefit The Reader!

= > 7. The Best Compact Guide To Learn What You Need To Learn In A Short Period of Time

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  • Before You Start
  • Footwear Organization
  • Coat Hangings
  • Mittens and Scarves
  • Containers for Storage
  • Bathroom organization

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Stress Less, Invest More: Peer to Peer Lending

by K Watchorn

Are you frustrated with having less money?

Do you look at your savings account interest upset with the results?

Investing isn’t just for the already wealthy, Anyone can invest. With this book, you will learn a relatively new tactic to investing; Peer to Peer lending.

Grab your 25.00 and this book! Get started TODAY!

A book easy to understand for those who have never invested in their life.

You will be guided through the process and taught some tricks to maximize your interest payments. Or you can even put the account on auto pilot and have less to worry about in your life. P2P lending is a very profitable way to boost your income. It will be easy to learn, With this book!

Unlike Real estate investing, You don’t have to have a lot of money up front, It’s easier to do then the stock market.

Whether you want to build more side income, or you are looking for retirement income. Learning this investment strategy will change your life. This is the ultimate investment book for beginners.

This book will teach you:

* The different websites you can use

* What options you have available.

* Choosing the best criteria for your own personal strategy

* Common strategies used by other investors.

* How to navigate the websites

* What important terms mean.

SEO CLIENT CONSULTING – 2016: How to Make $1,000- $5,000 Per Month Selling SEO Consulting to Local Business Owners and Professionals

by Nathan Berry

Learn how to make at least $1,000 per month with SEO Client Consulting

Inside you’ll learn:


Understanding SEO Basics

On Page SEO – Different Tactics

Off Page SEO – Building a Private Blog Network and Other tactics

How to get your clients website rank on the first page of Google


How to Find SEO Clients

Local Business Owners


LinkedIn Groups


How to find clients for your business

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Forex DOs and DONTs in the Market: Oriental Indicators European Numbering Human Ingenuity

by Bogdan Ionut Ghica

Hello Everyone,

When I first began trading it seemed so simple, BUY or SELL. I was so wrong.

It is close to impossible to be profitable without perseverance and know how.

I am not a writer and I do not want to think of me that way. I am a freelance trader and within the pages of this small e-book, I hope that I can reduce the learning curve, and help you understand the market with a different perspective.

My intention is to help you learn from my mistakes, in order to make your own, at a much lower level; because you will make mistakes when you are a fresh starter.

My experience in the Market is over five years, which by some may be considered a disadvantage; but let me put it this way: I have a fresh view of my mistakes and know very well what I had to go through to get where I am right now.

I hope that you will enjoy my work, and on your road to success, never forget that you started as a newbie.

Good luck on your pip hunting,

Bogdan I. Ghica


by Red Michaels

Apply these SEO strategies to boost your SEO efforts


Apply Amazon SEO Kindle and Double Your Sales in 30 Days or Less

Inside you’ll learn:

– The 7 +7 +7 technique that will increase your audience reach 3x

– How to do your description so you’ll get more Amazon rankings

– How to research your keywords properly

– What is Kindle SEOíng and how you can use it to your advantage

– The author, editor, illustrator technique that will get you more targeted traffic from Amazon

– How to rank on Youtube and Google

Google already unleashed the beast, do you have the tools to tame it?

Inside you’ll learn:

– Why MOBILE SEO is the future and present of SEO

– How to optimized your website for mobile

– Mobile optimization tricks and tactics

– How a simple tweak in my website change speed and loading settings to the max

– What are the changes you need to do to make sure that your website is optimized for mobilepocalypse

They say that CONTENT is KING… but when it comes to SEO? NOT SO MUCH

Backlink is King when it comes to SEO… learn 9 simple free and cheap methods to create high quality backlinks

Inside you’ll learn:

– Why backlink is still king when it comes to seo

– 9 easy ways to build high quality backlinks

– Where to get a high quality link for free – FREE is always good

– The simple content management tool that will give you high pr links in a few push of a button

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Frugal Living: Make Life Changing Decisions for Finanicial Freedom Using This Step by Step Guide on How to Save Money and Spend Less (Frugality, Frugal living, Frugal living tips)

by Alexis Hall

These days everyone is looking to try and make their money stretch a little further. It seems like as everything we need becomes more expensive our paychecks go a shorter and shorter distance.

The easy track might simply be to get a better job but often that can be a difficult route that won’t necessarily fix the problem. If you think of your household income how does it make you feel? If you’re feeling sad about that number then the tips in this book are ideal for you. Here we will give you some ideas and tips to make that number go further and give you a little more financial freedom without having to get another job. When we hear the word “frugal” we often think of hard times had by great grandparents and people many years ago.

Often this conjures images of tatty houses and dirty people, but by no means does it mean skipping the bath and living in the shed these days. Modern frugal living is all about looking at your budget and tightening up the corners to make it more effective, and it’s not necessarily about having to tighten your financial strings but about doing it for good reason. We live in a hugely materialistic society, we are conditioned to want to have more than anyone else and often it’s this mindset that leaves us feeling that the amount we earn is what keeps up down. Even if you’re working on a truly limited budget there are a variety of ways to make it work and still feel like you have everything you need in life.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Why you should live frugally
  • Setting Frugal Goals and making them work
  • Frugal Habits to adopt now
  • Steps to making your life Frugal

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VIRAL: 7 Social Media Marketing Tips To Making Your Facebook Fanpages Go Completely Viral! (VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 1)

by Damon Belle

Why did we create this VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING series?

Well, in our consultancy we get questions like…

Why Do You Need to Utilize the Power of Facebook Marketing for Your Business?

How Can I Use Viral Marketing To Get Traffic?

How Can I Use Viral Marketing to Spread the Word About My Business?

How Can I Create Viral Marketing Campaigns?

How Should I Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool for My Business?

Facebook Hashtags Whats It All About?

Can Facebook Really Help My Business?

How Can I Create The Best Facebook Fan Pages For My Business?

These are all questions we wanted to give you the answers to in this quick reference guide of micro social media marketing strategies that you can immediately use to make your facebook fanpages go viral!

Have you ever felt frustrated that your facebook fanpages weren’t getting the exposure they deserved? In order to have your posts reach the widest possible audience, you need to establish strategies for maximum engagement.

This has been rendered easy by a new ebook, which features a guide that is key to running a successful fan page.

Why You Need This Book…

With almost half a billion users, facebook is the most popular and widely accessible social media website. The site is a den of success and enrichment for the marketers that know how to use it. Regardless of what you create a fanpage for, the higher the number of likes, the more people are seeing your posts, and the greater the number of ad-clicks you may generate. In order to make the maximum amount of money from your fanpage, you must ensure you attract the greatest traffic.

To put it into perspective, consider selling a ruby in a local market place, as opposed to at the largest precious stone convention in your country. Without a viral page, you are incapable of communicating to your target audience anything you wish to share, which will make it close to impossible to make money from running the page.

To gain the momentum you need to reach the viral status you seek, you must have a target of at least 20,000 likes. By purchasing this social media marketing ebook, you will be let on to the techniques marketers making up to a $1,000 a day are now using.

A Glimpse Of The Core Techniques You Will Learn


While it may seem obvious, it is incredibly difficult to create entirely unique content every time. This ebook seeks to teach you strategies which, used by viral pages such as Upworthy or Elitedaily, make for fresh, different and original posts and articles relevant to current trends and interests. Thus, you will grow you viral community’ – or the people inclined to regularly share your content – and grow your page’s recognition as a source of content unavailable anywhere else. This will attract more likes and eventually, the page will almost run itself; all you will need is to occasionally post entertaining material while the buzz surrounding your page makes the money for you.

Knowing Your Target Audience

You may be overwhelmed by the percentages and diagrams shown to you on your statistical page overview. This marketing ebook will enable you to understand the patterns behind the numbers, and translate them into knowledge of your audience, the people that engage the most with your page, and those most responsive to your ads. You will even be able to understand the popularity of each post in relation to particular demographics, so as to adapt all content you publish to the audience you wish to reach.

This is the perfect ebook/guide for anyone interested in…

  • viral marketing
  • facebook marketing
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  • social media marketing for dummies
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Project Management: Failed Government IT Project Business Cases, A Career Guide to Lessons Learned

by Natalie Disque

The IT world is fascinating inside and out. Every year, new technologies come to the market to much appeal and praise, from phones to computers to cybersecurity programs. However, what people do not see covered in the press as much are the IT projects that do not make it big. A realty of the technology world is that many projects fail every years – many projects. Furthermore, government entities, who one would think has all tools necessary to launch a successful IT project, have a long list of failed IT projects. The role of the project manager has become crucial in recent years as IT projects and their subsequent uses are becoming a cornerstone for businesses and their successes.

In this book, readers will learn about failed government projects, from the recent to the Pentagon’s massive accounting system, DEAMS, as well as reasons for governments having so many failed IT projects.


by Red M


Inside this bundle you’ll learn:

– the blueprint for making money from selling physical products

– How to make a killing selling physical products on Ebay , Amazon and Etsy

– How to find products for cheap

– How to sell them via AWESOME product listing

– How to find proven money maker niches

– How to set up your product listing …so you can make more money

– How to double your sales via SEO power

Get these books today!

BEAT GOOGLE (2016 – 2 in 1 bundle): Outrank Your Competitors By Combining The Power Of Private Blog Networks and Social Networks

by Red Mikhail

Outrank Your Competitors By Combining The Power Of Private Blog Networks and Social Networks

BOOST YOUR KINDLE SALES – 2016: 7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Kindle Publishing Sales (That You Can Implement Today!)

by Red Mikhail

Learn 7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Kindle Book Sales … (can be implemented in 10 minutes or less) – NO SPECIAL MARKETING SKILLS REQUIRED


Inside you’ll learn:

– How to create a title that makes the readers buy

– How to create covers that grabs attention

– How to implement the MAGIC 7 keyword formula… so you can target 3x -5x more readers

– What to price your ebooks for maximum sales

– How to rank on Google… fast and easy.

Genius Marketing Brain NOT REQUIRED – Follow my instructions and see your book sales increase in as little as 2 days

BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR JOB 2016: Everything You Need to Know About Quitting Your Job and Starting a Business in 1000 Words

by Alex Shrouder

Everything You Need to Know About Quitting Your Job and Starting a Business in 10 minutes or less.

No need to waste your time reading hundreds of pages and book, blogpost, etc.

I summarize everything you need in able to make a decision for yourself.

Inside you’ll learn:

– why you should quit your job this year

– why you SHOULDN’T quit your job…yet

– what is fuck money and how it can help you survive your entrepreneurial journey

– the top 6 business ideas you can start from home (part time). These are the one’s that are making money today… 2015-2016!

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The Latest Survival Manual: Save Yourself From Financial Failure (survival guide, survival gear, earn money)

by Filip Brooks

Are you prepared for a financial crisis?

I’m not just talking about a banking crash or another bubble bursting. There is no limit to the amount of dangerous situations that can and will imperil your financial condition. If you are unprepared for the problems, you can find yourself forced to make bad choices to get by.

Disaster preparedness experts frequently work to establish steady supplies of food, water, shelter and security. But they don’t think as much about the financial keys to survival. This book will close the gap between physical preparation and economic prep.

“The Latest Survival Manual” provides a quick overview of the types of threats that can create a financial crisis on both macro and microeconomic levels. There really is no difference between a nationwide credit or currency crisis and the prospect of filing for individual bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills. Both lead to the same place.

Within this book, you will uncover the keys to:

  • Reduce and eliminate debt,
  • Build new revenue streams,
  • Translate your skills into means of earning more money,
  • Engage in alternate means of value exchange, such as barter,
  • Mitigate your risk of personal financial crisis, and
  • Develop the skills and security to survive and thrive a regional, national or global financial calamity.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Etsy: The Ultimate Guide For Your Etsy Selling Success – Includes Tips And Tricks For Etsy Business, SEO, Social Media, Pricing And More! (Etsy Selling, Etsy Business, Esty Seo)

by Chris Phillips


The Ultimate Guide For Your Etsy Selling Success – Includes Tips And Tricks For Etsy Business, SEO, Social Media, Pricing And More!

Thinking of starting your own shop on Etsy, or wanting to gain more success with your existing shop? This book will be able to give you the tools to build a better business. Whether this is a hobby to supplement your income or you want to make selling products on Etsy your career, this book will be able to help you.

Each one of the topics listed above will have subcategories that will break it down for you so that you have a step-by-step of what to do. These subcategories include going over pricing, business models, increasing word of mouth, and how to keep existing customers coming back.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to build your own brand,
  • How to make your shop draw in customers,
  • How to utilize social media,
  • How to utilize SEO.

Download your copy of “Etsy” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

FULL-TIME INCOME SOURCE 2016 (2 in 1 Bundle): Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Associate, Make Money Online, AMAZON FBA and Selling on Amazon

by Alex Shrouder

If you are tired of empty promises of the gurus, if you just want a simple step by step system to make money via Amazon FBA program, then this book is for you

Finally, a no fluff, No B.S. – Step by step way to finally make money as an Amazon FBA seller.

Inside you’ll learn

– How to choose a plan of attack, so you’ll know exactly what product are you going to look for

– the best way to get started with private labels

-what to do if you are strapped for cash

– how to create a product listing that converts into cash

-the exact template on how you can go from “knowing nothing” on FBA to almost expert, in 60minutes or less

the daily practice that separates the loser sellers from the winners

-how to get reviews that has much higher bearing when it comes to Amazon search rankings

-The easiest way to add eyeballs to your listings – on chapter of TRAFFIC


A simple method to make money through product launches.

The stuff that you’re going to learn sells for as much as $997.

A lot of gurus are teaching the same stuff and charging a fortune for it.

But not today.

For the price of a Starbucks coffee,

I’m going to show you how you can make $500- $3,000 per month doing this part time.

I hope that you’ll stick with this system and finally start making money online.


How To Write A Winning Online Value Based Resume for 2016: Get more interviews, request and calls Guaranteed!

by Steven Michaels

if you are still writing your resume the old way then I hate to break it to you but your resume will just be another paper on the office

it’s time to stand out and write a different kind of resume, I call it “VALUE BASED RESUME”

Survival Guide for the API Product Manager

by Kumar Srivastava

Survival Guide for the API Product Manager presents an end to end overview and best practices set for creating, running and growing a successful API Program

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