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ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Highland Werebears Collection (Highlander Werebear Shifter Romance) (Historical Paranormal Romance)

by Eclipse Publishing

Historical paranormal romance collection on sale for a limited time!

Included in this unique highlander romance collection you will find five sizzl’n and surreal tales.

Clan of the Werebears

Lady Arabella Armstrong is travelling from her home in the Lowlands to marry her betrothed, Lord Andrew Stewart, the Laird of Inverness, a man she hardly knows but is extremely wealthy. He is handsome but cold, yet her father believes it will be an advantageous match.

On her journey she is kidnapped by a clan of wild men, led by the enigmatic and handsome James Macadam. Lord Stewart has stolen and torched his lands, imprisoned his father, and tortured members of his mysterious clan. The only hope of getting his way of life back is to use Lady Arabella as a bargaining tool. Arabella and James do not intend to fall in love, although it proves difficult to curb the growing desires they feel for each other. Too much is at stake, yet how can they ignore their passion?

Bear of the Highlands

Princess Murdina has suffered harshly since the death of her father. Crowned the new King, her brother proves to be heartless and cruel, even to his own sister. Driven by greed, he attempts to force her into an unwanted marriage to the sadistic Lord Cannon in order to gain more land. Determined not to become another casualty of Lord Cannon’s dark desires, Murdina flees on horseback. Cornered on the cliffs by her brother’s knights, she sees her only option as being to jump to her death.

Much to her surprise, a dark figure arrives out of nowhere and snatches her up to take her deep into the woods. It is here that she learns that her savior is Rory of the Clan McKordiaâ??a Highland rebel determined to take down her brother. Not only does she not expect to learn that Rory is a bear shifter, but she never expects to fall in love with him, and fight by his side.

Betrothed to the Bear

Lord Thomas Selkirk is the brutish ruler of the highlands. He is rumored to be a warrior who fights like a beast. Despite his handsome looks, he exudes a cold and heartless demeanor. When he sees the beauty and innocence of Lady Ceri he is willing to enter into a peace treaty for her hand in marriage.

Lady Beatrice Ceri is from the Lowlands. Her family has forced her to marry a lord from the highlands in order to restore peace to their warring clans. The gentle Beatrice agrees to sacrifice her happiness to protect her clan, but will Lord Thomas ravage her heart? Gertude Selkirk is the sister of Lord Thomas. She has an odd protection and control over the Lord, and keeps hold of his darkest secret. She is immediately jealous of Lady Ceri, so much so that Lady Ceri must use her powers of intuition to protect her own life.

Plus two bonus stories!!!

Get ready for intrigue, mystery, and seduction in the highlands! Ohâ?¦ and be forewarned, this book is intended for mature (18+) audiences.

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror (Records of the Ohanzee Book 1)

by Rachel R. Smith

An Heiress, an ancient prophecy, and a masquerade…

Nerissa, the Heiress of Chiyo, prepares for the masquerade celebrating the twentieth anniversary of a thwarted assassination attempt on her family. Longing to be admired for herself and not her title, she arranges to switch costumes and enjoy the ball in blissful anonymity. But, when the fateful night finally comes, a prophetic warning of a second attack arrives too late, and the evening turns from revelry and romance to violence. After being pulled from the chaos by an enigmatic guardian, Nerissa learns that the Royal Family has been concealing a formidable secret for generationsâ??and it is only one of many that are about to be revealed.

Death and Other Inconveniences (The Afterlife Series Book 1)

by Bambi Harris

Penny Lane is brutally murdered on her 30th birthday. She is catapulted into a strange afterlife world, not dissimilar from the one she just came from.

She is immediately sent to work as a melter, deciding the fates of murderers and ultimately whether they should be reformed, reincarnated or melted. Only few are chosen for such a position, and she must deal with the celebrity status that goes along with it.

Having being reunited with her childhood dog, Rufus, and befriending the handsome, popular, head greeter, Avery, Penny enjoys the perks of the afterlife like calorie free eating and a money free society.

After falling for her medieval love and finding strength in her life, her new world is turned upside down when one of the murderers on her shift escape.

This story is of a young woman who must learn to survive her new environment, but also find strength within her self.

Death and Other Inconveniences is a fun, and sometimes poignant story that may just eliminate your fear of taking the “next step”.

The Lightest Dark (The Dark series Book 1)

by Avery Sweet

So the year is 7286.

The end of the old world has come and gone and it wasn’t anything like everyone thought it was going to be. It turns out humanity had almost destroyed itself entirely from the inside out. Now we’re all just trying to survive, or so I thought.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe the world isn’t as black and white as they tell me it is. Maybe it’s more like a grey…

Calista Masters has spent her life believing that the nine foot stone walls that surround her makeshift town were to keep out demons and other unsavory creatures. When one of these so called demons breaks through to kidnap her and she finds that he’s not a demon at all, but her ex boyfriend and a Fae she begins to question everything she’s ever been told. She won’t have long to dwell on it though. Her presence in Fae Lands has started to awaken creatures that have been sleeping for the last 500 years. Add in the fact that her best friend has seemingly lost his mind and she’s got a hell of a day ahead of her

Past the Last Island- Revised Edition: A Misfits and Heroes Adventure

by Kathleen Rollins

Past the Last Island

The South Pacific Islands, 14,000 years ago – crossroads of cultures from Asia to Australia

After their island is ravaged by tidal flooding, some villagers turn to a brutal leader for protection, but others flee by night, taking to the open sea in a quest to find a new life. They meet others along the way, people driven to find whatever lies beyond the edge of the world.

On the great open sea, they enter a world still ruled by spirits, a place of wonders where beauty and danger live side by side. Some give their life to the journey.

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